IA Proposals of LTTE - a Deed for an ethnic Real Estate without encumbrances

Dr Nath Amarakone President - ESP

From the preliminary news reports , it is clear that the LTTE is now stopping short of a Separate State but wants an Independent Administration under a freehold lease of one third of the country to carry on the fascist occupation that they have indulged in under the Norwegian MOU. They have asked for a five year lease as the sole owners to be followed with an assurance that the situation will improve beyond this period.
The negotiating Norwegians have accomplished their cesarean task They may withdraw their team from the country especially after the President picked up courage to sent out the SLMM leader away.. This leaves the UNF government to get themselves cooked in the soup they made out for themselves and for the Sinhalese.
Whether IA proposals amount to the creation of a separate Estate or State in totally immaterial. The one third of the country which they have been claiming for a long time using the most violent terrorist tactics is included in the claim . The government seems to be bent on a discussion based on this preliminary draft. Now that the LTTE has clearly placed on paper what they intend as peace proposals, and said that the failure to accept them would amount to a declaration of war, what is left for discussion is whether the right to smuggle all the needs of the rest of Sri Lanka, is to be included as a gift, as a traditional occupation of the Velvettithurai gangsters. Comprising the LTTE.
If the IA is a starting point in the creation of an ethnic Tamil Real Estate whether you call it Eelam or Tamil Land or anything else, it is time that all Sinhalese get together and decide on the core issues flowing from the IA proposals.
If the LTTE goes on to create the ethnically Tamil Real Estate even outside the Constitution, what are the boundaries of the property divested to the LTTE ?. The LTTE has shown interest in taking up the Central province Estates and Wellawatta real estates too within their administration in their recent discussions with Arumugam Thondaman and Mono Ganeshan recently.
This forces the Sinhalese to decide whether the part of the country left out by the LTTE from the deed is going to be ethnically Sinhalese, a belated revival of Sinhale Kingdom lost to us after 1815, and to give the fifth column Tamils and their cohorts of LTTE a chance to get out. This also places the rest of the Tamil speaking people living in Sinhale to choose whether they are to accept the fascist LTTE regime in the North and East and migrate there or to stay with the Sinhalese in Sinhale and be Sinhalese.
The Mahanayakas and major Buddhist Organisations , ACBC, YMBA, must wake up as well as they have some interests in the Buddhist heritage of the North and East.
On our part, we invite the Sinhalese leaders and followers trapped in the multicultural UNP, SLFP, JVP, MEP, who claim to represent the Sinhalese in Parliament to call a meeting with all the Sinhala Organisations in the country to decide on the wider issues involved in the LTTE proposals before there is chaos in the country. Certainly the President with all the powers she enjoys, can take the lead.
We invite our readers and members of the public to contact their members of Parliament and urge them to take up the matters immediately -or forfeit their rights and privileges before they are stripped by the LTTE.

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