Bravo ! Mike Opatha, Your Courage Is Synonymous With That Of A True Patriotic Son Of Lanka.

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Spoken in courage, wisdom and great insight it is hoped that this cry will be taken up by the many who are afraid to raise their voices due to possible reprisals, which there will be none and can be none as the questions raised are legitimate, accurate and soul searching on behalf of the Sinhala Nation on the verge of being embarrassed, humiliated and disposed of as a non -entity by the ignominious and nefarious LTTE in collusion with their comrades the UNF who are virtually granting the LTTE what they have been fighting for decades for and being moulded like putty in the process!.

This deposition illustrates vividly and accurately the ambits of Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cohorts in their dangereous manouverings which could divide a Sovereign Nation and disband the Sinhala Race which has existed for thousands of years and the frightening reality is not based upon conjecture but on the facts an figures presented herein, stark in its reality and mind boggling to the extent that the Sons and daughters of the Sinhala Nation can only watch in dismay at the events unfolding before their very eyes.

The simplicity of reality in the questions asked centres on the vital importance of why a Terrorist Organization is palavered to despite their notoriety and what gives Ranil Wickremasinghe the mandate to defy the Maha Sangha and the rationally thinking of the Sinhala Nation conducive to its unity and even circumvent the Sri Lankan Constitution in bartering with the LTTE who have not the tiniest claim to any negotiations at a time when the climate is right to corral them and dispose of them for good.

India Is currently demanding the LTTE Leader's arrest and extradition for his crimes against humanity and to add strength to the questioning of Mr. Opatha at this very moment armed LTTE cadre are attempting to defy the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and cross their supply lines in the Eastern Province so need there be further questioning to ursurp the Wickremasinghe Psyche?

It has to be borne in mind vividly as pointed out by Mr. Opatha that through all the so called negotiations which are better defined as compromising by the Government, never have the LTTE denounced their goals and objectives and nor have they ever mentioned a de- commissioning of their weapons or the relaxing of their recruitmentd drives and fund raising programes at any stage of the flimsy peace process and in wonderment at the degreee to which the nation's vulnerability has been exposed, there are many who are bewildered beyond the point of rationality why all this is taking place. Mr. Opatha's illustrations could not have come at a better time so that the Nation can open its eyes to reality.

The other important factor relative to the Administrations as pointed out is the attempted wing clipping of a President in Power, a precedent in the history of Democratic Politics in the civilized world which is none other than a request by the LTTE who fear the President as their eventual nemesis combined with the needs of the turncoats and outcasts of the previous Administration queasy and insecure about their personal interests as they have a lot to account for when their time is up.

Indeed as the article goes on to say, "Sri Lanka is not Ranil Wickremasinghe's Private Piece Of Real Estate" nor are the lives of countless civilians dispensable towards his own ends.Has Batalande been forgotten by the way?

Truly and verily history has proved that traitors and betrayers of the Sinhala Nation will be held accountable for their misdeeds and brought to justice by the Sinhalese and their loyalist regardless of ethnicity.

Bravo! Mike Opatha! Your courage is Synonymous with that of a true Patriotic Son Of Lanka and let there be many more of you!


Ranil Wickremasinghe, who are you trying to cheat? Not me! Not any Sri Lankan with half a brain!
Mike Opatha (LankaWeb - 29/08/02)





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