Eagerness To Appease The LTTE Irks Presidential Wrath Very Justifiably.

Nandimithra - Jathyanthara Singha Balavegaya For LankaWeb

Irrespective of the stand being taken by the Wickremasinghe led UNF to blindly forge ahead with the concessions and conciliations towards the LTTE, the President in her most steely voiced assertion of her authority to date has warned the UNF of the likelihood of her rejecting the Cease Fire and The Peace Initiative based on the callous manner in which her authority was circumvented, the many pitfalls the Nation appears to be facing in their presentation which shows scant repect or regard for the Constitutional Rights of the Sinhala Nation as a whole, and in her message conveyed to the Nation at a Local Government Gathering has indicated that her patience is wearing thin over the liberties being taken by and the manner in which the UNF is attempting to overrule her authority.

Indeed the UNF is overstepping its authority in many areas of Administration and sweeping the Nation with its high handed moves, intimidating officials of the High Court of Justice and Former Ministers, in their attempt to protect many wrongdoers within their camp also full of corruption and guilty of criminal activity themselves as though a Dictatorship was in place with Ranil Wickremasinghe in charge and the sooner he is reminded of his limitations within the Stautes of the Land ,the better off the Nation will be as the primary issue of compromising the Nation's Integrity in favour of a group of proscribed degenerate ciminals seems to be looming on the horizon and which is exactly the point under review by her Excellency the President who should have no compunctions about exercising her Presidential Authority in reminding the 'pariah' like mentality of a misguided few that she is still in charge.

Being the Chief Executive Officer of the Armed Forces which includes the Army, Navy and Air Force while also incorporating the Police into her jurisdiction, it may not be the ideal situation for the Prime Minister to confront Presidential Authority and continue in the direction he is moving in as he may be unpleasantly surprised by a turn of events which may see him encountering head on not only the anger of the Nation and the directives of its Law Enforcement Agencies but also that of the LTTE whom he and his caucases are either hero worshipping or being intimidated by, whatever the case may be, with dire ramifications which may follow.

The President must also be very conscious of the moves currently alleged to be underway to negate her authority through another impeachment process being planned against her as the UNF maintains constantly their 'thorn in the flesh' definition of her standing in the way of most of their directives. The likes of Ministers S.B. Dissanayake and Prof. G.L.Peiris and others gathering as many missiles of dissent and slanderous accusations towards discrediting her are some of the individuals who would stop at nothing to justify the current mood of the UNF and need to be stopped in their tracks as they have lent a significant air of insecurity to many areas of Administration both in the present and past Administrations which would quite justifiably evoke authoritative response from the President and well deserved by these individuals who appear to be more self centered than patriotic towards Sri Lanka the latter category having shown their disagreement with the current UNF trend by their recent show of strength and support for the President and turning out in in vast numbers at rallies organized for this very purpose.



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