Latest Navy Incident Confirms LTTE Arrogance.Sri Lanka's Security Cannot Be Compromised!

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According to official reports The Sri Lankan Navy's sinking of LTTE owned merchant vessel on direct Presidential orders involved necessary defensive action where on classified information recieved the rebel vessel was carrying a cargo of contraband arms to be loaded to other vessels for dispatch to Mullativu. The vessel was challenged repeatedly by the Navy's heavy artillery equipped patrol vessel Sayura over the International Maritimes Radio Channel and asked to identify themselves as they were not flying a flag and no name displayed on its bows as required by international shipping accords.The Sri Lankan Navy was well within its right to challenge the ship which then fired on the Navy Vessel which retaliated with evasive action calling in backup from four fast attack craft and opened fire with its heavy artillery sinking the vessel and its crew of 11 alleged LTTE terrorists.

That the LTTE have protested about the Navy action being a violation of the Peace Process is of no consequence to the reality of which side was in direct violation of the Peace Process and Ceasefire as the matter could have been resolved without involving Navy fire power had the rebel vessel in question complied with the direct order issued by the Sri Lankan Navy. To use the excuse that the action took place on the high seas by no means exonerates the LTTE from guilt or gives them any right to illegal activity and the so called "serious implications for the Peace Process" as stated by Mr. Thamilselvam of the LTTE needs to be addressed in query as to whether it is a veiled threat in a situation where the LTTE cannot continue their intimidatory activities using the Peace Process as a shield!

The Peace Process albeit fragile in nature as seen by the analysts cannot be used as an excuse to fortify LTTE reserves of arms and ammunition and when it comes to the defence of the territorial and sovereign integrity of Sri Lanka there is hardly a doubt that the Navy was well within its rights to challenge any unidentified vessels especially when they had verifiable information from the Defense Ministry that it was carrying illegal arms and tough luck that it so happened to belong to the LTTE.

Perhaps an eye opener that all is not well with the Peace Process by virtue of the free hand granted to the LTTE and free access to previously secured areas which can be deemed relative to the seriousness of the incident despite being on the high seas and is coincidental with all the recent movements of the LTTE monitored by security where in many cases a blind eye has been turned on them on direct orders from the 'top' that it would hamper the Peace Process which is somewhat ridiculous as it does pose a threat to National Security regardless of how the Wickremasinghe Administration views it!

Interestingly the Minister for Communications Prof. G.L Peiris has been rather loosely quoted as saying that the Peace Process is not going too well and that appropriate security measure may be needed to guard the Nation in the event of a turn for the worse refering to the Peace Process indicating his lack of faith as to where it is headed, this when there is a defence Minisitry set in place just for this purpose where Minister Marapone has seemingly responded with a shrug of shoulders in his typical fashion downplaying all negative implications which could in fact have far reaching consequences if the LTTE were further permitted a free hand to continue their activities unabated!

Their chief negotiator Balasingham is currently in consultation with his comrade in arms Pirapaharan a.k.a.Prabhakaran in the Vanni Jungles and perhaps an apt time to confront them towards the many faceted restitutions needed towards straightening out the issues at hand involving illegal LTTE activity where the protesting Thamilselvam also needs to be straightened out in as far as his concept of Peace for Sri Lanka is concerned and verify whether the LTTE have now taken kindness for weakness on the part of the Government and their stand against disarming an indication of their real intentions ?

All this only contributes to the transparency of the real image of the peace negotiators including Norway who have accomplished little or nothing towards assuring the Sri Lankan Nation that the LTTE have been contained and educated on the values of real peace as they continue to make a mockery of it.Their arrogance has been compounded through their protestations which imply that illegal arms shipments are justifiable and that the violations have been committed by the Sri Lanka Navy which is tantamount to a farcial and puerile misconception.

Peace be as it may there is no denying Sri Lanka's right to defend her Sovereign and territorial integrity which cannot be compromised and a foremost priority.




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