A Biased Foreign News Report Distorting The President's Image And Perspective.

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Just recently, under the heading Inauspicious Timing Of The Foreign News Media And Their Inferences About The Situation In Sri Lanka (in LankaWeb), it was highlighted that the certain areas of the Foreign News Media were indulging in a kind of feeding frenzy in the manner they misconstrued and drew inappropriate conclusions about the situation in Sri Lanka and the manner in which the President carried out her executive duties and the following bulletin is relative to the same topic. There appears to be a Pro Government leaning in the report as well as the response of a so called independent think tank analyst of the National Peace Council whose conclusions which contrary to its professed impartiality seems to favour the incumbent Administration rather unfortunately and somewhat obviously while slighting the President!

According to the latest Dow Jones NewsWires report (Dow Jones Is An American News Agency) it has been speculatedly reported that quote" Sri Lanka's President May Emerge From Crisis Even Weaker." end quote, and what criteria have been used to draw this conclusion probably lies within the deepest recesses of the news providors' collective speculations rather than aligning them with any reality albeit the freedom of expression and its bearing on the writer's prerogative prevailing in an attempt to furnish good reading matter.

True enough that the events commenced with the proroguing of Parliament subsequent to the removal of three errant Cabinet Ministers removed from office, the anticipated declaration of an emergency which never really materialized and the deployment of the armed forces to guard key installations and strategic locations within the Capital of the Nation necessitated by a need to maintain law and order but to be audacious enough to suggest that tt was an attempt by the President to reinforce her power seems rather an obtuse conclusion on the part of the accusers, in this case the Dow Jones News Service corroborated by The National Peace Council's Jehan Perera who probably need to get their facts right as there are no speculations about the degree of power the President has at her disposal, vested in her by the Constitution of Sri Lanka as well as the strength of her executive powers and hardly a need to fortify it further which is simple logic and the nature of the bias which this report is trying to instil in the minds of the readers becomes fairly obvious!

If this report was suggesting that the President was attempting to fortify the strength of her Peoples Alliance and bolster her opposition in collaboration with the opposition parties in parliament, that too has to be dispensed as sheer conjecture and hardly worth speculating on as in her own words she has stated that if her objectives were based on securing power for herself she could have done so much earlier.

In contradicting and analyzing the suggestion in this report that quote "But nearly a week after Sri Lanka was plunged into political crisis and its ever-fragile peace process made even more precarious, President Chandrika Kumaratunga appears to be weaker than ever." end quote , there seems to be hardly any justification based on fact that there is a semblance of truth to this statement as it is in fact the Prime Minister who appears to be circumspect and confused about the direction he is taking as within his caucases there have been rather conflicting divisions of thought about what responses are needed to correct the rather unexpected tilting of their political boat into an ungainly position suggesting a likely submersion in a sea of confusion where the President has clarified her rights and assertions towards preserving the Sovereignity of the Nation and its Territorial Integrity by her actions and the idealogues of the UNF Administration have countered with mere innuendos and ridiculing the reality that the Sinhala Nation is agitated and displeased with their handling of the Peace Process and the dangers the Nation might be faced with as an end result!

To evaluate what the Nation witnessed on the return of the Prime Minister from his meeting with the US President as an overwhelmingly supportive and ecstatic welcome by a multitude of well wishers seems of nominal importance relative to the situation within the country as it could easily have been an artificially created scenario of high theatrics involving convoys of incentive laden enthusiasts shipped in from rural areas for the specific purpose of creating an impression that 'all was well' with the Nation's disposition towards the Prime Minister but a time opportune to inform Dow Jones News Wires Services and The National Peace Council that perhaps they just might be refering to a non existent mirage and invited to tone down their seemingly pro UNF enthusiasm and deviate from an imagined conclusion that the President is in a weakened state as quoted and that her moves were unacceptable which really is an overstatement considering the opinions poll which are presently in circulation both Nationally and Internationally which support in great majority her actions deemed necessary towards the preservation of the Nation when viewed from a perspective of losing ground to the LTTE.

That the National Peace Council's Jehan Perera has taken it upon himself to convey to Dow Jones News Service on behalf of the President that quote"The indications are that the President is now in a weakened state," If she wanted to look Presidential, she often ended up looking reckless and that she is sidelined " end quote which reflects the type of excessive, disproportionate rhetoric some of the so called independent analysts seem to be propagating as UNF Propaganda perhaps and in turn picked up by the Foreign News Media which has to be put into proper perspective that despite their imposing implications, they are in reality somewhat meaningless and biased.

In the eyes of many analysts, The President has never looked more sure of herself in a regal and dignified manner at her patriotic best and indeed in total control where the rest of the pack in her opposite camp including its leader seem somewhat ordinary looking and sublimely clutching at straws towards their political survival in a Laurel and Hardy like combination with the Interior Minister somewhat comical in the manner they attempt to cover up the glaring reality that they have come very close to signing off the Nation's Security to a group of armed terrorists also depicted by the news report under reference as quote"a distant but powerful player in the country's politics " with a leader also sought after by the Indian Government and Interpol and a matter of interpretation as far as its sagacity goes relative to facts.

All things considered the integrity of good news reporting seems to have been compromised by such reports and if the intended outcome is to ruffle the President, to the contrary it seems to have made her stronger and more determined towards her resolve.



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