"I Beg Your Pardon" Says Bala To G.L. On Promises At Rose Garden!

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It seems as though the latest round of peace talks at the Rose Garden Resort in Thailand takes a line from the popular song "I beg your pardon, I never promised you a Rose Garden!" delivered to Chief Government Negotiator Prof.G.L Peiris by Chief Prevaricator of the LTTE terrorist group Anton Balasingham as the LTTE have baulked at the condition of de-commissioning weapons prior to resettlement of displaced families in Military held territory comprising of High Security Zones.

What this implies as a 'Faux Pas'on the part of the rebels is that they are not totally committed towards the cause of peace as the world envisions it so where is the Peace Process headed?What is their objective in denouncing legitimate demands by the Security Forces of a democratically elected Government and do they have any right to their arrogance which not only scorns the jurisdiction of a Nation but also attempts to impose their conditions in what appears to be a tactical manouver aimed at coercing the Government into further subjugation which is a testing time for its Leadership to stand its ground.

It has to be considered a major setback despite the Government coverups through the usual GL Peiris Innuendos that all's well on the Peace Front as a refusal to de-commission can also be interpreted as proof of a hidden agenda by the LTTE which does not augur well for the Government which has been accused of collaborating with the LTTE and have been thrown into a quandry in now trying to establish its bona fides in the eyes of a watchful Nation and the other watchdogs of the Global Community.

As unanswered questions abound as to why the rebels withdrew from the committee of de-escalation in response to Sri Lankan Security Forces demands for immediate disarmament other than Anton Balasingham's muted response that it was ' unfair and impossible' and hence the suspension, the LTTE have hastily interjected that other areas of negotiations continue in a puerile manner typical of the pretentious high ethics of the crafty Balasingham quoted as saying"There is no crisis,no problem, both sides are engaging in constructive and cordial talks" and the puppetry of G.L.Peiris waving arms in obeisance that regardless of the anticipations of gloom by the more discerning, the Peace Process remains secure and intact when in fact it appears to be shakier than ever.

The other areas of negotiation being refered by the LTTE to seem rather circumspect and irrelevant when the foremost key issue of de-escalation is circumvented with hardly a response from the UNF Government as the now seemingly shaky talks proceed into its next stage prior to a generous Japanese Aid Package which may turn out to be conditional depending on the outcome of the latest round of talks and non functional should the disparity of compromises between the two factions involved in the talks result in a deadlock and an unthinkable breakdown.

Balasingham would in reality be better off reviewing his meagre options on behalf of the terror group he represents and the conditions laid down by the Global Community and its representations against terrorism rather than mimicking the lyrics of the song 'Rose Garden" as his were never promises given any credibility by the Sinhala Nation and its highest representation the Executive President Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kunaratunga whom he has accused as being' the major setback' to peace while forgetting perhaps the she is also the Chief Commanding Officer of the Armed Forces who does not command 'factions' of the Forces but all of it.Officers of the highest discipline and calibre who would never be intimidated nor swayed by the verbal banter of a yokel with his self accaimed accolades of intellect which he would be better off displaying to a more gullible audience which the myopic Prof G.L Peiris is more than likely to be capable of enlisting as believers.

Peace within Sri Lanka must be reinstated beyond a doubt but within the parameters of accepted norms in a Constitutionalised Democratic Form without conditions which point to the survival and continuity of an outlawed terror group in full possession of their weaponry and armaments and to whom the laying down of arms and denouncing ambitions has always been a hard sell and an impossibility as echoed by Balasingham! but inevitable towards the well being of Sri Lanka.


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