Collective Course Of Actions By the UNF and PA To Thwart Any LTTE Threat Seems Imperative To National Security.

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The PA Opposition in questioning the lax security in the Trincomalee Region and a turning away from realities on the part of the incumbent Administration, whose indifference towards a matter of paramount importance has based its rationale with the safety of nearly 200,000 Sinhalese residents living in the region at heart and that of the Nation's security in mind. There seem to be no mere speculations here, about a percieved threat to the security of Trincomalee Harbour but a real one if significant movements of the LTTE in the region and intelligence reports of Armed Forces surveillance reports are to be criteria not to be confused with the paranoia the Administration seems to attribute to cautions by the PA and dispelling them by what it says is an attempt to topple the UNF from power.

That there are conflicting views on a matter of such paramount importance between the Administration and the Opposition seems apathetic at a time when National Unity seems to be taking a recess on the back burner and the LTTE are seen going about their business of re-grouping and re-arming themselves unimpeded and unchecked in gay abandon where the excuse on the part of the Administration towards its attitude attributed towards safeguarding the Peace Process which could easily be transformed into a metaphorical state of false euphoria should the realities of a return to attrocities by the LTTE ever transpire remote though it seems!

There is hardly a need thereby to place the Armed Forces at risk while compromising their integrity as mere handcuffed onlookers caught in a maelstrom of differed opinions translating into a political crossfire while the Wickremasinghe Administration rambles on justifying its stance of indifference and seemingly appeasing the insurgents albeit the difficulties presented by way of choosing a strategy towards resolution without at least some sabre rattling to indicate to the LTTE that they have no mandate to continue their actions or pursuits of their nefarious directions towards their goals!

But then in realistic sense the present UNF Administration has hardly been confrontational as far as the LTTE are concerned as a symbiotic dependence between the two factions seems to have existed in a clandestine manner throughout the Peace Process and Ceasefire which is not the basis upon which a true peace could ever be accomplished nor will it render to the Sinhala Nation the assurances that they need not have any apprehensions even remotely about living under the threat of a terrorist 'takeover' regardless of the state of affairs relative to peace and tranquility prevalent in Sri Lanka as of now!

Alarmingly the evidence presented by the Armed Forces Intelligence Operations do reveal rather imposing evidence that the LTTE have not desisted from their pursuits of detriment to the Nation and for their self centred objectives and it reportedly outlines as an alternative to a non realization of objectives at the bargaining table, a plan of multiple strikes beginning in the North Central Province of great religious significance to the Nation as well as visions and aspirations towards overrunning the Capital Colombo and the ramifications of such intentions could be so profoundly devastating that they are hardly worth sweeping under the carpet as conjecture!

Together with the threat posed to Trincomalee Harbour and its environs and very precisely outlined by the former Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar the following statistics seems to go hand in glove with the Armed Forces Intelligence Reports that the LTTE had built 13 new camps in the area south of the Trincomalee naval base and was threatening the Muslim enclave of Mutur and the 99 giant oil tanks leased to the Indian Oil Corporation. The discovery was also made that a 122 mm gun in the vicinity and the naval vessels in the harbour could easily be approached by the LTTE using sea scooter according to Mr. Kadirgamar as quoted from an Indian News report.

The UNF Administration has Pooh Pooh ed ! the concept with the responsibility of a ship's cat trying to navigate the vessel rather than the Captain whose reluctance to charter a proper course seems mind boggling!

The question now surfaces as to whether in the face of all these alarming intelligence reports and analytic inferences which seem to be based on facts rather than fiction contrary to what the Government suggests, can the Nation's Security be compromised realistically and can the risk be taken to ignore the evidence presented although the greater need to rebuild the Nation through the many Foreign Aid Packages now available also has parrallel connotations ?

And which of the two entities, whether it be the Leadership of the Present Administration or the President with her full Executive Powers without conflict could establish a foundation towards assuring the Nation of the safeguards necesary towards National Security as well as Nation Building without further disruption by the LTTE ?.

Something which poses a dilemma and needs to be sorted out hopefully collectively rather than on a fragmented difference of opinion which might prove difficult should the Administration be in direct contradiction of the President.

United Sri Lanka Will Surely Stand But Divided It Could Fall Into The Hands Of the Enemy!



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