Inauspicious Timing Of Foreign News Media And Their Inferences About The Situation In Sri Lanka! ?

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The present inferences made by outside sources on the situation within Sri Lanka after the President prorogued parliament and discontinued the offices of three cabinet ministers, with particular reference to uncertainty and unrest appears to be a feeding frenzy of a few International Websites and must be likened to 'backwater bilge' as they appear to make rather overmelodramatic compilations based on their conjectures rather than factuality and not an auspicious time to speculate about much of what goes on behind closed doors as far as the President's decision making is concerned as much as that of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

These speculations which seem to extend beyond the reality of the present situation according to various reports of news items, some bordering on paranoia, and in particular by unnamed Tamil sources commenting on behalf of Tamil Politicians quoting that" a snap poll could encourage Tamil Tigers to enter the fray through proxies, and emerge possibly the third largest party in the island. " convey a mood of insecurity by their promoters rather prematurely and in retrospect must corelate to the inadequacies and shortcomings of the LTTE whom they appear to uphold with an almost pathetic ring to it!

Euphemistically speaking, the condition of an LTTE participation in the political arena of Sri Lanka however would be hypothetically possible should they decommission weapons, give up idealogies and aspirations for secession and come clean as an emergence of a united Tamil community which they have never once attempted to do and perhaps a whistful thought towards the merits of such a concept.

While the possibility of a snap General Election being called does exists on the basis of Parliament being prorogued and an eventual dissolution either by Prime Ministerial request or Presidential order, the assumption that "Tamil Tigers could enter the fray through proxies and emerge possibly as the third largest party in the Island" seems pure fantasy and a far cry from reality based on the many contributing factors which would stand in the way of such an eventuality by sheer numbers of the Sinhala population and its supportives alone and something which should have manifested itself long ago if the climate for such an occurence had ever surfaced in Sri Lanka.
This is hardly a time for a snap election considering the technicalities and logistics involved and a provocation of its possibility detrimental towards many factors which would bring about many instabilities which Sri Lanka could ill afford but if inevitable its outcome must be fortuitous towards the Nations stability as well as its progress into the future which is presently rife with speculation particularly from the outside world!

Considering legitimacies and the non availability of universal franchise to terrorists which logically should follow a natural order although the infiltration by proxies of pro LTTE elements an unsuccesful attempt quite likely, in the event of a snap election manifesting itself by circumstances necessitating it ( now that it has been mentioned ) it must certainly be protected against corrupt practises, together with any likelihood of election rigging which undoubtedly would involve painstaking dedication by the election authorities and law enforcement towards its prevention as nothing appears to be completely impossible within Sri Lanka and an endemic ailment in need of a panacea sadly in most developing Nations together with some of the more developed ones also!.

Contrary to the present trend of thought by the foreign news media and what appears to be mass promulgation of pro UNF propaganda with particular reference to agencies such as the BBC, Reuters and a few other International News Agencies , there exists certain aphorisms which the more discerning within Sri Lanka align with Sovereignity, Terrirorial Integrity and the dignity of the Sinhala Nation which has been almost totally discarded by the present Administration and its leadership providing possibilities towards creating a dangerous precedent within a Democratically Elected Sovereign Nation where through improper direction and speculative manouvering, the impurities of terrorist dogma veiled in pretentious assention towards the hidden agenda of secession which would ensure their continuity have surfaced exposing the weaknesses of the incumbency which consorts to the demands of ths terrorist entity and the matter in hand being determind by the President of Sri Lanka through all powers vested in her as impure, irregular and unfavourable to the Sinhala Nation which should only elicit impartial and unbiased comment from the external media without arriving at bipartisan conclusions! as it could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt at hampering what could be deemd a legitimate direction taken towards restitution for a terrorist plagued Nation by its astute President in her attempts to prevent the compromising of the freedom of her Nation by visionless idealogues!



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