Sri Lankan Navy And Indian Government Concerned By LTTE Threat In Trincomalee.

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Recent concerns by the Sri Lankan Navy of its Eastern Command Defences and consequently the concerns of the Indian Government which has leased a vast number of Giant Oil Tanks to Sri Lanka installed in the China Bay District strategically close to Trincomalee Harbour need to be addressed immediately taking into consideration the latest LTTE propaganda which presently amounts to aspirations of seizing Trincomalee as part of their quest for Eelam and the anticipated' capital of Eelam' , boastful yet unignorable in the present climate of the stalled Peace Process and the Ceasefire Violations which continue to be perpetrated by a rather frustrated looking LTTE whose ethics towards the integrity of democratic dialogue is as consistent as the bilge which washes into Koddiyar Bay!.

Trincomalee remains the only strategic military location which supplies the Armed Forces in the Jaffna Peninsular by way of shipped goods and personnel and if the Government in Colombo has decided to sleep on such a critical issue towards its security, it needs to be revamped and pushed into high gear at the behest of the Chief Executive Officer and Commander of the Armed Forces, the Executive President of Sri Lanka and there can be no hesitancy or prevaricating towards asserting this vital need which could more than likely bring an unsuspecting Sri Lankan Nation to its knees if ignored and the unpredictable LTTE regardless of the consequences decide to make any foolhardy move as their past track records bear testimony to!

With thanks to the verbose Defence Minister and his false parodies about the securities in place by the present defences and contrary to his assuarances that Sri Lanka is relatively safe from LTTE attrocities, on a very comprehensive and detailed survey by Armed Forces Intelligence Analysts it has been discovered that the fortifications and defences against any likely LTTE insurgency and infiltration which would result in aggression with the intent to overcome are weak and insufficient and a cause for grave concern especially in the face of recent indications of LTTE regrouping, arms smuggling and their activities pointing towards strengthening their presence in the Trincomalee region.

Added to the chagrin of those conducting this security survey there has been much interference and hurdles provided by the bi partisan pro LTTE leanings of the Norwegian Peace Monitors whose constant interfering and cross checking of the rights of the Armed Forces offset against the land and sea operations of the LTTE has resulted in a relaxation of the accords set in place for fishing and other commercial operations in the region which has been taken full advantage of by the crafty LTTE whose opportunistic yet illegal usage of the CeaseFire as a screen for their activities has resulted in better surveillance of Sri Lankan Naval Operations and the establishing of clandestine take off points for which the Ranil Wickremasinghe Administration should be held responsible if the unthinkable transpires and the leeway granted to the banned terror group the LTTE manifests itself in the form of a renewed onslaught which they would be ill advised to resort to nonetheless and the implications it would have on further diminishing whatever credibilities they might have though in the eyes of many no firmer than the texture of insipid Norwegian Cheese!!

Apathetically, prior to the Ceasefire it was a general concensus that the LTTE had no appreciable strength in these areas , especially in the Trincomalee District and factually weak by comparison with what they have established today by way of military acumen and controllable surface area and the Sunday Times in a report has alarmingly depicted the degree to which LTTE armed replenishements have taken place which entails the positioning of long range 122 mm howitzers, and 130 mm and 152 mm artillery around camps set up after the ceasefire. The threat to fixed wing aircraft and transport aircraft from this weaponry can be envisaged as critical and hardly worth gambling on!

The UNF Government presently hell bent on a campaign of downsizing personnel and restricting the purchase of weaponry as goodwill gestures towards the Peace Process seems to be on a collision course with disaster in being off handish about imperative considerations needed to defend Sovereign Territory while the more discerning within the Nation watch on and the LTTE go about their nefarious business and ponder upon their chances of success (hopefully nil!) but no mandate for a weak kneed lame duck Administration to lay the security of millions of innocent lives on the line and in speculative limbo!

The Armed Forces with particular emphasis on the observations of the Navy and the concerns of the Indian Government have highlighted a vital issue which cannot be speculated upon or shelved as the LTTE have not been coralled or incapacitated to the point where National Security is assured other than in the conjectured vision of the Defence Minister and the "wait and see" attitude of the Prime Minister.

Lightening sometimes is known to strike twice in the same neighbourhood!!!


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