Reply to Upul Ranasingha.

Dear Editor,

Lanka Web is providing a very good "sounding board," for well meaning, sincere Sri Lankans to speak out. I personally fully agree with Mr. Ranasingha. The absolute disgrace not only of this President, but over the last fifty two years this beloved Nation of ours have sunk down to the last vestiges of human behavior, decency and national pride.

The rampant corruption, amongst those who have by deception, common criminal behavior, political intimidation and thuggery have blinded the Nation and future of many young generations to come and the past two generations too. What is most blinding in all this, is these utterly corrupt people have gone to Kandy to receive the "blessings" of the key Buddhist clergy before and during their time in these various positions. Where is the courage of the present day religious leaders?

Is it not due to the extent of corruption, lack of accountability and system so out of touch with reality, that to my surprise, even the ordinary "trishaw or three wheel driver " (being a sociologist) in my interviews and conversations with these simple folks - I was deeply disturbed by the "language" used when they described the Buddhist clergy and what must be done to many of them.
Mr. Ranasinha is right again in the fact that the LTT could have been history long time ago if our nation had leaders of moral caliber and love for the country and their own people - the Sri Lankans. It is the present Presidents Father who laid much of the foundation for the political, racial and economic chaos we are in at the present time. Development, education, national mindedness, culture, the Island's ecology began catastrophic downward slide, which if not reversed would have very grave consequences.

Being a Burgher, I am deeply in love with my land and people, speaking the Sinhala language and even dressing in sarong, much to the criticisms and being ostracized by my own community. Also by many of the "Colombo walawa Sinhala folks." How can we as a Nation allow over a period of twenty five years, stand by, be complacent and watch as over 70,000 fellow country men, women and children be killed, blasted, murdered, hacked to death. Have their properties forcefully taken, or destroyed, regardless of race, color and ethnicity? How can we have the most delusive "mind set" to tout ourselves as a Buddhist nation? Have we descended to a level of mindless insanity?

Both the Sinhalese and Tamils who have keep silent and those who continue to foster such unparallel "blood shed" not be held morally and judicially accountable? How did a utter psychotic murderer and his band of "brainwashed killers" come to represent or be permitted to represent by violence, Tamil folks? How can the Sinhalese people allow a corrupt "misguided walauwa mentality" few petty minded Sinhalese families bring this Nation of ours to this pathetic situation? As Mr. Ranasingha implies, let's not blame others, but rise up with courage as a Nation. Hold corrupt officials to accountability. Sell all property bought with money from the Nations coffers and then raise this noble flag of ours with humility and repentance.

A Patriotic Sri Lankan,
Max the servant.

What went wrong in our fight?
Upul Ranasingha, Dehiwala, Srilanka (LankaWeb- 28/08/02)




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