Ranil Wickremasinghe's Remarks During Address To The UN Damaging, Irrepairable And May Cost Him Dearly Despite Inferences To The Contrary.

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Sri Lankan Prime Minister Rani Wickremasinghe throwing all caution to the winds in making very damaging and callous remarks about the justification of the USA invasion of Iraq has probably stepped into political quagmire from which he might never be able to extricate himself!
No amount of campaigning to soft peddle the issue on the basis that his statements were taken out of context are likely to convince the Sri Lankan Nation of Non Aligned repute, the International Community Of Non Aligned Citizens, as well as the angered Sri Lankan Muslim Community and its elected representation in Parliament more importantly that Wickremasinghe's remarks could not be taken lightly as the implications have been severe enough to raise eyebrows even within the United Nations.
The severity of his remarks must surely be reflected by the manner it contradicts a growing movement of opposition to the George Bush-Tony Blair led invasion of Iraq both in the USA and the United Kingdom where the political futures of the mentioned leaders also seem to be in limbo based on the many indiscretions surfacing as an aftermath of investigations into the validity of the decision greatly opposed by the United Nations, France,Germany, Russia, China and many other Nations yet forged ahead regardless of all opposition while circumventing the United Nations Charter and accords unilaterally!

It must be remembered significantly and historically that Sri Lanka has maintained integrity towards Non Alignment regardless of which political party was incumbent over the years and the classic example of Sir John Kotelawala's defiant stance of Non Alignment at the now famous Bandung Conference during the '50s stands out and was a precursor to the formation of the Non-Aligned Movement where the Senanayakes and the Bandaranaikes have also been prominent influences highly respected in this regard globally.

For Ranil Wickremasinghe to have broken this tradition goes beyond the definition of a Faux Pas and its implications significantly imposing by way of the nature of its likely consequences as he has literally forced his way into addressing the UN which was originally a responsibility of the President whose non aligned policies are a legacy maintained for generations in her politically famous family in a most reputable manner and whose presence rather than that of the befuddled Prime Minister could possibly have been a better option in retrospect!

Playing Judge and Jury synonymously while trying to soften the implication of his statement Wickremasinghe who has undoubtedlty spoken out of turn, purportedly has spent much of this week explaining to his caucases and the media that the scathingly controversial remark that "There are those of ' us' who felt that the US had no choice but to intervene in Iraq" was based on the failure of the United Nations to deliver a solution to the Iraqi crisis," and that it was not a pro-US stance, but one of pinpointing the failures of the UN which seems somewhat of an unacceptably lame excuse and a discretion to which he has had no entitlement whatsoever considering the cordiality of previous relations between Sri Lanka and Iraq and the turbulence it would activate within the Muslim Community both nationally and globally.

The United Nations, it must be noted gave it their all towards attempting to thwart off Military Action in Iraq which would affect countless innocent lives and inflict damage to valuable and historic property, through a more tranquil and viable solution with the ultimate intention of deposing dictator Saddam Hussein with tact and guile and was still in the process of their quest for Weapons Of Mass Destruction ( WMD) which have not been found to this day.
Wickremasinghe has contended through his remarks that the UN failed in their duty and that the USA invasion was a necessity which is being currently debated as very questionable together with the ongoing loss of US and other soldiers' lives on an almost daily basis! and has placed himself on the chopping block of Muslim Inquisition as well as world opinion against the invasion of Iraq.

The only positive after effects of Wickremasinghe's comments may yet revolve around certain remarks to the effect as quoted that" it is justifiable for the USA to be the Policemen of the World" which if put into perspective may be a reference to an eventual role the USA might have within Sri Lanka dependant on what vested interests and incentives magician Wickremasinghe could provide to the US which could then transform beneficially towards quelling the ongoing attrocities of the LTTE who have been given many warnings by the US to desist from their activities and contribute towards a lasting peace! Fait Accompli reserved for obvious reasons and hardly worth disputing if the Prime Minister had any inspirations based on this theme! and a point in time for the LTTE as a caution,whose latest escapades have been exposed through the discovery of a huge arms shipment on a naval vessel off Indonesia.

Ironically the only significant exceptions of Sri Lankan Administrations being forced to align with a regional power, transpired during the tenure of the late JR Jayawardena whose incumbencies together with his immediate successors were subjugated and intimidated by the Gandhi Administrations of India into desisting from being overly receptive to a US presence within Sri Lanka and justified their assertions by supplying arms and training to the LTTE ( an insignificant entity at the time according to the analysts!) for which poetic justice however resulted through the manner of their respective demises sadly but prophetically and absolutely carried out by subversives, one group being the LTTE!

If it can be unterpreted as an aftermath to the Wickremasinghe speech at the UN, a significant visit to Sri Lanka by the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has been cancelled with speculation that is is linked to dissatisfacion and dissapointment by the UN of Sri Lankan Policy under the present Adminstration and somewhat of an embarrassment to all concerned but perhaps compensatable by assurances from the USA towards a greater role in Sri Lanka's Security if the Prime Minister has been able to accomplish this through all his posturings at the UN Assembly.

It is however a key factor to note that the Wickremasinghe coalition in parliament is greatly dependant on the Muslim Representatives and to compromise this dependancy would be suicidal for the Wickremasinghe led UNF and its existence.
A motion of Non-Confidence based upon the Prime Minister's UN address is presently being drafted by the opposition parties as testing times for the incumbent Administration are bound to follow.
"Will there be a price to pay for one's verbosity and loose rhetoric?" is a question presently being asked by many as the proverb "There's Many A Slip Twixt Cup And Lip" suddenly seems rather appropriate!!





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