An Accolade To A Prudent Observation That :Tiger demands: Beyond the Federal Paradigm Expressed By Dayan Jayatilleka

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A recent feature in a corresponding newspage by an erudite member of the journalistic fraternity Mr. Dayan Jayatilleka, has prompted me to respond in affirmation of his pellucid vision of the recently proposed ISGA and its futility as follows:

Indeed the BBC was wrong! The BBC in this instance has shown bipartisan bias and a pseudo optimism of a speculative nature having always been a pro LTTE sympathiser tolerating idealogues and operatives within their country which ironically is also paying a price for turning a blind eye towards the increase in Tamil youth related gang violence which is becoming more prevalent in Britain today as is the case within her last remaining colony Canada.

Hype is always a BBC trait and spin probably goes back to Britain's cricketing heritage, baffling spin at that, yet counterable with great footwork and intelligence and this instance definitely needs to be overlooked.

The LTTE's Killinochchi Proposals for an ISGA or Interim Self Governing Authority which someone equated to an alternate definition of Eelam are not about 'Power Sharing' but the wresting of power from a naive and blinkered Administration and its myopic cabinet.

By definition the ISGA has circumvented Federalism, Pluralism, Autonomy and Peace and the word 'sharing' becomes a misnomer as there seems to be nothing to share in the set of outrageous demands presented and based upon the assumed non-availability of anything to share and the LTTE's arrogant view that this is an opportunity to strip the Government of its power and jurisdiction in the North and North East with no pre-conditions.

Democracy is bound to be thrust into the shadows of indecision and destroyed should any prudent Administration respond to such a set of dictatorial demands by an outlawed and internationally banned entity and consider disestablishment and voluntary relinquishment of their own status if it was beyond their realm of governance and hand over operations to a more capable authority!

Highlighting a critical area of their demands in the proposed ISGA documentation, it demands that " The occupation of land by the Armed Forces of the a violation of the norms of International Law. Such land must be immediately vacated ...The ISGA shall have control over the marine and off-shore resources of the adjacent seas and the power to regulate access thereto." One wonders what Norms of Internatiuonal Law the LTTE have quoted here or are these part of a fantasy which the LTTE seem to have created for themselves as an aftermath to their confering with whom they view as 'highly intelligent sources in Ireland' leaving room for speculation as to whether it was in fact representatives of the former terror group the IRA?

While being aware that International Law does not promote Terrorism and ill advised to even make the assumption, a testing of minds and wills appear to have been attempted through the creators of the ISGA considering how gullible the UNF Administration has appeared and how conciliatory it has been to all their demands while forgetting that Sri Lanka's population comprises of over 75% Sinhalese and other minorities who should now view the ISGA as unacceptable trash which in all probabilities is also unendorsed by the more discerning within the Tamil Community due to its non alignment with reality!

Over the years the LTTE have been notoriously ruthless in their execution of insurgence to clinical precision and cunning and in recent times having agreed to the Memorandum of Understanding relative to the Peace Process have turned mendacious perhaps with a view towards fooling the World, their own Community and the Leaders of the Sinhala Nation Administering Sri Lanka, towards their own objectives although their perceptions somehow fail to penetrate the mantle of reality needed towards success. In this token as Mr. Jayatilleka has highlighted "there exists no single Nation with a Federal System of Government of combined States or units singly entitled to territorial Naval and General Power." Furthermore the logic of such power and authority handed to unrelenting terrorists, not an elected entity, whose operations are of an insurgent rather than military nature sounds absolutely far fetched and perposterous as contended and a point for all concerned to ponder upon!

The analogy drawn in Mr. Jayatilleka's submission while questioning as quoted "why a little over a million Tamils in the Northeast of Sri Lanka should have the kind of power undreamed of by 50 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu? Is it a reward for having murdered, among others, the grandson of India's first Prime Minister the legendary Jawarharlal Nehru? What then is the message that will radiate throughout the volatile subcontinent (and in this information and communication age, resonate globally) by legitimizing these proposals?" end quote, has been very appropriately depicted and asked relative to the ISGA outlining its implications and perhaps a preamble to the adverse fallout from any consentual response to the ISGA bearing in mind that the UNF Administration could turn out to be as unpredictable as the LTTE in hindsight!

The Ten Point Strategic Framework Advisory as drafted in Mr. Jayatilleka's remarkable dossier which follows appears very meritworthy towards being stressed in continuity and broadcast through every accessible means to the Nation as well as the International Community in order to bolster the theme that the Sinhala Nation does not contend with LTTE demands with respect to their proposed ISGA!!!!

As Quoted from Mr Jayatilleke's presentation,

What then should our political leaders do?

Here's a 10 point strategic framework, which may provide a response to the Tigers' ISGA demand:

(1) Eschew unilateralism and adventurism (President Bush's folly).

(2) Avoid frontal assault either on each other, or on the principles of federalism, autonomy, and power sharing. Point out that the Tigers' ISGA is way outside any federalist paradigm.

(3) Change the zero-sum character of the Southern political game.

(4) Build the broadest possible front, in the National interest.

(5) Recognize the new equilibrium between the President and PM, both of whom have strengthened themselves politically through adroit moves, the President domestically, the PM externally.

(6) Negotiate under an Indian umbrella, a condominium reflecting the new ratio of forces: the President is clearly stronger and has more options than the PM, including that of instant ejection, dissolution.

(7) Fast-forward the defense pact with India and make it a robust and full-blooded one. Have it signed by both President and the PM.

(8) Strengthen our external support using the principle of "double insulation", bringing Sri Lanka under two strategic arcs: India's defense perimeter, and the larger envelope of Indo-US-Israeli security cooperation (if only because in '87 India alone couldn't handle the Tigers).

(9) The Sri Lankan response to the ISGA must be crafted in close consultation and presented with the concurrence of India.

(10) The settlement itself must be underwritten and guaranteed by India (and perhaps the USA). A joint Indo-Lanka naval exercise with "live firing", must be swiftly held off the northeastern coast.

Bravo Mr Jayatilleke and may your vision permeate the minds of all our political leader in the hope that this may be an incentive to spur them into instant remedial action to correct what may turn out to be cataclysmic for the Sinhala Nation if unheeded!



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