An Aftermath To Norway's Foreign Minister's Negative Response To The President's Request To Expel SLMM Leader Tellefsen!

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The probailities of greater opposition needed to repel and reject the Norwegian Peace Monitors in Sri Lanka appear to be surfacing as a reality as the JVP have already demanded that the Presidents call to discontinuance should not single out the SLMM Leader Tryggve Tellefsen alone. Sri Lanka's second largest opposition party the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna has justifiably demanded immediate banishment of the whole Norwegian Peace Mission while disagreeing in principle that the President's move to remove only the head of the mission is insufficient considering the gravity of what amounted to a disruption of a Security Forces Operation tantamount to espionage where the entire tream probably needs to be apprehended and tried for breaching Sri Lankan Legal Statutes in order to facilitate an illegal LTTE arms smuggling attempt. The JVP concept seems to have overwhelming support according to the mood within the country that Norway has overstepped requirements and objectives and time to be ejected from further involvement while the guilty parties involved in the incident involving the Navy probably need investigating.

In such a scenario, probably being on diplomatic status the SLMM are more than likely to plead immunity in which case they should be sent back to where they came from regardless of the protocol involved and exposed as lawbreakers with no entitlements towards any restitution and no compromises exonerating them and better served with marching orders which they have been promoting for themselves for a long time!

The cacophony of the Norwegian Foreign Minister appears to be a cover towards justifying a huge wrongdoing by a Norwegian Government representative involved in the Sri Lankan Peace Process and probably based upon the confidences expressed recently by Prime Minister Wickremasinghe who seemed to believe erronrously that the Norwegians had an unconditional mandate to exercise their will in the Peace Initiative and a matter of conjecture on his part as he has the Sinhala Nation to deal with in deciding this issue!!!!! Wickremasinghe has no mandate towards deciding that Norway is 'Judge, Jury and Executioner' of the Peace Process as he seems to have implied.

It has been aptly put by JVP leader Wimal Weerawansa that the aim of the SLMM was not to install peace in Sri Lanka but to assist the LTTE towards the division of the country which is becoming more and more obvious where that facts and figures bear simple testimony to the degree of bias the SLMM present in this direction despite their pretended good intentions where the question might be asked "So What Do The Norwegians Stand To Gain Out Of All Their Bi-Partisan Tactics In Favour Of The LTTE ?" where the answer more than likely lies in a hidden agenda involving Norway's LTTE supportive Tamil population and the whys and wherefores buried in the deep recesses of the Norwegian Government's mounting dilemmas involving the diaspora of Tamils within Norway with the odd exceptions according to reliable information but unwilling to admit to!

That Norway's Foreign Minister Jan Petersen has had the affront to oppose the requests of Sri Lankan President Mme. Chandrika Kumaratunga's demand to sack the SLMM leader Tellefsen in the face of the verifiable evidence of his team's complicity with the LTTE and boldly deem it as interference through his unbecoming gesticulating at Sri Lanka's President and Head of State while warning her that this kind of interference in her own country might have serious consequences in the country's peace move and Norway's role in it ( By request only and a revokable one at that! ) seems a high handed and ignorant assumption with seditious undertones to it which Norways Foreign Minister Petersen has no entitlement to while probably being a breach of International Law if it was to be pursued and an miscarriage of his responsibilities in high office! Perhaps an apology is in order too though denials are also likely to follow!

The Norwegian Foreign Minister in his somewhat presumptious response to President Chandrika Kumaratunga's complaint about the head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission being partial to the country's separatist rebel group and behaving in a manner detrimental to Sri Lanka's territorial integrity and security interests seems officious, totally out of order. intolerable and irresponsible.

While it was accountable through their own admission that the SLMM had leaked information to the LTTE of the whereabouts of a Sri Lankan Navy Patrol in pursuit of a suspected illegal arms carrying vessel in an attempt to smuggle weapons to the country , questioned by the President while demanding the firing of the leader of the SLMM, evoking the harsh criticisms from the Norwegian Foreign Minister, it appears to be an attempt on his part to sweep under the carpet the very serious implication that using the information transmitted by the SLMM to the LTTE the vessel transporting arms disappeared, preventing the Navy to carry out its duty to apprehend it for investigation for which the SLMM leader rightfully needs to be held responsible..

The revelation that the SLMM had in fact warned off the LTTE (whether inadvertently or not, immaterial as the end result was academic and provided a getaway for the suspected vessel!) was proven beyond doubt when the SLMM admitted to having relayed a message to their Headquarters, describing the incident as it was taking place. When the SLMM Headquarters in turn 'questioned ' the LTTE as to whether it was in fact one of their vessels, being pursued by the Sri Lankan Navy the scene was set for the vessel's getaway much to the chagrin of the Sri Lankan Navy and the President's response natural!

It must be remembered that it was on President Chandrika Kumaratunga's request , that Norway, a country which had given sanctuary to LTTE rebels after compounding an already complex situation involving Arab - Israeli relations and withdrawing from a previously failed peace brokering attempt in the Middle East, became Peace Brokers ( not implementors or executors ) of Sri Lanka despite great opposition by many perceptive Sri Lankans that it was an imprudent move, the reality of which seems to be proving true as a result of the sheer arrogance of Norwegian Foreign Minister acting as though Sri Lanka was under his jurisdiction by the tone of his facetious warnings to the President of Sri Lanka and implying that the SLMM could act at will despite how incriminating the evidence is, that their officials are biased towards the LTTE eliciting the accolade from LTTE supportives that the dubious SLMM leader is a former Norwegian Commander and that the President's request to dump him a 'tirade against his respected reputation!

Perhaps time appropriate for Sri Lanka to bear cognizance to the reality that Norway's involvement in the Peace Process could prove more detrimental and harmful towards her progress than any consequential benefit and that the ever present danger of granting secession to the LTTE could easily manifest itself through Norway's interference as opposed to the accusations against the President who has stood firm in hers assertions that Norway has interfered in the security operations of Sri Lanka.

The team of Kookaburras' in the form of Prime Minister Wickremasinghe and the Chief Peace Negotiator G.L. Peiris joining in the raucuous commentary of Norway's Foreign Minister in criticizing the President's demands to have Tryggve Tellefsen removed from the Peace Process seems to display sadly the degree to which the present Administration is prepared to palaver and pander to the LTTE who must now be laughing louder than any Kookaboora in any Outback at the relative ease with which the facilitations of Norway and The UNF are proving to be facilitations towards their own agenda which the President recognizes as being no laughing matter where it is now upto her perhaps to join all opposition to condemn the entire SLMM and banish them to their inherant existence with no further involvement in Sri Lankan Peace for which Tenders might be drawn to select a successor if necessary!!

As the Commander in Chief of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces President Kumaratunga has ordered all commanders of the Security Forces not to deal with the head of the SLMM who is accused of siding with the LTTE rebel forces and perhaps a step in the right direction towards informing Norway that their involvement in the Peace Process is fast becoming questionable!



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