Time May be Running Out For The Wickremasinghe Administration.

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Surely Ranil Wickremasinghe cannot continue to fool the entire Nation all the time! Sooner or later the transparency of his achilles heel will be made manifest through the vagaries of the Peace Process which has put at risk beyond a doubt the future of Sri Lanka and given the enemy now in great pretence of a false empathy for the Sinhala Nation, a hard sell with the realists, a golden opportunity to consolidate their concept of Eelam on a veritable platter

It is no longer speculative what Wickremasinghe’s intentions are as even an imbecile would be able to evaluate the disastrous direction in which his Government is headed, as it is driven by a bunch of nincompoops who are more than likely to be cast into the Indian Ocean (metaphorically speaking) should the Indian Government in collaboration with Presidential assertion from Sri Lanka decide to embark on a course of actions which will not only further secure the region but also put an end to the shoddy bickerings of a now displaced LTTE clutching at straws towards their own survival.

The sudden application of brakes to the LTTE machine in conjunction with the September 11th Attacks in the USA, the dismantling of their international fund raising operations and being outlawed Globally has put paid to their enterprises although there seems to be an ill conceived glimmer of hope and a saviour in the form of the leadership of the Wickremasinghe Administration which seems to have evoked a symbiosis between the UNF and the LTTE towards their continuity and the lies and innuendos now being strewn across the Nation that the Peace Process is working cannot be sold for the cheap price tag which may eventually become a costly one to the Nation as well as the entire region of South Asia unless the infrastructure of the LTTE is dismantled completely.

While big wigs such as the USA and Britain look in indifference the Norwegian Government in pretended concerns for the well being of Sri Lanka has continued to help stabilise the directions of the LTTE (Not Tamils) towards their greater vision of Eelam beyond the shadow of a doubt through the logistic support given to a proposed satellite broadcasting system, the continued pontification of the goodwill of the LTTE and hardly a mention of the need to de-commission LTTE weaponry and the dismantling of their mock administrative and other ventures which continue to this day in certain parts of the East and North of Sri Lanka.And what about that warship of unknown origin recently pursued and driven off by the Indian Navy just outsaide Lankan territoruial waters?

The Wickremasinghe Administration’s indifference to the great security threat, all of this could create somehow casts a long shadow of doubt about its sincerity to the Sinhala Nation as the need to verify speculations that this indeed could be a master plan devised between the LTTE and the UNF towards their own survivals and need closer scrutiny.The demand by the LTTE that National Security operations be downsized and that their cohorts need access to previously restricted parts of Sri Lanka has an ominous ring to it which seems to have by-passed the deaf ears of the Administration who are now busy putting into place what they believe is’ the final solution’ to Sri Lanka’s woes but it has to be remembered that the term was once applicable to another horror which also very nearly wiped out an entire community and must never be permitted to transform Sri lanka into another holocaust of unsuspecting Sinhalese.

Needless to say the complicity of the Norwegians with the LTTE is just about glaring as is that of the Administration as a befuddled Sinhala Nation has re- commenced protestations against the greater dangers of the Peace Process heralded by the Buddhist Clergy and Opposition Parties which need support and the eventual deposition of the present Despite the virtues presented through the theatrics of the Wickremasinghe’s, Moragoda’s, Peiris’, Marapones, Fernandos who constitute that motley bandwagon of Thespians, their oratory does not really command the credibility needed to be accepted as legit by a Nation on tenterhooks regarding the Peace Process yet desperatelty in search of real and lasting peace without compromise.

Quoting the learned Prof.Hudson Maclean in one of his recent astute presentations which has a ring of truth to his predilections towards the best interests of the Sri Lanka, and frightening in its perspective “ The President CBK post haste MUST instruct her Foreign Minister to demand an explanation on why the Norwegian Embassy totally misused and raped their privileged Diplomatic Geneva Convention Rights to cheat and hoodwink a Sovereign Nation. Furthermore, help a group of known and internationally proscribed terrorists, led by a convicted criminal, to start new campaigns of terror, and to destabilise the largest democracy in the World.What else is Erik Solheim and his Norwegian Government planning, in their venture of supporting international terrorism and the destruction of the Indian sub-continent to achieve their selfish, greedy materialism? How much of this activity was known and approved by RanilWm, Milinda Moragoda and Professor G.L.Pieris? First, the current Norwegian Ambassador should be declared Persona Non Grata along with Erik Solheim. Any private citizen of Sri Lanka has the right to bring a legal charge against the Prime Minister and his Ministers who are considered accomplices in an Act of Treason. Hopefully, treason carries the Death Penalty. Time is running out. RanilWm and his mob are on the verge of carving out the Island like chopping whale meat, Norwegian style. If you have seen a whale being chopped, whilst the mammal is still alive, an agonising sight. That is exactly what the Norwegians are doing to the live body of Sri Lanka. Now it is the turn of the Sinhala patriots. Actually, It is Now or Never!” End quote.

Perhaps time is indeed running out for the Wickremasinghe Administration.



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