Can The Sri Lankan Goverment Really Gamble On Concessions To LTTE

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As Lankans around World watch in disbelief at the Ruling UNF 's callous dismantling of the fabric of National Security set in place by the previous Regime or heading towards it, one thing is becoming alarmingly lucid, which is the exultation of the LTTE and its supporters becoming more and more open in their assertions of goals and ideals.Their news engines have augmented their levels of bravado in their declarations that they are well on their way towards accomplishing their goals for secession, have their own army and acceptance as non terrorists projecting their right to exist despite the hue and cry against International Terrorism currently being hoisted as a very newsworthy item for primetime broadcasts by the BBC and the likelihood that proscriptions and bans set in place previously being reversed based on the projection of the Ranil Wickremasinghe Administration's empathies towards them vividly portrayed as a distinct possibility.

The dangerous gambit being pursued by the New Administrations falls short of inviting the LTTE to re- establish their resources and granting them free acces into previously prohibited areas in a gesture of what they see as goodwill with little consideration to the reprisals that could in all likelihood follow in the event of a breakdown of communications, as there has been no talk of de-commissioning weapons and to the contrary the BBC just days ago depicted vividly the so called fire power of whom they term the"Most Dangerous Terrorist Group In the World' whose danger has been felt mainly by innocent unarmed civilians as the record shows and subsequently contained to a degree by the prudent counter measures taken by the Armed Forces.The BBC also documented the group of women soldiers as part of the LTTE who curiously showed reluctance to being disbanded due to what they beleived was a job loss situation with little consideration towards a lasting peace!

There is little doubt that what the present Administration sees as a necessary evil which needs to be appeased and tolerated as a viable entity representing the Tamil Community is being seen through impaired vision where there is little need to look beyond the activities of Anton Balasingham in the UK blatantly attempting to assert the rights of the LTTE through veiled death threats to LTTE opponents the world over and particularly within Sri Lanka.

The Administration's erratic path towards peace has been highlighted by the many recent conflicts between the Army and the Police in different views and perspectives on National Security and the Tug of War which has resulted and the huge embarrassments which have followed such as the Athurugiriya SafeHouse incident where crack specialized undercover operatives deserving to be decorated for their bravery and dedication have been subjected to indignities due to the mismanagement of their superiors which has been thought secretly to have been instigated by the LTTE who set it up to discredit the Armed Forces which now appears to be a distinct possibility as there have been subsequent attacks by the LTTE on personnel exposed through the incident brought on by the new Administration's insecurities and fears of a non-existent Coup attempt.

There are many cautions being issued to the Administration by Religious Leaders, Opposition Parties and concerned citizens of the land who firmly believe that in order to acheive a lasting peace there is little need to compromise National Security which seems to be the essence of the UNF approach towards peace as they fail to see the reality of the dangerous nature of whom they are dealing with, regardless of secret deals and memorandums of understanding which could hardly be justified if the past attrocities committed by the LTTE are to be taken into consideration.They are very capable of exploiting any opportunities presented as a result of the guard being dropped literally as has been the case on many an occasion with dire consequences and on the reverse side of the equation, opportunities by the Security Forces to consolidate and secure major areas of LTTE weaknesses have been lost while ignoring their recent arms build ups and recruitment programs which are being swept under the carpet on Government directives more than likely. Incentives which were lost also due to total mismanagement as a result of being overly speculative which seems to be the exact nature of the Government's present mentality.

Can the Sri Lankan Government really afford to take the gamble in granting concessions to the LTTE rather than the Tamil Community whom they misrepresent in reality and how would they compensate for what could be a fatal error in the event of an unpredictable turnaround of renewed LTTE violence through a breakdown of communications?


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