Nation Building And The Unrelenting LTTE In Terrorist Identity Cannot Cohabitate Based On Any Principle !

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The longer the existence of the LTTE (which is an internationally condemned terrorist organization ) is tolerated and permitted to continue their progress towards their goals unabatedly and unchecked the longer will be the path to peace in a realistic sense and rendered meaningless within Sri Lanka as the LTTE are not a negotiable or condescending lot, who still continue on their self centred path towards their own ideals and goals.The justification for this rationale of non tolerance is surely based on the interpolations of the unsurmountable evidence of the latest LTTE activities towards fortifying their resources while unashamedly they make impossible demands from a Sovereign Nation.

There is also the danger presented to the third largest visible communuty the Muslims whose undeniable right to exist freely could easily be jeapordized beyond redmption (probably already has been to a degree!! ) should the LTTE be permitted to further continue unabated their de-facto Administrations, quasi Finance and Justice Systems which need to be dismantled and the air in the North and North East of Sri Lanka cleared of the pollution of adversity and subjugation of innocent people involving intimidations, assassination, extortions and many other forms of criminal activity which continue under the auspices of the LTTE and need to be rendered ineffective without further tolerance and destroyed beyond recognition in what may see as a better alternative to wasting the taxpayers money in indulging in a meaningless unending dialogue towards Peace.

Should the Peace Process be abandoned comppletely by the LTTE it would then present the Administration the justification needed towards a final solution towards fortifying Sri Lanka's Sovereignity if it has the courage to implement it through ratified legislation the complete criminalization of the entity which has plagued Sri Lanka for all these years where the search and hunt continues in the direction of apprehending the LTTE leader by Interpol and Sri Lanka's superpower neighbor India whose role towards a real and lasting peace within Sri Lanka may become more palusible and meaningful!!

Now that the LTTE have begun demanding ( if one reads between the lines in their latest manifestos ) two nations and two armies within the same territory in the simplest of ennunciations of their objectives and if this reality does not jar the Administration (any Administration for that matter!) to it's senses that the protection of Sri Lanka' s Sovereign and Territorial is imperative, then the reasoning of many analysts towards either the existence of a Hidden Agenda between the two entities with horns locked or the assumed subjugation of a Government which literally has the tiger by the tail and afraid to let go must be deemed a logical conclusion.

Time appropriate in the best interests of the Sinhala Nation comprising of the unquestionable majority of the Nation's population, for powers of a greater efficiency and wherewithal to step in which could be none other than those vested in the President constitutionally to restore to the Sinhala Nation and its supportive minorities, what is rightfully their's democratically without compromise and to assert their inherant right to exist in a free and unencumbered environment devoid of the plague of terrorism which needs to be eradicated and not bargained with!

Presently the Ruling Party seems to be in utter confusion about the direction and stance needed to restore to the Sinhala Nation the proper credibilities in a manner conducive to the norms of a free world and a manner so ridden with innuendos and apalling false promises emanating particularly from the Defence and Foreign Affairs Ministries that even some factions of the International Community seem to have all but given up hopes of a resolution to Sri Lanka's woes which are evaluated as a near impossibility as long the LTTE are given the leeway thus far enjoyed and the Prime Minister in the manner of the 'proverbial emperor and his court parade the Nation in an imagined cloak of transparent insecurity' displaying vital weaknesses being so indiscriminately exploited by the LTTE.

The dilly dallying about drawing the right conclusions towards the proper solution to Sri Lanka's woes thereby merely continue in a manner totally unbecoming of a ruling power whose hands seem to be tied and the LTTE in their brash and arrogant manner persist in their demands showing no signs of relenting as they seem to believe they have a foothold of justification towards their continued existence. The stark reality however remains that they need to be condemed in the fullest definition of the term and brought to justice and not bargained with! as bargaining with terrorists would only lend credence towards justifying their existence in a world sickeningly aware of the perils of tolerating terrorism!

The Ranil Wickremasinghe Administration beyond a doubt is now placed in a catch 22 situation where it does not have the right to unilaterally bend to LTTE demands, yet cannot risk a breach of the lasting peace which has restored an uneasy but much appreciated calm to Sri Lanka, once almost torn apart through the violent upheavals of the past several decades where only the will of the resolute Sinhala Nation spearheaded by two matriarchs blessed with intuition towards preserving the Nation has prevented it falling into the hands of its enemies, and hence what is expected of the present administration has to be fashioned on similar lines where the Nation's Sovereignity is based on a pluralistic society which has existed for centuries, must be preserved unconditionally and done without conveying any air of subjugation to unreasonable and perhaps impossible LTTE demands where the witch hunt for its infamous leadership continues!

The catch 22 situation has now been further compounded as it involves the funds pledged in the Tokyo Declaration which could easily evaporate should the Peace Process be abandoned completely as the pledges are conditional based on a realisation of a lasting peace in Sri Lanka which the LTTE have complicated through their withdrawal from talks amounting to unpardonable blackmail and has further reduced their credibilities if any were ever present.

The single means for the LTTE to exist thus far has been their ability to use the powers of insurrection towards bringing parts of Sri Lanka to its knees although history has proved that the eventual end does not necessarily justify the means.This combined with its international propaganda machine has to a degree restricted the perceptions of many sympathisers arriving at proper conclusions relative to the reality of what the LTTE really represent and being none other than a destructive force capable of unimaginable attrocities yet knowledgeable about the invaluable art of high theatrics and pretense.

The consideration towards the Sri Lankan Administration's difficulties to face upto LTTE threats and blackmail must also be viewed by the International Donors as well as the Superpowers determined to restore an acceptable World Order as one which places the Sri Lankan Administration in the driving seat towards being deserving of all the support not only to re-build and re-structure a Nation devastated by the ravages of a terrorist based internal armed insurrection but also the recognition of the source responsible for it while formulating a means which will never permit a recurrence of the horrible attrocities once perpetrated in quest of secession where the discontinuation and elimination of what the LTTE represent as a terror group seems mandatory.

There can be no considerations towards granting any leeway through interim administrations or any devolution of power which would compromise Sri Lanka's Unitarity to any terrorist group unrelentant about shedding their terrorist image, links to terrorism and ' hell bent' by hook or by crook to acheive their nefarious objectives regardless of what consequences it may have to a Sovereign Nation or their own minority Tamil community whether the stakes involve a huge kitty of donor finances whose effect and value would then be worthless if projected terrorism and Nation rebuilding are continued side by side as unwilling cohabitators in a climate of insecurity for the Sinhala Nation !

There is no euphemism to suggest a detraction from any principle involved short of insanity!

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