by Prof. Hudson McLean

It was made abundantly clear immediately before, during and after the Press Conference of April 10th, 2002, who is the Real Leader of the LTTE.

The show piece entry by private sea plane by Dr. Anton Balasingham, right into the Terrorist heartland with his wife, the defacto leader of Tiger women terrorists, sent a high profile signal.

Whilst everyone watched the "body language" of the Terrorist Commander, and as recognised during and after the conference that, the Power Behind The Throne who did the talking, was The Real Power.

I received several constructive criticisms on my article-;

Who or What Is The REAL Motivator Behind The LTTE?- by Prof: Hudson McLean (The LankaWeb-04/04/02).

Two of the emails directed me to research into the background of activity of LTTE or better still, the strategic planning and self promotion of Dr. Anton Balasingham.

Read the background and profile of both Anton and Adele Balasingham-;

The theory runs, that the terrorist strategy was carefully orchestrated by Dr. Death himself, using the proverbial "Cat's Paw" technique to fetch the "nuts from the hot coal". And VP fell for it.

Dr. Death is far too ambitious and clever to place himself and his wife in "The Line of Fire", a compromising position and to portray himself as a bloody terrorist. He carefully positioned himself as the "Political Ideologue", "The Theoretician", of a far more respectable, dignified and an intellectual disposition.

Then he promoted the zombie VP as the Leader, the wild Killer, and as the most vicious, ruthless, dangerous, terrorist in the world. When the world cried out for his blood, Anton did not deny any of the allegations directed at his Commander.

When VP met with the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, it was Dr. Death who lead the negotiations. VP is simply an uneducated slob with no brains and unable to get a sensible sentence out, as everyone noticed.

Some of these pictures say more than a thousand words-;

Dr and Mrs Balasinham created VP's image as we know now and certainly could have done a better job of dressing him up, as a potential Leader, before the international Press by hiring a Public Relations company in London, to do a professional job.

When Balasingham announced, "Our Leader Velupillai Prabhakaram is both President and Prime Minister", the clever Brutus Balasingham plunged the knife deep into VP's heart through his kidneys, from behind. A scene from Julius Ceaser.

In Her Majesty's English, one might describe this act as, "Putting VP on top of a pedestal and slicing his nuts off".

Any simple person would have realised that, being a "Wanted Terrorist" by India, and branded a "Killer" by the international community, will have all the doors shut in front of VP's nose. A Leader who is not invited by any other respectable national leader and one who lives in constant fear of an international snatch squad grabbing him or a garland exploding right in front of his face.

With Adele Balasingham controlling the Tiger Women and Brains himself chairing conferences in London, the dirty work was left to VP.

The plan, according to some analysts was that, VP is placed in such a position that he is unable to leave his jungle fortress and will play "Tarzan" forever. Just in case VP gets tired of his habitat, Brains had already arranged a secure alternative accommodation at the seaside City of Bergen in Norway, overlooking the oil rigs and the Atlantic Ocean, where he can have fresh prawns daily.

Balasingham expected the Press Conference spectators to recognise that although the Great Leader in the Powder Blue safari suit is the public face of some of the NE Tamils, and the intellectual power rested with Balasingham. If something were to happen to Diabetic Balasingham, and it is a matter of time, his Australian wife, who is currently barred from entering her Motherland, shall become the next Sirimavo Bandaranaike or Sonia Gandhi of NE Tamils.

Then the multi-million dollar (safely deposited in several banks) question arose when VP muttered in simple humility that he has no great ambitions to lead the Tamils out of the political wilderness, "Who will be the public face of LTTE?" Now you know!

But Balasingham's greed for power, backfired. He publicly made a fool of his Warlord publicly. There were no dress rehearsals or proper professional planning prior to such an important event. Briefing a British PR team would have meant that the Doctor would have to give some carefully defined objectives to the PR team. It might also have meant, exposing VP to Q&A from the team, in order to create an amenable public profile. The eventual result might have meant that, VP may have been professionally dressed up to upstage Dr Death, meaning "Death to the Doc's Political Ambitions".

When Balasingham applied to the Department of Immigration through the Norwegians for extending the Visas of both Anton and that of his wife's, the request was granted. This was another blow. He expected a negative response.

The Sri Lankan government played a deft hand in handling several mini-crisis during the past four months, gaining a great deal of international points. Must award fullest credit for the Sri Lankan government strategy, if this was planned as such.

This was an unexpected blow. From the beginning, the LTTE never had any intentions of sitting at a peace table. The peace initiative was only a publicity gimmick, a smoke screen to gain time, to re-arm and re-position the military theatre for the next assault on the pretext that the "Peace negotiations started by LTTE was destroyed by the inept Sri Lankan government".

Despite several breaches by the LTTE based on the MoU as publicly stated by the Nordic Observers, the Sri Lankan government carried on regardless.

The recent interceptions of illegal weapons by the Indian and Sri Lankan Navies were supposed to be baits to snare the government into retaliatory military actions, thus giving the LTTE to respond accordingly.

Then the demand for de-proscribing of the LTTE as a pre-condition received a favourable response from Ranil W. Another bitter blow.

The entire atmosphere created by the Sri Lankan government was an act of positive discrimination in favour of LTTE. Whilst the Muslim brigade demanded and received an apology from VP and Balasingham, the Sinhala government did not raise the subject of the displaced Sinhala.

Perhaps Ranil W. is not as stupid as he looks. Let us give him the benefit of the doubt.

But things did not flow according to LTTE plan. When the exact status was digested and realised by Dr. Balasingham, he swiftly retired to the safety and comfort of the British Isles, for the next Think Tank with his American lawyer and LTTE ideologue Ms Karen Parker. My Tamil friends tell me that Dr. Death will not return to Sri Lanka or participate in "Peace Talks?", in this lifetime!

In the meantime, he might be very comfortable acting as the virtual Governor of the Central Bank of Tamil Eelam, from his London nest.


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