The Wickremasinghe Betrayal Of The Sinhala Nation

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Let this be an eye opener to an unsuspecting Sinhala Nation!.Ranil Wickremasinghe could turn out to be a worse megalomaniac than even the infamous Prabhakaran as it is obvious by the developments of the Peace Process and the role the UNF are presently playing that in collaboration with the Tamil Tigers that he is eyeing the Presidency where the end to all Democracy within Sovereign Sri Lanka would be an eventuality through a possible dictatorship which will not only strangle the Sinhala Nation to a slow death but will probably see a surge of rebel Tamil insurgent activity hitherto unseen in the history of Sri Lanka.That is unless a contrite Wickremasinge relents and turns about face to which objective indications are not favourable.Hw has been known in the past for his two faced ambiguities on many an occassion bwing a smooth opportunistic operator!

What has happened to the principle of self respect and self preservation of the Sinhalese led Administration one asks when looking at the latest moves of Ranil Wickremasinghe where The Betrayal Of A Nation is signed in capital letters and unwinding before the very eyes of the Sinhalese people.Should not any individual wretched enough to stoop so low with hardly a consideration gor his heritage be deposed, condemned and taken out of office before diaster envelops the Sinhala Nation? Is it not a point for the President to ponder upon and cause enough to intervene in quelling the venal ambitions of a single power hungry individual capable of surely effacing all respectability relative to the Sovereignity of the Nation which has stood intact for centuries and belong exclusively to the Sinhalese? And should it not be imparted swiftly ?

What business has Wickremasinghe and his associates to authorize The Voice of the Tigers, the former clandestine broadcasting station of the terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to start broadcasting to a Nation which is not interested in their measly propaganda which will by any consensus if permitted, slowly but surely change into a propagation of their quest for eelam and secession related policies and one of an anti-Sinhalese flavour much in the manner of the Vietcong broadcasts in Vietnam during the American invasion of Vietnam.The broadcasting station’s former policy of demoralizing the fighting forces of Sri Lanka would be the base for many of its broadcasts in the future in greater form and manifestation, many analysts predict beyond a semblance of doubt. Should it not be effectively quashed for the sake of posterity?

The Voice of the Tigers (VoT) has already made public that it has commenced test broadcasts with FM broadcasting equipment, the terrorist group imported with the help of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s office and Colombo’s Norwegian Embassy. As a fallout to this the President has taken up the cause on behalf of the Sinhala Nation and has expressed her dissatisfaction and opposition to the bi-partisanNorwegian involvement.

It must be stressed however that protestations at this stage might be insufficient and actions within her jurisdiction of a more stringent nature now need to be viewed as an option not only as a preventive measure on behalf of the Nation but also a move necessary to assert her authority as the sole commander of the Territorial Integrity and Sovereignity of Sri Lanka. Ranil Wickremasinghe's theatrics can no longer be tolerated and must be conveyed to the Nation emphatically.Norway has made a cardinal error in exposing its real objective behind their involvement with Sri Lanka's on going conflict with the LTTE and has overstepped its conditional parameters in going a bit too far with pro LTTE manouvres and favouritisms which have exposed their real intent and points towards ambiguity!! Norway must be booted out of Peace Process involvement immediately and remembering the disastrous consequences of a former Norway involvement in the Middle East which has projected and compounded the complicated state of affairs between the Palestinian and Jewish Communities as an example and as a consideration towards the well being of the Nation the adage "Better Safe Than Sorry " seems appropriate. Considerations in favour of pushing Norway out of the Peace process rest on the failures of Jon Westborg in a similar manner toErik Solheim who was the first indication of the dark undertones of Norways involvement in Sri Lankan peace and someone whose erratic decision making and rather dubious personality was later discovered as one of disrepute and tarnished even within Norway.

The audacity of the UNF craftiness and its total lack of scruples relative to integrity towards the Nation has to be interpreted in the manner in which equipment for the LTTE has been imported to the country, According to reliable sources, the consignment has been reported as having been directed to Jon Westborg, the Norwegian Ambassador officially to prevent the terrorist group paying taxes and has been cleared secretly to the LTTE base in Wanni with the help of Prime Minister’s Secretary Bradman Weerakoon and Defense Secretary Austin Fernando and has become a point of heavy debate and a controversy even involving the Government of neighboring India as well as its opposition parties watching very carefully and with great concern, the developments across the Palk Strait.If details are true the hides of Weerakoon and Fernando must surely be had and hung out to dry! and cited as two more example of Sinhalese indiscretion regardless of whether they were merely following orders from the 'Top"!!

According to a communique released by President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s spokesman Janadasa Peiris it has been reported that the President has called a conference of Security Service Chiefs to discuss the security liabilities to the country caused by the handing over of not only the broadcasting equipment but also the VSAT satellite military communications earth station, to the country, with the broadcasting equipment.

Interestingly enough there has been discussions towards the ratification of a treaty between India and Sri Lanka towards preventing the smuggling of illegal arms and equipment which seems eyewash on the part of the Government which is more tham likely to be a front to all of its pro-LTTE posturings and the Nation must not be fooled into believeing that it is for the common good as it could easily have darker intonations based on Wickremasinghe Skulduggery!!

Almost adding fuel to the fire for the Ranil Wickremesinghe Government and its obeisance to the LTTE, the Defense Secretary Austin Fernando has indicated to an independent British based broadcasting station with great compunction that the military equipment, feared by many as being capable of compromising the Nation's security, has gone missing as discovered at an inspection he ordered and reported by some officers whom he dubs as 'specialized investigators with expertise'.

There has been however a surge of opposition to the Defense Secretary and his statemment by a delegation of buddhist priests and joint opposition party factions that his latest statement is indeed a coverup for the Administration and that the equipment in question has been carefully delivered to a secured location with orders for its storage and not to be opened until further notice. As to the source of the directive, it is unknown although speculation is rife.

There may be ominous intonations of unexpected surprises to come in a gathering of dark clouds over the issue of pro LTTE collaboration by the Government as well as Norway's support for the LTTE cause, if all of the clandestine activities of this latest operation are to be interpreted in co-relation to Wickremasinghe's real ambitions which he seems to hide under a shroud of secrecy at any event, and putting at risk many vital elements imperative to the Nation's well being.

It seems to be no speculation when Opposition groups warn that the Tamil Tigers are planning to use the broadcasting station to help Ranil Wickremesinghe in a propaganda campaign which could be projected to the Tamil Community with a view of the next Presidential campaign which he myopically envisions as being in his favour when in reality it could sound his death knell even as the Nation's Prime Minister and a man without integrity and clearly a mandate for Presidential authority to step in as ther future of an entire Nation may depend on it. Wickremasinghe is surely mirror imaging himself as another Don Juan Dharmapala and a likely betrayer of the Nation to its enemies and beyond a doubt needs to be confronted.



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