Facts of War in Sri Lanka

By D.Manoharan

For the past several months International and Colombo based media along with several political analysts have made their contribution to state their respective views on Lankan War. But I feel all these are similar to our ex defence minister’s (Ratwatte) and Lake House / Upali group news paper statements / stories, which are non-realistic conclusions and analysis.

It was stated in media by defence minister that 95 percent of the war was over and the balance 5 percent to be won. Also it was stated few hundreds of tigers left and they will be wiped off within a few months. All Colombo based media gave much publicity for this comments and I feel sorry, because only the common Sinhala man paid money to read these stories. Tamils never read or believed, as they know the facts from north and East. Just few months after minister’s statement one of the largest army camp – elephant pass fell into Pirabakaran’s hands. Another significant issue that I would like to share will be the count of Tiger deaths after each attack. From early 1980s if we add the Tiger death count from Colombo based Sinhala papers it might exceed the entire Tamil population in Sri Lanka. But none of these papers stated other than the Tigers how many innocent Tamils (Fathers, Mothers, Children, Elders, Priests Hindu / Christian) were killed by the Government forces and billions rupees worth assets were ruined. While agreeing with some of the Sinhala media requesting now to investigate the loss of several hundreds lifes of service men from LTTE, I wish these media will make a similar request to investigate the loss of several thousands of innocent Tamils who lost their lifes in the hands of Government forces and the politicians who were personally responsible for thousands of armed forces deaths because of their mismanagement / interference in military operations in order to achieve personal / political gains .

The present media should realise that people are not going to believe unless they furnish facts. May be a few hard line people like to read these papers just because they attack (only by a pen on paper and not with gun in northeast) Tamils – LTTE and personally satisfied Sinhalese / Muslims, who may buy extra copies of the said news paper. But hats off for the true and unbiased journalists like Manjula Vetiwardena from Rawaya and other Sinhala journalists who have participated in the recent (few days back) Tamil Research conference (Manidathin Thamil ondru koodal) in Jaffna, publicly stated that and apologised to the Tamil People for the false, unreasonable, biased, insulting / hurting Tamils news coverage / contribution of the war by Sinhala media in the south, Colombo. This shows media and journalism still a live in Sri Lanka.

We all know very well that due to this war only the poor Sinhala and Tamil families have incurred irrecoverable human / monitory losses. The politicians, top defence personal and arms dealers have made their fortune in the name of safe guarding democracy, unitary constitution etc. I wish to remind unitary constitution was formulated for a society with one Language one Religion one Race by the British Brains. It is struggling for its survival and has failed in it’s berth place U.K with Ireland, Scotland separation claims. Also this was forced into multi language, religion and race societies like Sri Lanka during British rule for their convenience.

Today we in Sri Lanka after British departure killing each other to protect this unitary constitution and some are making billions of rupees. J.V.P who should know the adverse effects better on this concept is also crying for this and adding fire to the current situation. If they want power they should serve the Sinhala Society in a better way so that they will get more seats in next elections. Instead if they instigate the Sinhala man for war, yes they are leading the Sinhala society and the country for a disaster. They should remember the Tamils in North and East have survived the war for the past twenty years without proper food, medicine, employment, education etc and Pirabakaran has established his own civil administration which is being witnessed by the common Sinhala man who is visiting North and East now. Tamils will survive for the next twenty years if war breaks out, But I do not think it will be the same in the south! As recently stated every lankan in debt over one hundred thousand rupees foreign loan utilised to purchase Arms for war and used by LTTE to kill the Government forces (Recently stated by Prime Minister in U.S.A). Lankan Treasury finding it difficult to pay only the interest on these loans. Also Government has to maintain with full salary (when it does not have funds pay the monthly pension to the retired government servants) thousands of disabled service personal for the next few decades.

Also the other threat for peace process are the SLMC who wants to create their East Bank (Like the west bank in Palastine) in Amparai. Muslims in the south are intelligent enough to be with the government let it be UNP or SLFP getting all the best benefits for their society. But I do not understand why they are unable to do the same with LTTE ! Being with them and get the best for their society instead of challenging LTTE (who are armed and managed successfully the Lankan / Indian Armed forces) which will lead the North East Muslims future in to disaster. May be SLMC leaders wants to achieve some thing personal and not for their society which was proven by the recent Muslim youth abduction drama (one of the failed attempt to blame LTTE presence in East for SLMC survival) in the east, that was conducted by SLMC itself, and facts disclosed by CID.

Considering the above SLMC, JVP, Sinhala Urumaya etc should stop instigating the lankans for war which will lead Pirabaharan to achieve his goals and result the country to become another Sudan or Somalia which will have people perishing without food. So Let us decide as soon as possible whether we want war or peace !




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