Sri Lankan President Kumaratunga Raises Alarm About The Prime Minister's Possible Collusion With The LTTE Which Could Lead To Dire Consequences For The Administration!

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A clap of ominous sounding thunder reverberates around the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka which may further compound his woes and add momentum to the National debate about his credibility amidst growing opposition to his UNF Administration and the path it seems to be taking which imperils the Sovereignity and Unitarity of Sri Lanka as well as Her Security.

The Sri Lankan President Mme. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has raised an alarming question revolving around certain official activities of the Adminstration which appear to have "Facilitated an Arms Smuggling Transaction And Venture By The LTTE In The Name Of Confidence Building For The Peace Process ?" as recently quoted in a string of Newspapers and other media and if the facts are laid bare beyond reasonable doubt it could have dire consequences for the Wickremasinghe Administration which would then have little ground to stand on considering the executive powers of the Presidency and the tumultuous build up of opposition currently being effected by the Sinhala Nation whose zeal towards the preservation of integrity never seems to have been greater.

Although official sources are certain to plead coincidence rather than pre-meditated planning, there seem to be many contingencies relating to a sequence of events which might suggest skullduggery and foul play intended to appease the LTTE if their interpretations are assumed consequentially, relative to their timing and great will be the implications on the Prime Minister and his crew towards irresponsibilities which could eventually promulgate their marching orders.

The President has been quoted in an official letter to the Prime Minister which was published in the newsmedia indicating her utter surprise at the sudden and unexpected arrangements by the Minstry of Defence, the Prime Minister and his protege Minister Milinda Moragoda to initiate an unscheduled overseas tour for the Navy Commander at a time when official information had been received and further confirmed that there were three 60 Tonne LTTE supportive arms carrying vessels in the Seas off Indonesia in Indonesian territory headed for Sri Lanka as an ultimate destination.

The time assigned for the Naval Commander's overseas tour of two weeks was at this stage reduced to 4 days on the insistence of the President as Chief Executive Officer and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces whose perceptions seemed to suggest something was not in order and proven correct consequently when an attempt had been made by the LTTE to bring in one of the vessels into Sri Lankan Territorial Waters 3 days after the Navy Commander had departed on his overseas tour sanctioned officially by the Prime Minister.

This attempt, it has been reported was thwarted due to the prompt action of the Indonesian and Sri Lankan Authorities but unconfirmed, as the consignments as well as the vessels seem to have mysteriously vanished together with a multi-millionaire entrepreneur alleged to have been the go between for the transaction!

Despite the expected attempts by the Administration to downplay the seriousness of the matter, the questions raised by the President seem very appropriate about a possible connection between the sudden and unusual decision on very short notice to send the Navy Commander out of the country taken by the Administration and the LTTE's attempt to charter arms carrying vessels into Sri Lanka within the time frame that the Navy Commander was out of the Country and away from his jurisdiction.

She has enquired of the Prime Minister rather sardonically, whether his actions have been based upon 'facilitations and confidence building measures towards the LTTE' as purportedly undertaken by the Administration in the name of the Peace Process and whether they involved compromising the Nation's Security by permittingthe LTTE to recruit, train and have in readiness 'three times more' hardcore military cadres than before the ceasefire agreement and "turning a blind eye" to bringing six shipments of arms after the signing of the MOU " and very valid questions indeed considering the timing of the sequence of events which seem to be intertwined with eachother leaving little to conjecture.

She has also contended based upon available statistics that it was she, as the President and Commander in Chief, who decided to stop the 7th, 8th, and 9th shipments of the LTTE (the three shipments refered to earlier) from coming into the country in the absence of the Navy Commander and a rather alarming illustration of what goes on undercover of the Ceasefire and the Memorandum of Understanding if it may be so infered!.

Lashing out at the Wickremasinghe Administration that after the MOU signed in February 2002, it had done very little to build up the Army, Navy and Air Force where the only commissioning of activities pertained towards tolerance of the LTTE regrouping , their mock administrations of justice, finance and policing, their drive to recruit children for combat roles and indifference to their ongoing attrocities in the North and North East of Sri Lanka synonymous with the Prime Minister and his Minister of Defense continuing to "demoralise the Commanders and Officers of the Security Forces virtually hogtied and blindfolded with their 'orders from the top' tantamount to irresponsible statements and disregard by the Administration towards their requirements and responsibilities for perparedness which they seem to have swept under the carpet while swaying to the will of the LTTE for which the eventual ramifications could be devastating."

Recent statistics indicate as pointed out by the President in her questioning of the Prime Minister, that the Administration has allowed the LTTE to increase its strength from 6,000 to 20,000 where a ruthless campaign to kill military intelligence personnel and Tamil rivals and harrass the Muslims continues on an ongoing basis while the attributes of a forthcoming Permanent Peace seems to be in limbo and a long time coming albeit the tranquil nature of Sri Lankas present perspective, possibly tentative to a degree of uncertainty yet hopeful of just rewards through the assertions of a visionary Presidency.

Perhaps in hindsight of his flailing political future the Prime Minister has accused the President of Politicising Crucial Issues of National Security and thereby weaking the morale of the Armed Forces which in fact is an illustration of his own policies favouring the LTTE and containing the Armed Forces in whatever manner possible which bear testimony to reality.

The President in turn has charged the Prime Minister of serious neglect of duty because he had hidden from the cabinet, the relevant authorities and the people, the true facts about the impositions rendered to the Nation's Sovereignty, Security and Territorial Integrity by way of his derelictions in leaning towards the LTTE. Exposing this was not playing politics with defence she has contended as preponderances rest heavily towards Presidential affirmative action which just might sound warning bells to the Wickremasinghe led UNF although in a softer yet insistent tone of voice her reproach to the Prime Minister has ended with the words "I stand ready to assist, advice and give leadership, if you are willing, even at this late stage, to realise what is best for the country and not for yourself " as quoted .





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