Muslims should strive to safeguard the Unitary Status


Historical facts indicate that the Tamil community repeatedly attempted in the past to assume the role of the representatives of the Muslims on the fraudulent grounds that both communities speak the same language. They made these attempts not because they had affection towards the Muslim community but purely with the ulterior sinister motive to subjugate the Muslim community and reap by themselves all benefits and rights due to the Muslim Community, and use Muslims as cat's paw to achieve their illegitimate demands. In the nineteenth century Ponnambalam Ramanathan naively claimed that he represented the Muslims in the legislative assembly. This was vehemently and daringly opposed by the great Muslim leader Mr. Siddi Lebbe, that led to the recognition of Muslims as a separate community and Muslims having their own representative in the legislative assembly.

Similarly the great leaders of the Muslim community such as Siddi Lebbe, Sir Marcan Markar, Sir Razik Fareed, Dr. Badi-ud-din Mahmoud, T.B.Jayah and A.C.S.Hameed had always stood for the unity of this country, right to rule by the majority community, and for the strengthening of the Sinhala-Muslim amity. It was the terrorist leader Prabhakaran's mentor S.J.V.Chelvanayagam who planted the seed of hatred among the different communities in this peaceful country. Speaking in the House of Representatives on 26th November 1947 he advocated that in the event of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) gaining independence from the British Empire, Tamils should secede from the rest of the country. On the contrary, nearly 10 years prior to that, in 1939 the eminent Muslim leader Sir Marcan Markar enunciated the right path for the Muslims by saying the following, "as a Muslim I am not afraid to state that this country should be ruled by the majority Sinhalese. Let them rule, we will help them in this task,"(Hansard 1939 Column 843). This was the bold, accurate and noble stand taken, pursued, and advocated by all great aforementioned Muslim leaders who dedicated their time and energy in the national interest, and for the progress of the country as a whole devoid of petty, personal, chauvinistic and parochial interests.

These leaders prudently realised the folly of the destructive and deceptive path of the divisive Tamil chauvinists and worked to defeat the chauvinist forces and strengthen the national unity. They courageously and resolutely defeated all sinister attempts of the Tamil chauvinists to beguile the Muslim community and drive it against the interests of the majority Sinhala community or cause afflictions to the Sinhala community. The election of Muslims by the Sinhala majority electorates such as Beruwela, Balangoda, Borella, etc., signifies the Sinhala-Muslim amity and recognition of the patriotism of the Muslims. Tamil majority electorates have never allowed a Muslim to get elected from those electorates.

The LTTE which was the ugly weed generated from the seed of chauvinism planted by Chelvanayagam in 1947 and fertilised by the infamous 1976 Vaddukkodai resolution had an inborn hatred for the Muslim since the day of its very birth. It always gauged the Muslim community as the biggest obstacle in its struggle for separatism. When it was harassing and murdering the other Tamil groups in the North, a delegation of the Muslim leaders met the LTTE hierarchy in Madras in the late 1980s and they were given an undertaking that no harm would be done to the Muslims. This promise ended with the forcible expulsion of nearly 100,000 Muslims from the five Northern Districts in 1990. But in the Muslims too there were black-sheeps, Don Juans, who betrayed the interests of the community and collaborated with the Tamil chauvinists either for personal gains or due to lack of foresight. The late SLMC leader and its founder as a political apprentice supported the TULF but soon realised the folly and formed his own party based on similar policies. The current leader of this party, who is renowned for betraying anyone for personal gains, has fully embraced the chauvinistic politics and the personality of the terrorist leader whose hands are soaked with the blood of thousand of innocent Muslims brutally killed even inside the premises of Mosques.

He has praised the terrorists dubious statement that displaced Muslims of the North will be allowed to return to their dwellings. Even after this statement, the terrorist website Eelam Nation accused the Muslims saying that "Muslims did not cooperate with the LTTE when successive Buddhist-Sinhalese governments waged a genocidal war against the Tamil people. In fact the Muslims by joining the Home Guards and forming Jihad outfits fought the LTTE along with the Sinhala Army. Thousands of Tamils in the Amparai district were ethnically cleansed by expelling them from their homes and farmlands. Many were killed. At the same time the political leadership of the Muslims were relentlessly following 'patronage politics' to secure Ministerial posts, Chairmanships in corporations, diplomatic postings etc by collaborating with the Sinhala government. It should be recalled that it was a Muslim Minister who implemented the notorious standardization policy, which effectively shut doors of higher education to the Tamil students."

It is the duty of the Muslim politicians and the masses to join hand with the majority community devoid of petty party politics and personal interests to safeguard the unitary status of this country, and prevent the terrorist monster from dividing this country and establishing its notorious tyrannical regime in the North and East.


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