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In the fertile imaginations probably as a result of declining years and connected senility in some cases, it is not surprising that individuals such as former Anglican Bishop Kenneth Fernando and Dr. Jebanesan the South Indian Diocese representative of Jaffna make bold statements to the effect that infamy is related to nobility.It is a common trait between those who pontificate on behalf of their 'flock' as leaders of a faith in an in advertently delivered homily to encompass all of humanity with goodness while distorting completely the dogmas of the Christian Faith to suit their own convictions and need to be exposed as false prophets!.

Both these individuals on different occassions have very regretably on behalf of the Anglican Christian Faith which is an offshoot of Roman Catholicism have called the condemned criminal Velupillai Prabhakaran a 'gentleman' and a 'patriot' as has the misguided Foreign Minister Tyrone Fernando recently and the inference is eventually the same.Statements of convenience in each case to suit their particular circumstances, in the cases of the gentlemen of the cloth, an expression of brevity perhaps in a metaphorical sense it is hoped based on subconscious ignorance regardless of their status and level of education and in the case of the Foreign Minister sheer stupidity.

In a melange of ecumenical confusion as the case appears to be,conceptual Christianity seems to have been confused into a plethora of views and idealogies offset against Christian Teachings and Principles and distorted beyond reality consequently infusing anger and retaliation from the Buddhist Community, leaderships and learned professors quite naturally at the analogies drawn between Prabhakaran and the circumstances which faced Jesus Christ in his worldly sufferings which merit no publicity and should be dispelled as a load of rubbish and should not result in a wedge being driven between the two faiths of Buddhism and Christianity.

It has to be illustrated that the condemnations of Jesus Christ, a good and just man as recorded was fabricated for the convenience of the Jewry whose understanding of the purpose of Christ's presence on earth as illustrated in Christian Dogma fell beyond their comprehension and belayed their identity in circumventing Judaism based on their wrongful interpretation and furthermore parabolic.

In the Case of Prabhakaran, the condemnations were based on the mans criminality, ruthless cruelty and attrocities committed against his fellow human beings very visibly and it would be a feeble mind which draws any analogy between the two personas.

To however describe the irregularities of two errant religious leaders as Anglo Saxon Hegemony would be carrying the paranoia a bit too far against an Institution such as the Christian Church in Sri Lanka which has also existed for centuries after the Portuguese, Dutch and British Colonial periods and has propagated much good towards calm and peace within the land over a period of time and in a democratic sense unless there was criminality proven against any such intitution and its leadership, it would be best that the animosity projected is tempered to a softness in tolerance of the great Buddhist Preachings which promote Ahimsa and the equality of all living creatures where forgiveness and the acceptance of whatever good which exists in any religion takes pride of place.

Bishops, Bishoprics however should confine themselves to the parameters of their calling and not overstep their bounds thereby incurring the wrath of their Nation which consists of a majority belonging to a religion which sometimes disagrees with the manner in which good may be imparted to the world in a different philosophical interpretation.It is imperative that tolerance is maintained nevertheless by all concerned.



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