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As predicted in several of Uncle Mac’s scribbles, Sri Lanka is getting closer to USA and India. This is good news. There is nothing wrong in having a rich uncle on your side.

US draws Sri Lanka into probable war on Iraq
2002-08-24 11:05:29 Faiz Nizar for Ummahnews (LankaWeb)

Even before the agreement has been signed, US warships have begun to dock in Colombo harbour to refuel and to provide shore leave for sailors. The USS Hopper arrived in April, the first American navy vessel to dock in Colombo in eight years.

It is in this context that the US-Sri Lankan ACS Agreement should be seen. For Sri Lanka there is no tangible short term or long term benefit, either economic or political, in hitching itself to the American agenda. America only has shifting interests, not permanent friends.

The above two paragraph excerpts are contradictory. Said that, America has no permanent friends, except a few Allies, but has only shifting interests. Nevetherless, half the world dances to the tunes played by a Texan cowboy or even by a peanut farmer.

Looking from a purely economic and defence point of view, Indo-American Game Plan will only bring bonuses to Sri Lanka.

GET USA IN!Prof. Hudson McLean-Full Story-(LankaWeb - 04/08/02)


For better or for worse, I believe that being the lover and mistress of USA and or India is better than getting married to a bunch of terrorist led Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT).

As I can personally confirm, many entrepreneurs acquired wealth during the WW2 by serving the British Navy droppng in Colombo on shore leave. Phillippines is making a bundle off the American forces. So do the Japanese. Despite a few American military men with the “loose zipper” syndrome, most of the Japs are pleased with the “moolah” which the yankees offload. History will repeat itself when the American Navy makes Trincomalee their Home away from Home. And Colombo will revert back to its former glory as one of the finest trading posts in the South Asia.

Rest & Recreation possibilities in Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and the hills will give way to golf courses, good business to hotels, restaurants, thus creating more employment opportunities in the service industries.

America is one vast market for Sri Lankan garments. The Katunayaka Free Trade Zone will begin to hum again with the music created by the Singer, and Asha sewing machines. Another 5000 new jobs for the girls. Education for the kids and the husbands may return to newly created jobs in the tourism service industry at home. Smiles will be bigger on pretty Sri Lankan faces.

Ship repairs will take off again in Trincomalee and the over spill may create another facility to give employment for young Sajith Premadasa’s boys down South, with a ship repair yard facility in Galle harbour.

Those LTTE supporters from Boeing may even wish to return to service the giant Lockheeds landing in Jaffna Airport.

In the meantime the Indians will begin to beef up the security at their Trincomalee Oil Tank Farm with the Americans giving AWACS logistical support.

In between, it is admirable that the Buddhist clergy is taking an active part in keeping RanilW in check. As a Christian, I am greatly disappointed that the Christian clergy is taking an active anti-government, undemocratic stand in favour of a gang of murderers and thugs represented by Velupillai Prabhakaran and his LTTE Tiger Terrorists. I must say that a gaggle of Hindu priests would not cut any ice with the Americans and the Christian priests have swallowed the Tiger bait. Idiots!

The Sri Lankan public should be very careful to balance the pros and cons of the American presence in Sri Lanka. If such a presence is good for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey which are all predominant Muslim countries, then it must be good for Sri Lanka.

Being the only superpower in the world, Sri Lanka is in no position to wave any sticks against America. Even the Russians swallowed their pride and allowed Americans to use Russian defence property during the Afghan clean up. Only someone with a dissolved grey cells will start screaming with the “national pride” crap. As we all know, USA has no colonial interests in any part of the world. USA does not want to steal anybody’s wife but only desires to borrow her for a while, with consent from all.

The picture of September 6th, 2002, the date for de-proscription is going to be a very memorable day. And six days from then, the Tamil Tiger Terrorists (we shall now change the letters from LTTE to TTT) should arrive at an unknown destination in Thailand to commence Peace Talks, which I doubt very much. Therefore, maintaining the status quo with the Indian and the American interests in Sri Lanka is vital in the very likely event that the TTT boys do fail to materialise.

Dr. Anton Balasingham with a ticker problem and Velupillai Prabhakaran with a gippy tummy! Ha! And perhaps some of the Vikings will kill time chasing a few hookers in Bangkok. Hopefully, the Moragoda fella will be sporting a batik bush shirt.

As expressed before, it will make RanilW an international joke, straddled in his new armoured suit, drowned in his own perspiration, holding the deproscription papers in one hand, and nervously picking his nose with the other. Hopefully the anti-perpirant deodorant does its job.

By allowing the Americans to fight the war against terrorism, Sri Lanka will kill several birds without firing a shot. Very likely, America may not need Sri Lankan bases. They have adequate support from Turkey, India, Diego Garcia and most of their Super Birds can fly in from USA and return after deploying the payload onto targets, supported by mid air refuelling.

Said that, I support the majority European Union view (with apologies to Boy Blair) the Arab and the UN opinions that any unilaterally declared military action against Saddam Hussein will fail. Saddam has survived several American Presidents. And several British Prime Ministers. Saddam cannot be compared with a terrorist organisation such as Al Qaeda. Even Al Qaeda is still alive and well. Saddam is a tough nut to crack.

Therefore, Sri Lanka should simply offer the requested support to USA and get on with its own domestic problems. And the loudmouth Tyronne Fernando should be ordered to keep his mouth well and truly shut. Hopefully AnuraB is now dried up and ready for another bottle of firewater. And he should keep out of American politics.

And to RanilW, we give him one huge credit for getting the Indians and the USA in, as Uncle Mac suggested. Reference to one reader who claimed that the Indians and the Americans will do deals with the TTT once they are in place. In that case the Americans may also invite Saddam and Osama bin Laden to President Bush’s Texas ranch for a T-bone steak Bar-B-Q and a Budweiser. Americans do not need Sri Lanka or the TTT. Actually America is doing a great favour to this little Island in the Sun. So are the Indians.

Therefore, please do not bring the Americans down to the same level as the Norwegians and their spin doctor Erik Solheim!

In any case, may I suggest that the Sri Lankans are much better off in the American Frying Pan than jumping into the TTT Fire! And get the Americans and the Indians involved in, to douse the TTT fire.





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