by Prof. Hudson McLean

First, the primary objective of the Press Conference was demolished by the not-so-subtle "infighting" for positions within the LTTE hierarchy.

Can any international organisation take the lead players seriously in such a Comedy of Errors, as future the political leaders of any community?

Second, LTTE confirmed in so many different ways, that their mission of peace, if there was any intention at all, was only a camouflage.

Third, instead of the main aim to create a positive image of the LTTE Terrorists, the Press Conference made the journalists to regurgitate the remnants of history, such as the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. A united India reacted with anger and a promise to bring the criminals to justice. That buried any aspirations of VP to sit at any conferences outside his jungle hideout.

The answers given by VP and Dr. Death Balasingham and their irritation to questions on the murder, clearly compromised their active participation in the murder. A non-denial is an admission of guilt, by default. Whether it be ten years or ten centuries, the perpetrators must be brought to justice, within the Indian jurisdiction. Even Anton Balasingham had to take precautions in his flight path to avoid the Indian Air Force from a force landing and capture during his visit to Sri Lanka, through a side door.

This kind of Tom and Jerry comedy does not raise any hopes of any regard or respect for future leaders in a Tamil constituency within Sri Lanka. The question of a separate State or a Homeland is simply a mirage. The clever Doctor publicly displayed to the world Press, his Fear of getting caught.

The following excerpts from a reputable and an independent Indian academic, published in LankaWeb, reconfirms any doubts on the honesty and integrity of the LTTE team.

An excerpt from-;

Asked about his reported instruction to his cadres to "kill" him in the event of his abandoning the demand for Eelam, the LTTE supremo said: "It still holds good."

This is pure bluff. No LTTE cadre with such intentions can ever get near VP. If such intentions were expressed in any vein, the cadre will be executed on the spot, by VP himself.

The Tamil Homeland VP and Balasingham are demanding, does exist in the Tamil Fatherland, in India and is called TamilNadu.

Furthermore, the hidden agenda and the ambitions of Dr. Anton Balasingham clearly surfaced. Very likely, Anton would skilfully engineer the demise of VP through Adele's LTTE women squad or get VP off to Norway if and when an opportunity arose, in the current unlikely scenario, should Anton decided to assume power. He would certainly not trust any of the current power structure and leave the security in the capable hands of Adele.

Following article is a brilliant, objective, impartial analyses from Frontline published in LankaWeb-;

Singing the same tune - Prof. V. SURYANARAYAN

Did the statements made by Velupillai Prabakaran and Anton Balasingham to the international media on April 10, 2002 hold any surprises? The answer from most Sri Lanka watchers in India is a definitive no.

But the basic question remains. Can the Tiger be tamed? Will Prabakaran not use the interval to consolidate his power in the North-East, strengthen the Tigers militarily, and start attacking at the appropriate moment? Is history repeating itself? Is Prabakaran once again laying a peace trap?

Based purely on the three main demands of LTTE and the above questions, the following answer gives some peace of mind to the Sri Lankans-;

Said H.W. Jayewardene, the delegation's leader: "If the first three principles were to be taken at face value and given their accepted legal meaning, they are wholly unacceptable to the government. They must be rejected for the reason that they constitute a negation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, they are detrimental to a united Sri Lanka and are inimical to the interests of several communities, ethnic and religious, in our country."

Thank You, Sir!

LTTE are using their standard blackmail and strong arm tactics to wiggle out of the international isolation caused by Proscription.

Many independent observers are of the opinion that the LTTE demand to be deproscribed is their only primary objective before the LTTE decides to restart their hostilities.

The government of Sri Lanka must stand firm on this principle that, temporary deproscription may be offered during negotiations continuing over a two year period, subject to an independent international audit of peaceful coexistence.

Furthermore, without a referendum, it is unfair, undemocratic and illegitimate for the government of Sri Lanka to assume and accept the LTTE as the legitimate representative of all Sri Lankan Tamils.

As the writer of Singing the same tune clearly recommends that Sri Lanka may consider "it will be prudent on the part of Colombo to learn from the experience of other countries that have faced threats to their national security".

Apart from the examples quoted from the Indian experience, one might draw from British-IRA negotiations. But said that, having seen the limitations in "leadership" within the LTTE, do the Tamil LTTE terrorists have a similar intellectual capacity to comprehend the finer delicate aspects of civility in political negotiations?

Interesting side questions are, What is the role of Mrs Adele Balasingham, an Australian by birth (facing criminal charges in Australia), naturalised British citizen, founder of the female Tiger brigades, seated at the main table? As a nurse by profession, is her main duty to render emergency assistance to her husband,( to dispense the odd Nitro tablet) or is there a hidden agenda?

In all, the entire sequence of events from the point of Dr. Anton Stanislaus and Mrs Adele Balasingham landing in a pond in the jungles of Wanni, the harassment of the scribes, the grand entry of the safari suited VP and the disastrous exposure of a bunch of ill prepared wannabes to the world media, was one massive act of group suicide, perpetrated by the masters of suicide bombs, by their very own home made bomb.


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