An Analysis Of Tamil Net's Citing Of High Buddhist Clergy And Global Community Interpretations That Presidential Claims Towards Being the Overall Defence Authority As Interference .

Citizen Perera World Council Of Sinhala Peers

According to Tamil Net a well known LTTE Propaganda source, a report made public on the 30th of December 2003 contends that the Post of Defence Minister within the Constitution of Sri Lanka is being contested by the President that she is the overall authority of Defence where her powers are at a higher level than those of the Defence Minister who is governed by Presidential direction and approval is an act of interference into the success of the Peace Process which ironically was thrown into impasse by the LTTE.

Many analysts seem to believe that this report is based on some dreaded apprehension on the part of the LTTE that Presidential Accords and Power vested in her through the Constitution of Sri Lanka will promote her to act unilaterally on behalf of the Sinhala Nation in her capacity as the executor of National Defence which presently seems greatly threatened and imperiled by an ungainly, incongruous and ridiculously unreal set of counter proposals towards an Interim Administration and a Devolution Package In the North and North East which have been presented to the Administration by the LTTE in response to the original one presented by the Administration where no self respecting and patriotic Sinhalese of the majority race ably represented and supported by the President and the sheer magnitude of numbers would stand by and watch their Homeland being eroded by the nefarious ambitions of a puny minority of terrorists with no real claim to any rights within Sri Lanka other than those set in the Constitution by its Founding Fathers and the expectations of International Law and the Global Community!!

Furthermore it has to be borne in mind that it was the collective opinion and advise of the Mahanayaka Theras of the Asgiriya and Malwatte chapters initially confered upon the Administration as well as the Presidency which stated unequivovalluy that any unfair , disproportionate devolution of power to LTTE terrorists in false representation of the Tamil community would be a betrayal of the Nation to its enemies and if this is a contradiction of their origonal opinion it seems somewhat surprising at a time when even the great Nation of India ( Sri Lanka's benevolent and a empathetic neighbour to the North ) has stated publicly through the voicings of its ruling Janatha Party representatives that the Interim Administration and the Devolution Package as counter proposed by the LTTE if accepted by Sri Lanka would pose a threat to Regional Security!

There seems to also be a misconstruance of the Global Community's role towards establishing peace within the country or an obtuse and baseless statement made purely for the sake of propaganda by the LTTE as the Global Community stands committed to the eradication of Global Terrorism rather than collaborate with the posturings of a fully armed and unrelenting group of internationally condemned terrorists out to acheive their own ends while misrepresenting their role on behalf of the Tamil community!

Perhaps the quotations of the High Buddhist Clergy and references to the Global Community have been taken out of context by Tamil Net and the LTTE based on some vague euphemisms which have been conveniently misinterpreted in the case of citing the Global Community and perhaps misunderstood due to shortcomings relative to their knowledge of language considering the lyrical level of Temple Buddhism normally used by the High Buddhist Clergy to express themselves!! which if it is the case is a huge aberration of norms which grant no concessions or avenues to the LTTE to follow their infamous idealogies towards secession based upon a mere technicality of misinterpretation!!!

The only semblance of truth in the report has been indicated in a section which says "Commenting on the LTTE's interim administrative proposals submitted last Saturday, Ven Vipassi Thera of the Malwatte Chapter said that an opportunity is now available for the intellectuals and the clergy to table amendments to the LTTE proposals. He said the Buddhist clergy should be prepared to hold discussion in future with the Government leaders against proposals, which are considered detrimental to the Sovereignty of the country" end quote, where somewhere down the line a degree of confusion seems to have set in judging by the contradiction this poses to the original insistence of opposition by definition to Presidential Execution of Powers Vested in her where the Defence Ministry has always remained a positive area within her control unless she decides to relinquish same through due process of which thus far there has been no indication!



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