Lands Minister Rajitha Senaratna Makes Ridiculous Demand For A Sinhala Nation's Apology To the Tamil Community Forgetting his Ethnicity Status And The Composure Of The LTTE?

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Lands Minister Rajitha Senaratna one of the more controversial members of the Ranil Wickremasinghe Cabinet has once again indulged in one of his many ego trips which has directed him along a rather erratic path and probably is the reason for his garbled statement to the BBC demanding that the Sinhala Nation apologize to the Tamil Community for what they LTTE term the Black July Uprisings of 1983.

The confusion related contradictions in his statement to the Sinhala Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation - Sandeshaya depicts Senaratna in very poor light as a patriotic Sinhalese and as usually has been overly melodramatic, sometimes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous where he has called the former PA Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar a (Tamil by birth) 'A Sinhala Racist ' for his affiliations with the SLFP while demanding an apology to the Tamil Community and the apology which he is demanding incidentally is for the Black July Anti Tamil uprisings which in fact transpired during the tenure of his own party the UNP during a previous UNP regime as he seems to have all his facts mixed up together with the simplest interpretations of ethnic definition!

Perhaps it is Mr. Senaratna himself who owes an apology to the Sinhala Nation on his obstreperous outburst about the morals of racial tension which were propagated to great intensity through the errors of judgement by the founders of his own ruling party the UNF then UNP and without the proper facts and decorum needed to address such a sensitive issue should learn to put up or shut up.
He has been misnomered as a 'Powerful Cabinet Minister' by certain factions of the newsmedia and powerful probably by virtue of his vocal chords and the many occassions he has had the nerve to stand up to the President in his pesky irritable manner where the President has always been conciliatory and classy in her responses to puerile outbursts such as those of Mr. Senaratna who should contain his emotions to accomodate the principles and beliefs of the great Sinhala Nation which he could easily be cast out of in the manner of a pariah if he keeps up such sentiments for much longer!

Mr Lakshman Kadirgamar happens to be one of the highest respected human beings recognized Internationally and throughout Sri Lanka as a man of vision, courage and integrity for all his accomplishments as a politician, analyst and mediator and for Mr.Senaratna to denigrate him is shameful on behalf of the ethnic community to which he belongs and a community which certainly does not collectively or otherwise endorse such outbursts!

In quoting the well known news reports of accomplished Feature Journalist and Political commentator Mr. Walter Jayawardena whose sources of information are impeccable, it has been reported that "If Senaratne's statement were to be taken seriously, the political guru of the present Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe , the late J.R. Jayewardene who wiped out all other contending parties in the party for the leadership and placed Ranil Wickremesinghe at the head of the waiting line strictly on nepotism for the leadership of the UNP should be held responsible for the "Black July" Riots." wnd quote But his party, according to his myopic interpretations still ruling the country should not apologize since it was different from the UNP of the yesteryear immediately labelling a double standard and a contradiction where he seems to have taken a page from the expressions of the LTTE to whom he very aptly appears to be playing the role of bucket carrying sychopant much in the manner of his colleague Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena who recieved a rude welcome of intimidatory thuggery recently by LTTE supportive University Students on a visit to Jaffna together with a high ranking official of the European Union!.

An interesting aspect of for the record with indelible reality is that riots of July 1983 brought into focus by Mr. Senaratna was sparked off by rioters provoked by 13 dead bodies of the Sri Lanka Army soldiers killed by the LTTE in the North and brought to Colombo for a mass burial at the Kanatte Cemetery by the J. R. Jayewardene regime.

There have been near proven allegations that some of Jayewardene's Ministers instigated the riots with an incidence of Political Thuggery, which was rampant during the J.R Jayawardena era and continued further into the Premadasa years . As a disgusting fall out of these ignominious foundations of infamy, it stands out today that Members of the ruling UNF as well as their counterparts of other regimes also have proved their capabilities in acting with total impunity and high handedness in assaulting Police Officers, Senior Government Officials and whomsoever they deem fit who are invariably from opposition factions at the worst contested levels of political rivalry which seems somewhat indigenous to many developing nations sadly and Sri Lanka being no exception nevertheless!. They have undisputably been also linked with murders of politicians within their own ruling clan and of the Opposition Parties.

There certainly seems to be apologies in order for UNP related lapses in recent times which once began with the dismantling the Army check points from Vauniya downwards. In July 1983, when late President J.R. Jayawardena who would fit the role of a modern day Nero, powerful President of Sri Lanka that he was, continued sleeping perhaps fiddling also! ( if the expression is applied ambiguously) for days, while UNP mobs aided and abetted by the notorious late Mr.Cyril Mathew and other UNP 'goondas' went on a frenzied rampage which led to carnage, resulting in the loss of life, limb and collossal property damage to the minority Tamils and the Nation burned from Jaffna to Dondra Head. On two consecutive days, Tamil Prisoners were brutally hacked to death or maimed. An eventual curfew though imposed seemed a little too late. The damage had been done and Sri Lanka was further dragged to a never ending war with the Terrorist LTTE.

It seems incongruous that the whole Sinhala Nation according to Mr. Rajitha Senaratna should now ask for a pardon from the Tamils where in reality it should be the UNP who should condescend and relent their past sins and perhaps offer the pardon to the Tamil Community so impassionedly sought by Mr.Senaratna and in turn demand from the Tamil Terrorists and their collaborators, restitution and compensation for the attrocities committed by them in the name of Eelam which has caused far greater damage to a Sovereign Independent Nation than all of the Armed Forces engagements assigned to what was a constitutional right in protecting Sri Lankas's Territorial and Sovereign Integrity.

There have been unconfirmed reports that Mr.Rajitha Senaratne was allegedly given a leading position in the ruling United National Party strictly for his anti-Sinhala idealism, by the current leader of the party Ranil Wickremesinghe who was also alleged at the time to be secretly negotiating with the rebel group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam the LTTE.

Mr.Wickremasinghe has also been accused of authoritarian rule within his party where he was not cordially disposed towards pro-Sinhala UNP politicians and that there have been examples of nationalistic Sinhala fervour within the UNP being purged and eliminated and prominent politicians subjected to career ending crunches

A final Bulletin which sounds very plausible suggests that Mr. Rajitha Senaratne has in fact helped his close leader Wickremesinghe in his palaverings with the Tamil rebel group, LTTE who have impassed the teetering Peace Talks while staring directly at the LTTE's constant clandestine gearing for war which carries more of a verbal threat and deemed ignorable by virtue of default against the International Accords against terrorism.

A critical stage of the new political relationship has however arrived with a loss of face to himself as well as the UNF Administration when under the pressure of the rebel group Mr.Rajitha Senaratne has had to cancel an official visit to attend to land matters in Trincomalee, which the rebel group is planning to make their 'capital 'after they 'separate' the Northern and Eastern Provinces from the rest of Sri Lanka which of course is pure conjecture.

Tamil Tiger spokesperson Sampanthan in a most reprehensible manner refering to the latest Government proposals is quoted as saying"We cannot accept any hasty decision taken regarding land related problems in the Trincomalee District at a time when all attempts are made to take forward the Peace Process and serious consideration is given to the establishment of an interim administrative structure with adequate powers."This very proposed Interim Administrative Structure is presently on the verge of being rejected by the LTTE unless the necessary subjugations and capitulations to their advantage are incorporated in it.

Probably irrelevant to Mr. Senaratna's demand for a Sinhala Nation's apology to the Tamil Community but very relevant when considering the arrogance of the LTTE to whom pussyfooting by the likes of Senaratna seem to come naturally while also invoking the laughter of the Sinhala Nation in so doing



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