Does Sri Lanka Really Need Constitutional Expertise Towards A Federal System ?

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The Man appeared charismatic and eloquent during his interview with Don Newman Chief Newscaster for Political Affairs of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Ottawa but as Sri Lankan Minister of Constitutional Affairs Prof. G.L.Peiris has made a cardinal error in admitting that the Sri lankan Government has turned its back on violence and war as an instruments of State Policy in his feeble attempt to explain the ambiguity of what is fast becoming known as a Flawed Peace Process with so many glitches in it . In admitting to it he has confirmed the speculation by a vast majority in Sri Lanka that this mode of peace as devised by the present administration is a giving into LTTE demands unconditionally.If the Government can be as naive enough to admit that it is turning its back on the LTTE as a means to resolving the crisis in Sri Lanka it has also inadvertently or knowingly admitted that they are gambling with the lives and security of the Majority Sinhala Nation with no mandate to do so as an objective towards peace under any circumstance. Certainly not from The Sinhala Nation!

To reiterate, it has been collectively described by many who watched the interviev that Prof.G. L. Peiris the Sri Lankan Minister for Constitutional Affairs appears to have made a rather embarrasing 'Faux Pas' in Ottawa yesterday. Whilst briefing Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham about the progress of negotiations vis a vis the Peace Process, the pros and cons relative to core issues within the Nation and his interpretations on behalf of the Present Administration which he represents, he appears to have many Sri Lankan Canadians wondering whether his interview was based on eloquence relative to reality or wit.

In an oratorial manner in keeping with his academics yet in a rather subdued voice suggesting uncertainty he was observed as saying that quote "The big challenge for Sri Lanka is to make people of different cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds feel at home in one country without any sense of inferiority or exclusion.Fortunately for him the absence of the usual media which normally would have been relentlessly accurate in how they might have questioned the present events unfolding in the North and North East of Sri Lanka where the LTTE have already set up their own version of a parallel Quasi Administration to that of the Government of Sri Lanka was conspicuously absent and probably a redeeming factor for Mr. Peiris who also said quote "We have a great deal to learn from the Canadian experience but we don't need to re-invent the wheel.It has been interpreted that he was alluding to the possibility of a Federal System of Government being introduced to Sri Lanka where a Confederation of Provinces would be controlled by a Central Government with the Provinces being individually run by Provincial Legislatures but hardly a feasible option due to many local conditions totally unrelated to Canada, the ongoing feudalism within the land and the tumultuous soul searching the Nation may have to resign itself to in a system where pluralism is a mere figure of speech thanks to the divide and rule decree and legacy left behind by the British Raj!

Suddenly Sri Lanka appears to be seeking constitutional advice from a political entity which has less political maturity than itself and making many analysts wonder whether this is an indication that the present Sri Lankan Government is unsure of its current policies and is possibly floundering in the many doubts which have arisen from the Peace Process, having run helter skelter for advice to the Sri Lankan Buddhist High Clergy, India, The United States and now Canada as it was made pellucid through his agenda that the main objective behind Peiris' visit to Ottawa was based on the question "What might a war-torn South Asian country with hungry people and a shattered economy want from an advanced Western country such as Canada? Constitutional advice of course being the reply.

After two decades of internal armed insurrection by terrorists against a Sovereign Democratic Nation, the Government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil tiger rebels are attempting to negotiate an end to the conflict on a falsified hope that both sides see Canada's constitutional federalism as a model that could foster a lasting peace.A rather comic scenario with The Government of Sri Lanka watching on as the LTTE fortify their Military Strength, Finances and cadre and are continuing their campaign towards a now veiled push towards separatism with their wassails towards their goals becoming louder by the day and the wool is being pulled over an International Audience that all's well in the hinterland of the Sinhalese bordered by a projected one of Tamil Eelam!where the likes of G.L.Peiris and others of his theatrical capability perpetrate the continuity of this charade of peace which can never be deemed a real peace until the leadership and idealogues of the LTTE are brought to justice, their idealogies denounced and ratified officially and weapons de-commissioned together with the disbanding of the entity of notoriety not really aligned with the Tamils Community whom they represent only fractionally.

Sri Lanka in times of its ancient Sinhala Dynasties probably had a better offering towards a highly succesful Federal System overseeing the Provinces of the time which really worked and The Resplendant Land as it was then known was acclaimed "The Granary Of The East" with no outside assistance.Yet even in those times one of the most compassionate and benevolent ruling monarchs of Sri Lanka a giant amongst giants had to contend with what he immortalised through the expressions "Hadi Demalu" a corruption for Dravidians and the Golu Muhuda which may have modern day connotations as a "Dumb Ocean of Assent"!

So why seek assistance from Canada for Constitutional expertise towards a Federal System now when it has been a part of the Sinhala Heritage for centuries and ingrained in her history.






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