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By Dr Eric Wimalaweera, Sydney, Australia

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He claims, ‘When suddas left Tamils were the majority in east until they were chased away by the UNP / SLFP Governments’. This is a total fabrication of the truth. Tamils have never been a majority in the East or ruled any part of the East of Sri Lanka. Never means never at all.

As far as the East is concerned the writer attempts to deceive the readers either through ignorance or assumes that the readers are fools. I invite him at least to read Dr .K.M .de Silva-Sri Lanka's foremost historian-. In his book on "the Traditional Homelands of the Tamils", based on historical factors he says " The Eastern Province whether in the form it was in the period 1832- 1873 or in its present form consist of territories which were integral parts of the Kandyan kingdom. Most of the Eastern seaboard had never been part of the short lived Jaffna kingdom". The Tamils have no acceptable claims for exclusive rights either in the North or the East. The mythical claim of their homeland in the North and the East is based on inferior complex of racist Tamils who have no 'country' to call their's and on terrorist philosophy to create a dream to galvanise poor people to make them fight for a goal. The racist Tamils like the writer have even gone to the extent of creating a Tamil race inclusive of Muslims saying loudly that they are part of the 'Tamil speaking community". The truth is that historically, culturally and demographically the East remains a non-Tamil area.

I am not going to even talk any more about Tamil ownership claim for the East of Sri Lanka which was ruled by the Sinhalese kings through out the history until colonisation but wish to quote the following extracts from the book "Ancient Jaffna" written by a Tamil, Mudaliyar C Rasanayagam (1926).
Page 384
"That Jaffna was occupied by the Sinhalese earlier than by the Tamils is seen not only in the place names of Jaffna, but also in some of the habits and customs of the people. The system of branding cattle with the communal brand by which not only the caste but also the position and the family of the owner could be traced, was peculiarly Sinhalese. The very ancient way of wearing the hair in the form of a konde behind the head.....The women's fashion of dressing their cloth across their breasts and mens of wearing their tufts of hair on the side of the head, as was the custom in Jaffna, were introduced by the Malabar immigrants."

Page v (Foreward)
" Dr. S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar of the Madras University writing on 29.8.1926 the Foreword to Ancient Jaffna by Mudaliyar C. Rasanayagam says: "The attempt of the author to derive the name Ilam does not appeal to us as quite successful; Ilam to us seems to be directly derived from the Pali word Sihalam, which in Tamil would be Singalam or even Singanam, but a strict Tamilising would make it Ilam...." Ancient Jaffna-Mudaliyar C Rasanayagam (Foreword p. v.).

Page 250
" Some others are of the opinion that 'Yalpanam' is the Tamil adaptation of the Sinhalese name 'Yapane', which like many other Sinhalese names of places in the district existed prior to the Tamil occupation......It is not at all surprising to see the name appearing in Sinhalese and Indian works earlier than in Tamil writings in Jaffna, for it appears that the application of the name for the whole district did not become popular among the inhabitants until the Portuguese period."

Page 190
" In the early days when buddhism flourished in North Ceylon, the outlying islands off the coast of Jaffna contained important monasteries and viharas... "

Above is only few quotes from the book to prove that Sinhalese were the inhabitants of even the Northern peninsula including Jaffna many many years prior its occupation by Tamils. Of course if Mudaliyar C Rasanayagam was alive, your VP would have passed the death sentence upon him for revealing the truth. As you have stated in your article Raja Raja Cholan who lived in Tamil Nadu invaded Sri Lanka (may be with the Tiger flag) and Tamil settlements even in the North commenced only after his invasion.

Your have stated ‘Even during peak of Rathu Sahodaraya violence (in late 1980s) no economic embargo was in place for JVP areas in the south.’ You should accept the fact that Rathu Sahodarayas or the JVP never built bunkers or used Jonny Battas during their uprising and therefore there was no necessity in imposing an embargo on items that were used to construct bunkers or Jonny Battas.
I agree with what you have stated about the corrupt politicians but remember that the outcome was ‘no one had won the war’ and not ‘LTTE won the war’. Hence the truth would be ‘If uncorrupted politicians take over and hand over the war to capable Generals, elimination of the LTTE would be only a matter of time.
You are worried about a gentleman’s comments about the Tiger flag. Of course, a unitary state has to be under one flag, which is the Sri Lankan flag. Even if king Sangiliyan used the Tiger flag during the period of invasion in Jaffna or the Tiger is the vehicle of the Hindu god, it is the Sri Lankan flag that could fly in any part of Sri Lanka.
If you have read the history of Sri Lanka, you would have come across many instances where the country has faced invasions, had huge set backs but remember that the Sinhalese would never allow their motherland protected by their ancestors to be divided. Be it, North, East or South, they will tolerate to coexist with all races but no division would be allowed at any cost.
The writer should understand that it is not a case of racist Tamils and terrorists having the authority to rule the North and the East as their traditional homelands etc but the basic right of taking required steps to prevent a mono-ethnic, terrorist state being created using Tamil Tiger arms. The corrupt Sri Lankan politicians and partisan Norwegians and others may try to 'legitimise' terrorism and racism of Tamils. But, 70% of the Sinhala population backed by the democratic forces nationally and internationally will defeat the creation of the Rouge State. It is the democratic right to defeat this criminal gang.

Dr Eric Wimalaweera


By D.Manoharan (LankaWeb - 20/11/02)


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