Ranil Wickremasinghe, who are you trying to cheat? Not me! Not any Sri Lankan with half a brain!

Mike Opatha

Do you not think that people are keenly following your government's dealings with the LTTE and are now beginning to seriously question your motives, leadership and wisdom? Please consider the following:

Who gave you a mandate to provide LTTE, the world's most notorious terrorist outfit (or commonly known as the Tamil Tiger Terrorists or simply the "TTT" as the term "Liberation" has now been proven baseless and hence, must be disregarded) an "interim administration?" You did not come clean on this issue during the election campaign, but rather hoodwinked the masses by covering your pre-arranged agreement with the TTT. When accusations were raised by suspicious parties about the dealings that your “emissaries” (such as Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena, the now proven national traitor) is alleged to have had with the TTT, you vehemently denied such claims. Your duplicity in this regard was truly a masterpiece! Please bear in mind that the Sinhala masses gave you a mandate because they were tired of the former PA regime's mismanagement and not - by any stretch of the imagination - to provide an "interim administration" (read: Tamil Eelam, the separate state) on a platter to the TTT. Nowhere in your election manifesto did you say that this was your intention and that the terrorist king, the supremo, was going to be at the helm of this administration.

So, now to circumvent the Malwatte Mahanayaka Thero's strong objection to lifting the ban on TTT, you have now claimed that the ban will be for one month, with the provision to re-impose it if TTT walked away! Nonsense! NO, the TTT will not walk away as they are sitting down to finalize their separate state. Why should they walk away when you are basically giving them what they fought for nearly 20 years without success? Therefore, of course, you will not have to re-impose the ban on TTT. TTT love what they have going with you as a partner today. You are simply silly-putty in their hands!

You are lifting the ban on an organization that is banned worldwide for the terrorist deeds that it has committed in Sri Lanka and India, surpassing many other horrendous terrorist records set by other groups.

What have the TTT given the Sri Lankans in return for your agreement to de-ban them?
Renounce violence, murder, and mayhem that is their trademark? NO.
Reject the demand for a separate state (that includes nearly 40% the country and 60% of the coastline for a less than a 12% minority) and now categorize that demand as a sheer folly due to a past "oversight" and ask for forgiveness from the Sri Lankans? NO.
Agree to cease and desist from recruiting, rearming, and fundraising for their next murderous campaign (through extortion, kidnapping, etc.)? NO.
At least abide by the MOU that was signed between yourself (albeit with no mandate from the masses as noted above) and the TTT supremo? NO.
Rather, the TTT have given you the following:
Supported you during the election campaign by intimidating and harassing all other opposition parties campaigning in the NE theatre.
Their unqualified support to you in your unending quarrels with the president.
A parliamentary majority through their TNA pawns in the parliament so that you can embark on "clipping the wings" of the president (as you and your cronies are fond of saying) and pass other bills that would not see the light of the day if not.
You must bear in mind that Sri Lanka is not your private piece of real estate. Sri Lanka has survived many traitorous deeds by many insidious persons over 2500 years to remain a sovereign nation. As in history, inevitably, traitors will be held accountable for their deeds by the Sinhalas.





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