The Latest Theatrics Of Prof. G.L Peiris

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Has the Prof.G.L.Peiris become an inveterate story teller and false propagandist to blatantly deny opposition charges that a proliferation of LTTE bases in the Northeast of Sri Lanka was jeopardising a 20 month ceasefire in saying that the LTTE rebels were still committed to peace? All this insistence when all the Armed Forces Intelligence Sources backed by the President as well as the former Foreign Affairs Minister whose credibilities being quite substantial have continuously detailed a significant LTTE build up in the Trincomalee Region and cautioned the Administration on many occasions in addition to which the Notorious LTTE Leader Pirapaharan has openly stated the attributes of Eelam in declaring open an illegal Police Precinct ( which needs to be torn down without ado) and has directed schools in LTTE controlled areas( for how much longer it is wondered?) to begin teaching a history of Eelam as part of the curriculum.Whom is Prof.Peiris trying to fool?

In his typically near myopic presentation of distorted facts which he often resorts to, Minister G.L.Peiris' seems to have indulged in a pathetic effort to cover up for the LTTE with his reassurances that 'all's well' when in reality it is not, as the Government announced the impending visit of United Nations Secretary-General Koffi Annan to Sri Lanka next month perhaps believing that it might pave the way towards convincing the United Nations leader into believing the latter whereas the fact of the matter is the LTTE seem to be systematically going about their unimpeded business towards building further their resources in readiness for whatever alternatives they may have towards a failed peace process and its adverse effects towards their existence broadcast in no uncertain terms by their new mouthpiece Thamilselvam who has already uttered veiled threats to this effect! .

While all of this scenario is taking place Prof. Peiris has nevertheless confirmed that there were 13 rebel camps in the northeast, but said quote" all but one were in rebel-held areas or existed prior to the Norwegian-brokered truce", seeking to contradict Opposition claims of a build-up of rebel forces which is quite visible to the discerning eye. While also trying to justify their existence perhaps on the rather limpid argument relative to the time of origin Peiris seems to be attempting to bypass and shelve the reality that UNF concessions have paved the way for the LTTE to a large buildup of Arms , ammunition and personnel while posing a regional threat which will not go down well should the Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Anan be made aware of it especially in terms of the threat it poses towards Sri Lankan National Security and its Territorial Integrity within the UN Charter.

Refering to his comrade in arms as it were, Peiris has said that,"The Defence Minister is satisfied that under any contingency he is able to ensure the security of the Eastern Province and the Port of Trincomalee," Imposing Words which nevertheless seem to have a rather hollow ring to them considering the recent evaluations by qualified sources that Sri Lankan Military Might at best are modest by comparison with that of a few years back as the Armed Forces were given orders to withdraw and downsize operations. There seems to be no doubts about his intention to circumvent reality while accusing the Opposition of "spoiler tactics" to derail the Peace Process which in itself seems to be a tactic intended to mislead the Secretary General of the United Nations and probably the General Public as well.

Another clear example of the degree to which the UNF lackeys are prepared to extend their speculative disposition combined with grass roots level strategy while gambling with the safety of the Nation while the Nation looks on in disbelief.

It seems to be Prof Peiris himself who seems somewhat unfazed by the implications of Governmental conciliations to the LTTE and their uncontrolled surge towards their demands rather than the Government which he has refered to as being unfazed. In quoting him Peiris has said that "the Government was unfazed by the LTTE boycott of a follow-up of a Japanese-led meeting to discuss priorities for aid and reconstruction after donors pledged $4.5 billion in Tokyo -- contingent on progress in the peace talks. " end quote while hardly realising that the objectives of the LTTE boycott were probably intended to have the pledge rescinded in order to emphasize to the Government of the importance of their existence which is non conducive however to the well being of Sri Lanka as the pledge towards the large funding package is, as said contingent to the progress of the Peace Talks and at the end of it all becomes a meaningless prospect and conditional to the success of Peace.

Is Prof. Peiris therefore trying to depicte a condition which might turn out to be non effective or perhaps even non existent and a quest for fools gold at the end of which there may be other reprisals for which the Administration was totally unprepared for ?

And in a realistic sense is Prof. Peiris admitting to the possibilities of Power Sharing with a group of internationally outlawed insurgents who continue to pursue their goals without a thought towards relenting objectives, image or past sins?

Or are these the latest theatrics of Prof. G.L.Peiris which the Nation has become quite accustomed to?




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