A New Kingdom for Satan

R. Chandrasoma

How the Messiah Ra-Wi delivers unto the indomitable Satanic creature Pirapaharan that which the Great Powers deemed fit and which the listless Sinhalayas are condemned to accept.

It is known to naturalists that the weirdest strategies are employed by living creatures to ensure survival. Geckos often sacrifice a tail when hotly pursued by a predator. The wriggling remnant briefly stays the killer while the better part of the Gecko escapes. More spectacular is the modus operandi used by the certain sluggish marine animals known as the Sea Slugs or Holothurians. When attacked they violently eject (through the back opening) the vital organs or viscera as a near-total sacrifice of their body-works to appease the aggressor. What remains limps along and spends its days trying to regenerate the internal organs so tragically lost.

Friends, this animal tale has a politico-moral lesson for us. When attacked, some run away relying on fleetness of foot to escape. Others fight back bravely, with whatever means at their disposal and when they do succumb, they die nobly. In a third category are those that behave like the Sea-Slug described above they offer parts of their own flesh to the aggressor as a supreme act of appeasement and submission to the might of the attacker. They naively believe that this 'Sri-Sangabo' style sacrifice will result in a reduction in the blood-lust of the killer even a re-engineering of its besotted morality!

Let us expand this moralistic drama. The Sri Lankan Nation lies moribund, fatally wounded by the sustained attacks of a Satanic creature named Pirapaharan. This creature started business like a petty wild-dog yapping, snapping and inflicting little bites on a larger and more powerful adversary. Astoundingly, the larger animal did not respond with force but declared to the world 'the bark is worse than its bite it is hungry, lets give the fellow something to assuage its passion for meat'. The little dog became a great big mastiff and collared the adversary by the throat. At this time the victim had spent much money and acquired a huge cudgel with which he lashed out at the mastiff but the agile animal dodged the blows so effectively that the victim cried out that he was too exhausted to fight.

'We can never win let us give Pirapaharan part of our own flesh'. A huge chorus of approval greeted this announcement. Foreigners rejoiced at the wondrous magnanimity of the dying victim. Businessmen spent millions and published hallelujahs in the newspapers. 'Go it' they said 'give the fellow all he wants and be over with it' 'You will die if you don't' said the God-People who, for reasons unclear had, all along, fancied the Satanic Pirapaharan.

Then came the Messiah Ra-Wi who became incarnate in the body of the victim. 'We shall give the Satan all he wants if he promises not to bite.' At this time the beastly Satan had acquired a 'handler' from the land where the huskies roam. This handler promised Ra-Wi that the biting days are over. But the Satan must have his 'pound' of flesh as detailed hereunder.

One third of the body must be cut away and offered to the beast. The Sinhala Army must get lost in areas constituting the New Satanic Kingdom. Sinhalayas are unwelcome aliens in the New Kingdom. On the contrary, HIS People can roam freely anywhere and everywhere.

Satan has total Hegemony in the New Kingdom any canine rival will be bitten unto death. Did somebody say this was undemocratic? Satan never claimed to be democratic he believes in submission and worship.

Schools in the New Kingdom will be transformed into nurseries for the Satan's puppies. All expenses incurred in this connection must be met by the victim.

While the victim lies a-dying and calls for a 'farewell to arms', Satan bolsters his weaponry and dreams of fresh conquests. If one-third now, why not the whole a decade later?

Satan dreams of being crowned King of Eelam with his capital close to a great naval base from which a toothless Lion had been driven out with hardly a fight.

Satan believes in Apartheid of the 'Namba-Dal' variety. Only His People can own property and do business in the New Kingdom. Others are mere scallywags that must be pressured to go elsewhere.

Satan hates Buddhism. While Monotheism of the Western and Arab varieties (along with the Bhakthi faith of his Dravidic ancestors) can thrive in the New Kingdom, the ancient religion of the Sinhalayas will be ruthlessly extirpated. The God-people find this no problem their agenda calls for the same thing.

Satan believes in 'Representative Government' i.e. a government that is his 'alter ego' and treats his merest wish as a command. He believes in 'free and fair' elections where the masses gather 'freely' to salute (Hitler Style) his inspirational leadership and where sycophants shout 'how fair lies the land under our Great Leader'

Amidst all this pother, the Messiah Ra-Wi stays mum. He came down to deliver unto Satan not to tame it.

There are more good things to enumerate regarding the New Kingdom that the Messiah Ra-Wi hopes to establish as a propitiatory offering to the Ravaging Satan but the 'decalogue' outlined above must suffice. What about the 'Old Kingdom' the agitated Sinhalyas ask will it go to the dogs? To this the answer must be brief. The Messiah Ra-Wi came down to deliver unto Satan that which Great Powers Above deemed fit and proper. He did not arrive to save the Sinhalayas.

'There is no hope, then, for the Sinhalayas?' asks a voice plaintively. 'We must patiently await the arrival of our own Messiah'.


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