The UNF Foreign Minister Fernando's Footloose Comments On Prabhakara's Patriotism

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Foreign Minister Fernando has once again indulged in making a few footloose comments which not only projects his image as being ridiculous but has also augmented the popular belief that he is somewhat of a court jester wandering about with a loose tongue and a prime example of ignorance being displayed at its worst in trying to engage the Indian Government as well as the Sinhala Nation in a dialogue as a result of which he is bound to be incarcerated as someone who cannot hold his tongue when it comes to the distortion of realities and the misrepresentation of facts! So is this the prime candidate our Prime (Excuse Me!) Minister has been priming for the post of United Nation's Secretary General?

Someone who claims he is a descendant of the legendary Puran Appu but sounds more like a descendant of the bungling Mahadenamutta who hung onto an elephant's tail in the quest for paradise as well as the famous medeival court jester Andare who apparently was a trifle more perceptive than Fernando, has had the affront to declare the murderously infamous Velupillai Prabhakaran a Patriot and sounds as though in need of a bit of educating about the definition of the title patriot.

Minister Fernando has been known in the past for the obtuse and rather incongruous comments he tends to make from time to time such as name calling noble Sinhala Patriots who have etched their names in history as ' pseudo heroes' and also has a reputation of being somewhat of a fanatic, claiming he had a mythical power in the form of a religious statue which could to change the course of monsoon storms from the Bay of Bengal which unfortunately for him tends to suggest that the bufoonistic mentality of individuals refered to is probably a self image and one combined with an imagination which knows no bounds!

As he continues being an embarrassment to the UNF Administration of Ranil Wickremasinghe stirring a mega pot of wrath consisting of the Indian Authorities as well as the Sinhala Nation excusing his idealogies as being based on multi ethnicism, multi religious dogma and multiculturalism where he also goes on to say that Sri Lanka does not belong to the majority Sinhala Buddhists which, he probaly needs to be contested on as an issue so contentious to the Nation that it borders on treason as such statements could easily trigger off racial disharmony in a Nation desperately in need of tranquility.

Switching from treason to heresy in an almost sacrileginous manner The Foreign Minister has gone on to make an analogy between Prabhakarans partaking of a meal with his suicide cadres with Christ's Last Supper albeit his personal religious affiliations where he claims to be a Christian and dispelling any doubts about the identity of who the buffoon really is!

Of such are the travails of the freedom of expresion in a democracy where the obstreperous verbosity displayed by the likes of Minister Tyronne Fernando suggests that as someone who has accomplished himself in the legal profession and written books about the various decorums involved he surely contends that he is above the law in being as blatant as he has been about expressing opinions which not only bring down the community he belongs to but also casts a long shadow on the Administration he sorely represents.

If an analogy was to be drawn with verbosity and self opinionated pomposity, the recent fall from High Office of the former Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott who supported the racist theories of a former Presidential Candidate who was not only a segregationist in the oppression of Blacks in the USA but an openly proclaimed White Supremist, is equally deserving as a fallout for Fernando who also needs to be dumped from office as the moral implication of his statements on Prabhakaran's patriotism has equal or greater connotations!!!



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