Restructuring Of Defence Policy Apparatus By UNF To Exclude The President, Is Wishful Thinking.

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Wishful thinkng perhaps by the UNF Administration if reports of an attempt to legislate re-structuring of Defence Policy Apparatus has any credibility to it as not only will it be a travesty of justice for the Sinhala Nation and its minorities but it will also be an attempt to circumvent the existing Constitution and a near impossibility logically for the UNF who should never be given the mandate even idealogically for such an event to materialise. The UNF has subjugated itself to the LTTE and compromised the Security of Sri Lanka far too already. To even consider removal of the figurehead National Defence and the only semblance of real security for a Nation adrift in a sea of misgivings by the present Administration is near sacrileginous and a poor afterthought towards self preservation.

The Presidency which is the last bastion and a major contending force for the LTTE to deal with, whose powers if taken away even in some small measure would provide further dangerous access to their nefarious and devious advances thus far greatly curbed and restricted almost singlehandedly by the resolve of Sri Lanka's matriarchal Madame President for which the Nation has to be eternally thankful notwithstanding the past efforts of some fine Military Leaders some of whom have sadly but heroically gone to their rest and some removed apathetically and perhaps unscrupulously !!

Surely the motley crew of the present administration with its namby pamby policy makers, short of being would be betrayers of the Nation through their bungling manouvres would probably love to hand over further access to the LTTE ,of areas which they seem to have a foothold on and crow about incessantly about their self imposed rights as liberators of the Tamil Community and what better way to bolster the LTTE cacophony whether inadvertently or not, than to curb the Constitutionalised Powers of the President who has decided that any further concessions and security lapses involving the LTTE could mean disaster for Sri Lanka although Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cohorts seem to see it myopically and perhaps conveniently different!

Citing the' in draft' format which has not been ratified and hopefully never will be, in the best interests of the Sinhala Nation! The Higher Defence Control Act No.1 of 2003, The Sunday Times a Colombo based weekly has quoted unnamed officials of the Ranil Wickremesinghe Government as saying that "the draft Act is designed to give more powers to Parliament by enhancing the powers of the Defence Minister and taking away some of the existing powers of the President but a more misguided and inaccesible act for its sheer transparency towards compromising National Security there probably never was, as it violates the basic ennunciations and endorsements of the Ammended Constituiton of Sri Lanka which has vested the Power of Defence primarily as a Right of the Executive President Only and will not be a privilege for Parliament to phase out or discontinue as it will directly violate the 19th Ammendment and amounts to nothing more than conjecture which seems to be a speciality of this present Administration of dreamers!

Many are the contradictions which point in favour of the Act being snuffed out even before it may be presented unless there is a further ammendment to the Constitution to incorporate it (and presently there is no chance of the UNF ever succeeding in accomplishing this by sheer lack of votes) in Parliament to carry such a resolution.A Supreme Court Quashing would inevitably follow any such attempt and as has been the case for sometime now, the UNF barking will continue and a consternation to the Nation faced with greater priorities than UNF dissatisfaction of an issue which factually jeapordizes National Security.

The National and patriotic backing the Presidency needs to maintain her gritty stance in favour of Sri Lanka's defence from her visible enemies which the Prime Minister prefers to sweep under the carpet must be a consideration at all times to preserve Sri Lanka's Sovereign and Territorial Integrity which the Wickremasinghe Administration is more than likely to squander if given the opportunity!

An Administration which has made several attempts to curb the President's powers through legislation, and has talked of impeaching her and dissolving of parliament and holding elections as the bickering continues through the UNF's inability to cohabit with the President who carries with her the sole mandate to secure Sri Lanka in a time of need and perhaps another opportunity to consider as the best option for an all party unity which would dispel all LTTE motivations towards their own ends and consolidate the Security of the Nation within its legal and constitutional infrastructure.


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