India and The US Rightfully Doubt LTTE Credibilities And Balasingham's Pleas For LTTE Recognition!

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Anton Balasingham, that great spinner of yarns and fairytales about LTTE credibilities has spun yet another web of innuendoes and misinformation in Geneva, Switzerland with his latest attempt to con the Indian and US authorities in trying to convince them of LTTE legitimacy when their notorious track record reads differently and he fails to remember the reason why they were banned in the first place.For high crimes and misdemeanors and vicious crimes committed against a Sovereign Nation in the name of a terrorism related bid for illegal secession which lasted for decades , as well as fallouts of their modus operandi which has been widespread globally as they bear the sole responsibility for the copyright and hallmarks of suicide bombings and other attrocities which has spread globally where the only gullible parties to Balasingham's singsong and chirping are the ever myopic Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe and his condescending cabinet member G.L Peiris dancing to every ditty played on the Balasingham harmonium!.

Asking India to, quote "Forget the bitterness which existed in the past and to work with them towards a 'just' solution" end quote, seems to make a mockery of the definition of justice and just solution , where the only justice would be to bring Balasingham and his comrade in arms Pirapaharan and his associates before a tribunal to answer to their crimes and to answer to the sufferings they themselves have inflicted not only on the Sinhala Nation but also on their own Tamil Community and the former leadership of India itself through the heinous assassination of the Late Hon. Rajive Gandhi.A rather endemic aberration by errants within a community who are a mere fraction of it, now in a false attempt to justify their acctions while requesting recognition.

Balasingham seems to have oddly misinterpreted the Indian Government's interest in promoting Sri Lankan peace where no mandate has been given towards the legitimacy of the LTTE and to the contrary has specifically mentioned an interest in establishing relations with Tamil parlimentarians and indicative of alienating the LTTE as India's main interest in the LTTE at present as is Interpol's would logically be to apprehend their leader and all those responsible for the Gandhi assasination and bring them to justice. Balasingham nor Piraphakaran fall into the category of Tamil Parlimentarians and neither do they verifiably represent the entire Tamil Community some of whom are visibly up in arms against this concept and would much rather be rid of them although afraid to openly make this declaration for fear of reprisals! especially in view of the fact that the LTTE are also being championed by none other than the UNF Government.

The opportunism displayed by Balasingham's overtures towards LTTE recognition seems one of desperation despite the distinct expression of the Indian Authorities about their distaste of the LTTE towards which the USA have constantly acceded and acknowledged bearing in mind the non- invitation of the LTTE to participate in the Preparatory Peace Conference in Washington DC scheduled for April 14, 2003 and the amazing persistence of Balasingham seems to indicate the lack of insight, depth of perception or downright cussednesson the part of the man currently involved in Peace Talks with the Government ironically enough and an excellent pointer to the Government of Sri Lanka that they are heading towards a dead end involving a lame duck where a change of direction would better indicate fruition and success should it lead to non-terrorist representation of the Tamil Community.

India has unequivocally disclaimed accepting the LTTE as sole representatives of the Tamil Community which is hardly surprising as even the Tamil Community within Terrirorial India in Tamil Nadu want no part of them realistically.Balasingham and the LTTE however careen on in their erratic proclamation that they inded are the sole representatives of the Tamil Community which is behind the LTTE by their definition, yet a rank misrepresentation of the truth and can be attributed only to a percentage of the community who themselves appear faltering in the face of the current trend where the Peace Process is beginning to show many cracks as the LTTE continue to violate the ceasefire and carry on their illegal activities shielded by their Norwegian and UNF buddies in direct defiance of legal statutes with no compunction nor conscience.

It would be sheer folly on the part of any administration to consider relaxing impositions on the LTTE regardless of the entreaties made by the very two faced LTTE idealogue Balasingham based upon the threat they continue to pose on the Unitarity of Sri Lanka and their relutance to de -commission arms, denounce their terrorist idealogies or come clean with a sincere intention to merge into mainstream peaceloving Sri Lankan society.

In denying the requests of the LTTE, The USA, India and all other nations who have chosen to proscribe them as undesirable, they have upheld an unalienable truth to the paradigm of righteousness necessary for the world order where terrorism and crimes against humanity have no justification whatsoever, regardless of how its perpetrators may try to camouflage themselves! Especially wolves in sheep's clothing!!!



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