Writer Responses Very Encouraging But Spare The President Please, And Go After The Real Culprits!

Gemunu Kumara Vijithapura ( Team of Global Sinhala Village) For LankaWeb

Recent writer responses such as those by Upul Ranasingha and Max the Patriotic Burgher display deep concerns about Administrative Faux Pas' and are very relevant to the state of affairs within the Nation but need a few pointers which should ease the bias they have displayed towards Madam President whom they seem to place the sole burden of responsibility which seems rather unfair.

True enough many errors of judgement have been made during the course of a complex Administrative process within the land which is not something which has cropped up overnight but has unfolded over decades since independence from the British and to blame the President for Sri Lanka's woes would be a contradiction of reality as it is painfully obvious that the present Prime Minister and the fallout of the Uncle Nephew Syndrome aligned to the interpretation of what the UNP stands for and has done so for generations are much more responsible for Sri Lanka's woes than any other political entity over the past two decades.Theirs is not an unblemished record and there are statistics to prove it.

Blaming also the President's father who could be titled the Founding Father of Sinhala Dignity amongst other things! makes little sense, as he was a man of near Gandhian integrity, wit and intelligence who almost singlehandedly stood up to British dominance and fought for Sri Lanka's Independence. Although at times the advice and support of his caucases may not have provided the resolutions needed to augment the needs of the Nation, something bound to happen in any political dynasty as is the case even today, he never betrayed the Nation to its enemies and something the Sinhala Nation should be proud of.

References to"sinking down to the last vestiges of human behaviour decency and national pride" (quite a mouthful!) indeed seems an alarmingly apparent reality present in the land today and sadly represented at many levels of society including the confines of the Houses of Parliament and a moral responsibility of collective governing, law enforcement and the consciousness of the people but when these areas are interfered with at the highest level quite naturally the mayhem which one sees and has been illustrated by the recent submissions refered to, follows.

The errors of judgement of both the UNP and the PA span decades of previous Administrations and as the writers point out could have had a tremendous beneficial effect on the Nation's Development had they been avoided but unfortunately in Sri Lanka, appointment to political high office in the case of many is construed as an invitation to petty theivery and misappropriation of the coffers and high handed decision making of a very intimidatory nature and of such is the legacy left behind each time an Administration changes hands which is a cause for chagrin. The revenge factor too has contributed to the instability of the political infrastructure with the many ursurpings of high offices through commissions of inquiry and a revoking of commissions which at times have been questionable and seems a natural order in Sri Lankan Politics.

However the following exerpt can hardly be disagreed with bearing in mind that both the UNP and PA can be condemed thus and needs immediate addressing in quoting," The rampant corruption, amongst those who have by deception, common criminal behavior, political intimidation and thuggery have blinded the Nation and future of many young generations to come and the past two generations too. What is most blinding in all this, is these utterly corrupt people have gone to Kandy to receive the "blessings" of the key Buddhist clergy before and during their time in these various positions. Where is the courage of the present day religious leaders? end quote, and the blemishes within the statement which need corrections are relative to the criticism of the Buddhist clergy and placing a lesser responsibility of guilt on the PA who have at all times have singlemindedly had the best interests of the Sinhala Nation at heart, never intending to betray it to its enemies.Unfortunately it too was prone to human error.

That the LTTE could have been history a long time ago is conjecture based purely on the speculation that there could have been a Military Solution to the problem but then again let it not be forgotten that leaders such as Presidents J.R Jayawardena and R. Premadasa on many occassions deliberately chose to abort missions which seemed on the edge of wiping out the LTTE and regardless of whether or not it was the Indian Threat at the time or a pursuance of their own personal gain the rest is history as the LTTE still exists as a formidable enemy.There may be however an interesting prologue to the PA's contribution towards bypassing their opportunity towards annihilating the LTTE and involving the astute leadership Major Janaka Perera who was thought by many analyst as the one person capable of the task albeit a gnawing consciousness of names such as the revered late Major Denzil Kobbekaduwa also coming to mind but that again is conjecture.

However one can but respond in sadness and in total agreement and to the following excerpt. quoting "Being a Burgher, I am deeply in love with my land and people, speaking the Sinhala language and even dressing in sarong, much to the criticisms and being ostracized by my own community. Also by many of the "Colombo Walawa Sinhala folks." How can we as a Nation allow over a period of twenty five years, stand by, be complacent and watch as over 70,000 fellow country men, women and children be killed, blasted, murdered, hacked to death. Have their properties forcefully taken, or destroyed, regardless of race, color and ethnicity? How can we have the most delusive "mind set" to tout ourselves as a Buddhist nation? Have we descended to a level of mindless insanity? Questions which more appropriately need to be asked of the UNF and Ranil Wickremasinghe rather than the President whose very wings they are attempting to clip unfortunately as she represents someone who may hold the key to the Sinhala Nation's eventual security.

In questioning thus? "Must the Sinhalese and Tamils who have keep silent and those who continue to foster such unparalleled "blood shed" not be held morally and judicially accountable? How did a utter psychotic murderer and his band of "brainwashed killers" come to represent or be permitted to represent by violence, Tamil folks? How can the Sinhalese people allow a corrupt "misguided walauwa mentality" of a few petty minded Sinhalese families bring this Nation of ours to this pathetic situation? As Mr. Ranasingha implies, let's not blame others, but rise up with courage as a Nation. Hold corrupt officials to accountability. Sell all property bought with money from the Nations coffers and then raise this noble flag of ours with humility and repentance" the true patriotism of the individuals asking the questions are displayed courageously and forthwith but which Administration must the questions be directed at?Hindsight suggest an onus on the UNF and an expectation of Presidential backing amidst National Cries Of "Save The Nation!".





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