More Lies And Innuendos Will Surely Follow After This Latest Attack On The Navy.The Monitors Might As Well Pack Up And Leave!

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The world in bated breath awaits what the Norwegian Monitoring Mission comes up with this time around on the latest attack by the LTTE on Navy Vessel Lanka Muditha.Might they suggest it was a flotilla of lost US Marines adrift from the Iraq War or a Sea Tiger exercise which took on what they conceived to be a dummy vessel? Whatever the case may be there are many willing to speculate the possibility of another cover up by the cross eyed Norwegian Monitors probably counting their days before being sent packing back to Norway shamefaced at the lied and innuendos they have been creating as a partisan shield for the LTTE.

Lanka Muditha with over 1200 Navy Personnel on board In the North Eastern sector off Trincomalee was en route to their base in Jaffna as a Vessel manned by terrorists attacked.The Nation applauds the efforts of the Brave Sailors of the Sri Lankan Navy who have shown great resilience to the illegal attacks on them by the LTTE in a campaign intended to ursurp The nation's Territorial Integrity and confuse the ruling party's jurisdiction on territorial waters where the LTTE no longer have free access.By this token the Navy in full display of its authority has thwarted the attacking vessel and destroyed it.The reports coming in thus far are tatty although there seems to be no doubt that the attackers were of LTTE origin.

This incident together with two previous incidents involving an unidentified rebel vessel and a Chinese Fishing Trawler are a stark reminder of the extent to which the LTTE continue their unabated arrogance in complete disregard of the so called Peace Process which their protagonists continue at the bargaining table level in a display of theatrics tantamount to the best thespianism displayed under cover of their guerrila activities which they have pledged to shun and its about time their activities were taken note of, knocked down and counted out!

In the meantime there are many speculations about how the LTTE might react to this latest attrocity against the democratic naval powers of Sri Lanka where it has even been suggested that the LTTE could very possibly deny outright their involvement in the attack and perhaps even cite the Chinese as being responsible in retaliation for their recent losses in a case of mistaken identity but it will not detract from the reality that the LTTE high handedness continues based upon the singlemost rationale that they have been granted far too much leniency and concessions through the Peace Process which now has to be either reviewed objectively in restoring order or trashed inauspiciously with a view towards finding another option of similar intent without the compromises which seem to taken for granted as the terrorists still continue to roam free and unabated.

The contingent of carefree truce monitors continue their paid vacation hardly blinking an eye to the happenings under their very noses as a Scandinavian Monitor is reported as having been on a craft in the vicinity of this latest incident although thus far there has been no official report filed on behalf of their monitoring mission which might as well pack up and head for home rather than carving out a huge slice of the taxpayers's money for naught!

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