A Presidential Move Which May Change The Order Towards Success Despite Its Sweeping Nature !

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In a nationwide address on Tuesday, President Kumaratunga while accusing the Ruling UNF Government of making too many concessions to Tamil Tiger rebels has informed Sri Lanka of her decision to remove from office the Cabinet Ministers of the Defence, Interior and Information Ministries using sweeping constitutional power that have caught many including the Prime Minister away on an official visit to the USA, off guard.

The President together with her party the People's Alliance and all other opposition parties in support has expressed concerns about the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) proposals for a self-governing authority in the north-east of the country after their submission of counter proposals to a Government sponsored devolution package which raised many concerns throughout the majority Sinhala Nation as their demands appeared to be an all out quest for a platform towards secession.

Perhaps a somewhat asinine accusation that the President of Sri Lanka has resorted to anarchy has surfaced when she happens to be the Executive President of the Nation who has exercised sweeping powers vested in her by the Constitution where preventive action has been taken against any anarchy which may have been part of the agenda by the enemies of the State by her contention which appears to have had great support from many quarters of the majority Sinhalese as well as the Muslim and other minority communities who felt isolated and threatened particularly in the North and North East of Sri Lanka!
It is easy for the lethargic likes of individuals such as the Foreign Minister Tyrone Fernando to babble to the BBC about the President's midjudgement of the country's Security Situation but it has to be implicitly noted that just a few days ago LTTE's spokesperson Thamilchelvam was chest beating in the manner of a gorilla asserting his strength (no pun on guerilla!) about how prepared they were to return to aggression and that the LTTE have relentlessly pursued their arms buildup and fortification of resources indicative of only one direction and if they have given room for Presidential conclusions towards their intentions together with the sublime inacceptability of the counter proposals they have presented towards their requirements of an Interim Administration, they only have themselves to blame together with the ineptitude of the UNF Administration to convince the Sinhala Nation and its Presidential matriarch that something substantial needs to be done towards self preservation of the majority Sinhalese and its supportive minorities who have been cast aside by the Administration's neglect.

Perhaps to assume that the Peace Process was gaining momentum was the more hasty conclusion than the discontnuation of the three Cabinet Ministers who had contributed to their woes over a period of time in office when their directions did not seem favourable towards the norms of Governance as observed and punitive action meted out by the President where it is more than likely that there may be other removals from high office to follow where the Foreign Minister's job could be well on the line although academic should a dissolution of Parliament follow with an ensuing cessastion of duties for the entire UNF ensemble!
There seems to be a great scurrying of nervous thought towards the outcome of the ceasefire and the response of the LTTE which can logically point only in one direction with their best interests as the rational guideline which would be to maintain the peace and take the option offered by the President that her leadership would resume the Peace Negotiations which would be within the guidelines of Sri Lankan Sovereignity and its preservation with no compromises which is what has projected the present situation misinterpreted as a 'crisis' by those who wish to call it that for convenience but in reality seems a normal order where the President of a Sovereign Democratic Nation has merely carried out her duties through the Executive Powers vested in her through the Constitution and no cause for alarm other than the anticipation of an unknown negative response of the incumbent administration who may pull out all stops and utilise all resources available to them to oppose the President within or without their means which would then by definition become anarchy!

The President has asserted to the Nation of her intentions where part of her statement read "I wish to assure the minorities of the country, especially the Tamil and Muslim communities that their concerns will be given due and serious consideration in trying to reach a negotiated settlement." emphasizing her awareness of their needs from a direction of sincerity contrary to the rather incomprehensible direction the uneasy Peace Process seemed to be headed with its tentative manouverings and constant impasses which has led to the turn of events resulting in her proroguing of Parliament temporarily and suspending budgetary proceedings and an intended impeachment of the Nations Chief Justice much to the chagrin of the incumbent Administration which on more than one occassion spurned the need for national unity and greater understanding between parties at Parliamentary level whose collective sensibilities were bypassed for unhealthy conciliations to a terrorist entity as the cookie seems to have crumbled in their disfavour!.

While the world watches anxiously the outcome of the President's move there remains many concerns about the effects of her decision on the Nation's economy, security and tranquility which emerged in a somewhat positive perspective after the hostilities of insurgent exchanges ceased after decades and it is the fervent hope of all Sri Lankans that a normal order will prevail despite any changes which may in the long term prove to be fortuitous and realistically permanent and any gathering of apparent dark clouds may eventually represent showers of success!



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