US Government's Continued Condemnation And Designation Of The LTTE - A Vindication Of Opposition Demands And An Ominous Sign For The LTTE!

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There can be no greater endorsement by any source other than the Most Powerful Nation in the world about the illegality of the LTTE who have no right to recognition or demands, by their own choice and seeking! Hopefully Nations such as Canada and the United Kingdom presently soft pedalling on the issue will soon copy!!!!!!!!

Truer words have never been spoken yet, which have great ramifications towards negating the blinkered vision of pundits such as the prof G.L.Peiris currently praising the attributes of the UNF Governments posturing towards the LTTE in attempts to raise their level of legitimacy through his particular brand of hollow rhetoric which attempts to downplay the significance of an eventual division of Sri Lanka about which great umbrage has been taken by a majority of the Nation as seen by the recent demonstrations!

A Press Statement issued by Mr.Richard Boucher, spokesman for the US Government made in Washington, DC on Oct.02 2003 states unequivocally that the status of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (The LTTE) continues to be designated as a Foreign Terror Organization continuing to engage in terrorist activities and based on the ongoing reasearch and observations made by many specialists assigned to the task.

Mr. Boucher has been quoted as saying that Although the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are engaged in a Peace Process with the Government of Sri Lanka - a process that the United States fully supports( although viewed by a multitude of Sri Lankans as a danger to the Sovereign and Territorial Integrity and Unitarity of Sri Lanka) - the United States has determined that the LTTE continue to engage in terrorist activities. Therefore the United States as of October the 2nd has re-designated the LTTE as a Foreign Terrorist Organization pursuant to Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended. What this amounts to is a continued declaration of the US Government's policy towards international terrorism and that it is unwilling to recognize the LTTE in their present image and perhaps an intimation to them that its high time they denounced their idealogies, subversive activities, de-commissioned their weapons and armaments in chosing a path conducive towards joining the mainstream of Sri Lankan life as ordinary citizens which seems the only logical way for them to seek restitution for their needs although in so doing there is also the primary need to hand over their internationally condemned leader to the long arm of the law awaiting indictment for his crimes against humanity.

With absolutely no mincing of words it has been stated categorically by the US Government at a meeting held on Monday, September 29 between Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and visiting Sri Lankan Minister Milinda Moragoda that the United States can revoke this designation only at any time they are completely satisfied that the LTTE no longer meets the statutory criteria for designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organization or pose a threat to regional security and the very essence of Democracy as it may be logically infered. The Deputy Secretary has also informed Minister Milinda Moragoda that the United States will only consider revoking the LTTE's designation as a Terrorist Organization and will be prepared to deal with the group as a legitimate political entity in Sri Lanka if and when the organization renounces terrorism and ceases terrorist acts which seems conjecture at the present time albeit its nature of a crippling thrust into the LTTE underbelly represented by this statement and perhaps a bitter pill for the LTTE and their supportives to swallow.

The incredulous reckoning by the more discerning within the Nation however, is the manner in which the UNF Government despite such an implicit and stoic decision by the US Government continues to pander to the LTTE without confronting them on the very issue specified by the US Government rather than dance to their tunes while the preponderances and wisdoms in the Moragoda representation are also viewed as being far beyond his capacity as a mediator towards peace if this was in fact his designation as appointed and a poor choice by the Wickremasinghe Administration if true.

All of Sri Lanka together with the rest of the world including the United States perceivably look forward to the resumption of peace talks as the peace continues though viewed by some as being shaky yet very hopeful of it being a lasting one and the message to the LTTE from the US seems to suggest that their continued designation of the LTTE as an outlawed Terror Group in their present identity grants them no bargaining rights or demands which they are presently demanding!

Somewhat of a vindication for the great opposition rallies which have been recently concluded and perhaps an assurance that the USA is maintaining a perspective of surveillance on the entitlements of the LTTE in advising them of their rights and an ominous sign for them!


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