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That fine patriotic son of Lanka Mr. Anura Bandaranaike has spoken out.He is quoted as saying “As long as we have an Executive President we will not allow Ranil to divide country” which he emphasized at a meeting jointly attended by caucas members of the PA and the JVP in the southern province recently. There was no mincing of words in the message sent to the UNF Government as well as the LTTE when he said "It is our sincere intention to have an honourable and lasting peace without dividing the country.

It should be remembered that although, we are Sinhala Buddhists we are not at all racists or nationalists and what we want is a country in which all communities could live amicably and peacefully with much honour. As long as we have an Executive President in this country we shall not allow Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to divide this country into two or three according to his whims and fancies”.

The Sinhala Nation responds with huge accolades to Mr. Bandaranaike very possibly a future President! Of late the posturing of the UNF has indicated a desire to wing clip the Presidency and curb some of her sweeping powers with which she could easily ‘spoke the wheels’ of the UNF bandwagon led by Prime Minister Wickremasinghe which nevertheless would require a two third majority for approval in parliament and an unlikely prospect as present ratings indicate.

Vehemently emphasizing the futility of indulging in meaningless dialogue towards peace with the LTTE if they are falsely campaigning for peace and secretly preparing for war which they have indicated in no uncertain terms as of late, the former Speaker of the House was outspoken in categorically illustrating that the LTTE would never come to the negotiating table and that they were merely deceiving and fooling Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as had been done to past Presidents as well as India on many occasions".

While an incredulous Nation watches Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe almost unconditionally acceding to almost all the lop sided demands made by the LTTE even before the proposed peace talks scheduled to be held in Thailand it is more than common knowledge that the LTTE are now collecting taxes, setting up their own versions of law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and openly recruiting soldiers (mainly underage youth) to replenish a depleted LTTE army being systematically deserted and today the LTTE are trying to show to the world that two seperate states exist in this country as their subterfuge continues.

Addressing the issue significantly important towards the preservation of the Sinhala Nation as part of the theme of the joint forum, it was cross referenced that in recent times the proclamations by LTTE voices such as TamilNet have indicated their desire to to form a separate state also known as ‘Eelam’ where only the demarcation of boundaries have been carefully avoided in order to ward off incurring the wrath of the Sinhala Nation where devolution of interim power to the LTTE was more than hinted at by the UNF Administrations as being a distinct possibility.

” We of the opposition have now planned to educate the masses regarding the disastrous effects of this proposed secret pact between the LTTE and the UNF government and we would even go from house to house to reveal to the people the contents of this pact” was a resolute promise made to the Nation at this significant meeting of Opposition Powers where Mr Bandaranike took centerstage and was recognized for his dedicated expressionism which was relative to the future of the Sinhala Nation.

It was jointly reiterated by the participants that quote"The Government appeared to be ready to give an interim administration to the LTTE for the North and East as an interim concession which could more than likely propagate the concept of a total ‘Eelam’ and the ‘Nijabhumi’ which in reality amounts to the right to secession.

It should be noted that people in a country vote politicians into power not to ruin a nation or a country, but to develop and glorify it further so as to benefit future generations. The LTTE are now staging passing out parades for their newly recruited armed cadres in the North and East and where is our Defence Minister ? India is now asking for Prabhakaran and how could we as a friendly neighbour of India try to negotiate with Her formidable enemy, the LTTE ? “ end quote.

And a more appropriate one in keeping with the present political climate never asked!.Championing the cause of the Sinhala Nation Mr Bandaranaike has admirably presented his outstanding courage and integrity towards the cause of preserving the Sinhala Nation which is more than what can be said of the pretentious Wickremasinghe Administration comprising also of the heirs to a Sinhala Legacy whose vision has far digressed from patriotism to one of betrayal.


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