Latest Report On Granting Permission For Sea Tiger Exercises Needs Further Investigation!

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The latest findings of the JVP Investigative Team as published in its News Engine Niyamuwa that The Defence Minister under the auspices of the Prime Minister and the Norwegian Monitoring Mission has agreed to Sea Tiger Naval Exercises in Sri Lankan Territorial Waters could amount to treason and a violation of the Sri Lankan Constitution by the Present Government if proven to be true and probably needs investigation by the Chief Executive Officer of the Land, the President with immediate remedial action if necessary, against the accused parties consisting of the Defence Minister Mr. Marapone, The Prime Minister and collaborator the Norwegian Peace Keeping Mission which continues to be tolerated despite the nefarious attitude it has taken through its bi-partisan support of the terror group the LTTE who have never been taken to task for any of the breaches and violations of the Peace process and the Memorandum of Understanding which continue unabated!

To consent to reserve areas of training for the ILLEGAL Sea Tigers for military exercises sounds like badly delivered joke which has been circulated to cause unnecessary panic, although the capacity of the Wickremasinghe Administration in the recent past to compromise Sri Lanka's Security whether inadvertently or not has more often than not been indicated through many spineless decisions made by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe purely for the retention of the Peace Process where peace as defined by its credible norms could easily end up being very temporary if the LTTE decided to change their attitude based upon their latent unreliability and prevaricative mentality where the only deterrent would be the threat of US and Indian backed intervention and the insecurity of the Administration and its soft underbelly would be exposed should the unthinkable happen and a return to hostilities is superimposed upon a false peace accord!

Presently the allegations in the Niyamuwa Report about the compromise between the Administration and the LTTE with the Norwegian Monitors also allegedly involved appear to be unconfirmed and unproven although there has been mention of a letter signed by the Defence Minister Marapone to Norwegian Monitoring Chief Tryggve and Marapone whose defence strategies at times have been mind boggling and often appear to have the attitude of a cross eyed chess player whose moves are not only unpredictable but self destructive also and no balm to Sri Lankan Peace if the present allegations are true! and the sooner light is shed on the matter the better it will be from a Sri Lankan prespective which now languishes in a calm yet uneasy peace!

The eventual prioritisation of disbanding the Sea Tigers which seems to have been shelved from the agenda of the present Administration on the strength of maintaining peace at any price could have a lopsided connotation if its decisions to maintain peace through compromising territory to the LTTE which this action amounts to continue, and just might have to be allayed by stepping into preventive measures of high gear by an alert President who might have no choice but to install an alternative Administration which may be the end result if her hand is forced on behalf of Sri Lankan Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity where a failed Administration may have to be circumvented and cast aside in order to maintain Sovereignity and Sri Lanka's Unitary State governed by a majority remembering that the President still holds the reigns of real power according to Constitutional Accords.

Despite the rhetoric of the Wickremasinghe Administration which continuously promises the Sinhala Nation that it will never grant recognition to the LTTE Sea Tigers or provide a separate zone in Naval areas for their illegal activities as demanded by the democracies of the world and international law, this information seems to point to the contrary where the Government is playing a dangerous game of gambling with Sri Lanka's security with its adversaries towards its own agenda where the so called devolution of power to accommodate the LTTE who have not disarmed nor given up their ambitions towards secession could be interpreted as handing over on a platter the affordability of overrunning the Nation if given the opportunity!

The eventualities of such misguided concessions to the Sea Tigers will not only throw the Nation into Political Turmoil but could also result in dire ramifications of horrendous proportions to the Sinhala Nation for generations to come as there have been no expressions of remorse or relenting on the part of the LTTE and its mediators ever, towards the reality of what has been suffered by Sri Lanka for two decades and there can be no chances taken with harbingers of evil whose pretences towards their real intentions have become visibly transparent together with those of their new found allies!



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