Prof. Hudson McLean

One year ago, out of the blue, the LTTE/TTT declared unilaterally, a cease fire.

Why did a so called highly professional, well armed and motivated terrorist force, supported generously with financial aid by over one million Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates, suddenly decide to become “house trained”?

Even the hard headed leadership with all his specialist intellectual supporters such as Rudra, Anton, and the rest, buckled under the pressure created by the blast on September 11th 2001.

The Tamil Tiger Terrorists knew that if they exploded even one suicide bomber after that using their “expertise” (which they transferred to Al Qaeda), the days of LTTE/TTT Diaspora would be numbered.

Being known as a “pariah” around the world is bad enough, but cooking the entire lot of murderers in their own sauce by themselves in their own pot was going over the top. Then came their “generous Stop” of hostilities. No time for offers. An abrupt halt.

This meant bad news for the wannabe “Sinhala King Ranil Wickremasingham”. The LTTE/TTT action, by default, put the ambitions of RanilWm on a predicament. But he had one of two choices.

One - He could take full advantage and blast the nuts off the Tigers and be a Hero. And continue the democratic battle with Madam CBK and her little brother.
Two - He could kiss the nuts of the Tiger, accept the peace or should it be renamed “piece” offer and keep the happy Tigers as a Fifth Column, just in case, the country does not respond to the Magic of Ranil “Al Capone” Wickremasingham.

Traditionally, both the UNP/UNF and the SLFP/PA have been run and managed by the traditional heavy handed local “mafioso” gangsters. The only time the country was governed by a clean pair of hands were under the Senanayake (father & son) regimes. Even SWRD, under his regime, used terror tactics. During the Sinhala-Tamil riots, SWRD ordered young Sinhala trouble makers to be rounded up, shot and disposed of. Some were still alive when they were buried. The Late President Premadasa did not hesitate getting his thugs to snuff out his opposition, Chicago style. And the Madam Sirimavo was no better. The story goes, of CBK, an apple does not fall far away from the tree, if you get the gist!

Oh! Please do not think that the others such as JVP or LSSP or CP top hats are any better, either. It is one democracy in a large barrel of rotten apples.

Look at the Defence Forces. If the uncle of President CBK, General Anuruddha Ratwatte is helping himself to a few ten or twenty million dollars, whom do you trust?

The basic moral of the story is, The War Must Go On! Otherwise these very rich Sri Lankan US Dollar multimillionaires will be reduced to Dollar Millionaires.

Poor sods! Might have to cut down on the number of bottles of Moet et Chandon at US$ 250.00 each, offered to foreign whores at exclusive night clubs.

The fact that, the cost of a bottle of milk has reached a Dollar or before one cracks a coconut, one has to count the coins available for the next meal, is a problem which neither RanilWm nor his millionaire minions want to know.

Like the brother of the late Shah of Iran, when told that the traffic in Tehran has reached a saturation point, he responded by saying, “Why can’t these drivers use helicopters instead?”

Let us look at the latest move by RanilWm and his “independent peace mediators”. According to our information sources, the LTTE/TTT technicians evaluated the Satellite and FM broadcasting equipment as early as in December 2001 with the knowledge of the Norwegian government officials. The main purpose of this strategy is to reach South Indian region, to consolidate logistical support both ways to create a Confederation of Greater Eelam States.

With basic infrastructure in place in Sri Lankan North East, in order to divert the attention when the LTTE/TTT decide to declare a UDI, they need the support of the Tamil Nadu despots. There are also whispers that the LTTE/TTT may allow their fully trained merceneries to enter Sri Lanka from the North West and possibly retain RanilWm merely as a temporary figurehead. Oh! Madam CBK has been history, dead and cremated some time back and the brother Banda taken refuge in New Delhi.

Whilst the music goes on, LTTE/TTT will start their campaign of heralding the break-up of India, from the safety (comfort?) of the Wanniya jungles, with the tacit support of the Norwegians. Naturally, the Norwegians will volunteer themselves to be “independent, impartial” peace mediators, at the opportune moment. Currently the LTTE/TTT activists are operating in Nepal, and in several Indian regions as well as in Jammu and Kashmir.

When this activities start, India should take a leaf out of Uncle Sam and with or without the permissions of SLG, decide to bomb the living daylights out of Wanniya and clear the entire jungles out of this vermin. With the current technology, it will be very easy to locate via Satellite technology the exact coordinates, location and position of the transmitting gear and send a couple of Indian Air Force jets to clear the menace, once and for all. And incidentally, how did the LTTE/TTT ship and unload heavy artillery? And can their the missile technology from the Far East reach New Delhi? Are the LTTE/TTT given "leaky, accidental" access to NATO high technology by courtesy of Erik Solheim?

As one might understand that, the Norwegians never intended to or played their impartiality, as they claimed. The Satellite boo-boo is hard evidence of their un-adulterated complicity with the terrorists. Their main and only objective was the destruction of the Sinhala Nation. Together with the Tamil LTTE/TTT, the Norwegians plan is to conquer the Bay of Bengal, the rich Tuna and Oil fields. Their long established historical blood sucking nature still runs in their veins.

The President CBK post haste MUST instruct her Foreign Minister to demand an explanation on why the Norwegian Embassy totally misused and raped their privileged Diplomatic Geneva Convention Rights to cheat and hoodwink a Sovereign Nation. Furthermore, help a group of known and internationally proscribed terrorists, led by a convicted criminal, to start new campaigns of terror, and to destabilise the largest democracy in the world.

What else is Erik Solheim and his Norwegian government are planning, in their venture of supporting international terrorism and the destruction of the Indian sub-continent to achieve their selfish, greedy materialism?

How much of this activity was known and approved by RanilWm, Milinda Moragoda and Professor G.L.Pieris?

First, the current Norwegian Ambassador should be declared PNG along with Erik Solheim.

Any private citizen of Sri Lanka has the right to bring a legal charge against the Prime Minister and his Ministers who are considered accomplices in an Act of Treason. Hopefully, Treason carries the Death Penalty.

If the Nobel Foundation has a prize for double faced tactics of bare faced lying, assist in smuggling, avoiding official inspections, Customs Duty avoidance, kicking the Rights of Geneva Convention into a cess pit and promoting international terrorism, the entire Royal Norwegian Government should be awarded the First Nobel Prize for Criminality at the Highest Government Level.The King of Norway may do the right Royal honours.

Time is running out. RanilWm and his mob are on the verge of carving out the Island like chopping whale meat, Norwegian style. If you have seen a whale being chopped, whilst the mammal is still alive, an agonising sight. That is exactly what the Norwegians are doing to the live body of Sri Lanka. Now it is the turn of the Sinhala patriots. Actually, It is Now or Never!

There must be one young army Colonel in the SLDF who is able to jack up his courage and lead a Coup d’ Etat and kick all these blood sucking parasites into Welikada Jail, and get the Indian Defence Forces to clear Wanniya to greet the dawn of 2003!


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