The Interior Minister's Suggestion To The President Re- Taking Over The Peace Process Sardonic Yet Not Impossible.

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From the Interior Ministry in a sudden surge of UNF strength there has been a recommendation to the President of Sri Lanka that she should promote an investment of responsibility for all aspects of the Peace Process and the veritable Professor proclaiming it (GL Peiris) never seems to run short of suggestions which seem to point in the direction of his own survival amongst others, matching the craft and ingenuity often adopted by the LTTE themselves, embittered by the control the President now has in the running of Sri Lanka and perhaps a bitter pill for all of the UNF to swallow!
Subsequent to a Cabinet meeting with the Prime Minister in the chair, the press release which followed suggests that the Ministers of the Cabinet have noted with deep concern the developments, which have occurred in the country since Tuesday 4th November, and the implications of these events in respect of the two major challenges confronting the country at the present time--peace process and the revival of the economy which perhaps Peiris and his colleagues should have thought about objectively before the President's hand was forced as the Peace Process was permitted to degenerate and flounder in circumspect direction and overly conciliatory to the LTTE and carried more on rhetoric which eventually was rejected by the LTTE and to that the economy was on the upsurge was not an accurate conclusion as the fluctuations of the financial index have revealed in recent times and a misconception which did show promise.Therefore it might be reasonable to disillusion Prof Peiris and his colleagues that objectives seem to have fallen by the wayside despite expectations and the culpability for failure rests on the inefficiancy of the Administration.

Although it has been surmised quoting Prof. Peiris"That the Memorandum of Understanding with regard to the Peace Process was entered into by the Government in February 2002 on the basis of unfettered control of all Ministries and Institutions linked to the implementation of the Agreement which the Ministers emphatically characterized was valid and lawful, and accepted by the International Community" there seems to be a correction needed to this proclamation where neither the International Community nor the majority of the Sinhala Nation which continue to turn out in hundreds of thousands in protest fully consents to the validity or legality of the process deemed invalid in its current presentation as it violates the Constitution and Justice System of Sri Lanka as pointed out by many legal experts.

To say that the position has changed fundamentally in consequence with the events, which occurred during the last few days regarding the Ministries of Defense, the Interior and Mass Communication is indeed accurate and perhaps beneficial to the Nation which was being directed towards disaster and betrayal of its Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity through the handling of related duties allocated to these ministries as pereceived and intercepted by the President with the backing of the People of discerning capability.

It seems more than likely that the Ministers of the Cabinet have concluded that these developments have taken place much to their chagrin at an inopportune time and thrown into jeopardy their political future if the mood indicated in parliament was a yardstick and transpired coincidentally with a stage of the Peace Process when the rather obtuse alternative counter proposals of the LTTE had been presented and viewed with shock and anger by the Nation and its President to which the Administration has been unable to contend with sustantially.

The immediate response of the Prime Minister thereto, ably backed by the intellect of the likes of Prof Peiris has suggested thrusting the Peace process into the hands of the President somewhat indicative of a ' passing of the buck' attitude which in fact should be accepted by the President as she seems more than equipped to handle such a responsibility while perhaps 'commandeering' a few other ministries in addition to the ones already annexed albeit circumspect speculations of a negative response from the LTTE more than likely yet immaterial considering her executive role and indefatigable resolve towards the best interests of the Nation which are much more dedicated than that of the rhetoric spewing UNF! who have commenced rumblings towards a snap election which would neither be feasible for the economy nor the present climate in Sri Lanka which can well do without another upheaval which an election would undoubtedly cause!

Rather curiously it must be observed that Prof. Peiris has suggested that quote"The Government is firmly convinced that, as a pre-requisite towards success, one person must have overall charge of the process. This necessarily involves control of all aspects of it, and of institutions having responsibility for all matters integral to the process. " end quote where at a guess it seems to also suggests perhaps inadvertently the favourabilities of an overall leader dispensing authority which despite its undemocratic flavour if placed in perspective might be a point for the President to ponder upon rather than find impossible means to please a disgruntled UNF and the unresponsive unrelenting LTTE which may eventually prove to be a waste of time and attentions better directed towards the stability of the Nation which she should probably take firm control of and call the shots proper!

There seems to be a tone of derision and dejection in Prof. Peiris' tone of voice in saying that quote "If her Excellency the President is willing to assume control of the Peace Process as a whole, and is able to secure the support of all stakeholders, the Government will be happy and entrust her with this responsibility and to support her initiative. If there is no affirmative response to this proposal, the Government, which has an unequivocal mandate from the people to pursue a negotiated political settlement with the LTTE, must be invested with responsibility for all aspects of the process, as was the case prior to the events of November 4 th." end quote

As to the realities of a pledge of support towards the President in the event that she takes on full responsibility of the Peace Process and the reference to an Unequivocal Mandate From The People To Pursue A Negotiated Political Settlement with the LTTE, they seem to be difficult to interpret emanating from a ship jumper such as Peiris who is also reputed to have an imagination as tall as Everest and expectations as pompous as Nero's!

It would take much more than mere eloquence laced with miscalculations relative to both statistics and people response and theatrics above and beyond the norms of the highest Thespianism! to resolve Sri Lanka's woes given the present circumstances and the only substance which would secure stability, economic growth and a lasting peace perhaps lies in the will of the people who have already spoken in favour of a lasting peace without surrendering the Nation to its enemies where the unity of all parties and ethnicities would be imperative towards this direction.

And the suggestion by the Interior Minister to the President despite its sardonic nature not impossible!



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