Prof. Hudson McLean

First the illegal Taxation, Post Offices, Banks, Law Courts, Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, demarcated territories, Importation without permits, and the list runs the length and the breadth of the Island.

The latest move by the LTTE/TTT to arrest a SLG soldier is a testing of the waters. And the stamina of the authority of the SLDF and the SLG.

Is the commander of the army, Lieutenant General Lionel Balagalle, intending to take orders from a WANTED and a convicted criminal, who is hiding behind trees?

Or from a Prime Minister who is acting like a performing monkey dancing to the tunes of the LTTE/TTT?

“Get out of Jaffna!” says the LTTE/TTT, today. After that, “Move out of the NE?” Then what? Will the terrorists feel sorry for the Sinhala and let them shack up at the Southern tip of Sri Lanka?

“Kick the Generals out!” cries Dr. Anton Balasingham. Who the devil is he? He escaped from Sri Lanka through the back door in a fishing boat. Managed to get his British passport, by sheer luck of working as a lackey at the British Embassy. Married to a woman, who is sought by her native Australia. The Dingo specialised in killing tiny helpless infants by slinging their soft heads on to mud walls.

Both parties have accepted that the SLMM has the right to adjudicate on matters of conflict. But if and when they take a decision which is rational but seems more in favour of the SLG than the LTTE/TTT, the terrorists dispute the impartiality. Heads - LTTE Wins. Tails - SLG Loses.

The LTTE/TTT have acquired illegal claims to Sovereign property of Sri Lanka without a mandate from the Tamil population or any other legal justification. South Indian Tamil invaders, at certain occasions held on to Sri Lankan territories, until they were kicked back to Tamil Nadu, where even today over fifty million Tamils live. That is the legitimate Tamil homeland, across the Sri Lanka waters.

It is about time that the SLDF took charge of the security of Sri Lanka and take whatever action the SLDF deem fit to restore the Sovereignty of the Island.

Should the spineless leadership of the SLG still wishes to play the role of a shoeshine boy, the Executive President must rise to the challenge to over ride the limited authority of the SLG delegates.

Under such conditions, all political parties must observe their solemn duty to go before the electorate and beg the decision of the electorate, based on a referendum.

Should all the current Tamil political parties decide to keep out of going before the electorate, with the exception of the LTTE/TTT, assuming that the LTTE/TTT are eligible to enter as a recognised political party, then it is democratically correct to assume that the LTTE/TTT is the sole representative of the Tamil people in those areas.

Until such time, it is fair to consider that the LTTE/TTT are just an illegal, violent terrorist force, headed by an internationally WANTED convicted criminal.

During the next round of jolly discussions between the SLG “wets” and the LTTE/TTT thugs, Prof. G.L.Pieris, if he has got any backbone, should demand that the terrorists lay down their arms, first, before any talks begin.

And for a start, RanilWm should kick his jackass Foreign Minister, the joker who is trying to become the next Secretary General of United Nations, who calls a convicted and a WANTED criminal, a Sri Lankan “Patriot”.

Is this FM on some sort of hallucinatory pills or under medication for the mentally disturbed?

Tyronne Fernando will be lucky to get a job as a waiter at one of the UN restaurants, if he passes the security tests.

RanilWm should now stand up and decide to act like a true leader, if he is capable, and apply the same principles which President George W Bush laid down on Iraq.

Call the Tiger bluff!

Stand firm. Show the world, Who is in Charge!

And, Do not enter any Tamil toilets!


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