A Contestable Balasingham Definition Of War And Peace.

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To illustrate the combination of ignorance and high handed arrogance of the likes of Anton Balasingham here are a few pointers for the more discerning to mull on. Balasingham has been quoted as saying that in the event of the PA coming back to power under President Chandrika Kumaratunga, it will be back to war again.So who mandates this! the Coalition Against Global Terrorism, The United Nations, the Regional and International Super Powers and the Western Alliance? Balasingham should watch his rhetoric with extreme caution as he is subjecting himself to scrutiny which does not give him impunity by way of his verbosity to walk around wagging his tongue while pretending to be a protractor of peace to suit the convenience of some, in this case that of the power hungry UNF Leadership as it appears and the almost displaced LTTE!

His unwelcome cacaphony which also constitutes underlying threats to an Executive President and National Leader has to be met head on with Presidential assertons on behalf of the Nation she heads and protects , namely the Sinhala Nation and show force as to whose in charge of the Nation? The Balasingham backed LTTE albeit the nature of charades taking place in the North and North East or Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga? It may be very advisable in the best interests of the Tamil Community that this undesirable be removed together with the ambiguous Jon Westborg from any forthcoming Peace Initiatives as they seem to be a source of hindrance rather than a facility towards Peace.

In an interview with The Sunday Leader in Thailand, Balasingham has boldly stated subsequent to his declaration of the likelihood of a return to hostilities quote " that a stage has been reached also where both parties involved in the Peace Talks have decided to explore a federal framework under the principle of internal self determination within a united Sri Lanka, substantial progress has been made in the peace process so far and there is a good rapport and mutual trust between the two parties." end quote.The ambiguity of these facetious statements in sequence are short of laughter provoking as they neither convey the capability to accomplish whats best for the Nation nor present an image of real confidence in the orator fast becoming a king of false rhetoric!

Balasingham appears to have difficulty in interpreting definitions of the English Language which seems to be restricting his understanding of concepts and probably needs to be made to realise that other than in an imaginary sense there is no such thing as internal self determination for a separate entity within a united Sri Lanka unless he is refering to Eelam as part of the Sri Lankan infrastructure as a viable conclusion which incorporates LTTE demands.

If the legitimacy and credibility of the Peace Talks can be assessed as being within accepted norms,Balasingham and the LTTE should have no difficulty in arriving at peace regardless of whom they are dealing with.That is unless they have a hidden agenda with the UNF and Ranil Wickremasinghe who may have promised a repreive for their leadership and the entire organization for their crimes against humanity and possible protection from extradition to India which nevertheless remains a foregone conclusion as to the outcome.

Sheer verbal expressions alone towards the acceptance of conditional peace which by no means entail the core issues of the Nation thus far disregarded by both sides involved in the Peace Process, do not carry the responsibilities needed toward establishing a lasting peace bearing in mind that Sri Lanka is a democracy with a constitutionalised form of Government and no amount of huffing and puffing by the likes of Balasingham can change that.He must realize the the LTTE threat which once was a very real one no longer hangs over the Nation as they represent an internationally outcast band of terrorists who need to be disbanded in their own interest and that of the world. Their expression to effect may also be interpreted as unsubstantiatable blackmail which in reality needs to be " pooh pooh'd! " as the only threat the LTTE really represent is to themselves.

In essence Balasingham takes on the role of an enigma which will hamper the peace process rather than promote it with his uncalled for verbal outbursts intended to instill fear into the Nation whereas he appears to be the laughing stock of the analysts who often seem to be asking the ubiquitous question "where did this joker come from" as it resonates synonymously from many corners of the world in utter amazement that he seems to be the best the LTTE have to offer as representation towards peace where he has taken on the dubious role of warmonger too! So is this definable as 'War and Peace' ?

Balasingham's recent outburst of a threatening nature directed at the President is an indication of his own insecurities together with those of the LTTE who believe they could con their way into hoodwinking the myopic UNF who fail to realise that such threats could easily turnaround into threats against the UNF should they fail to toe the line with LTTE demands though not necessaruly any cause for alarm.

The responsibilities of the Prime Minister if his credibilities and bonafides are to be accepted now lie in the manner in which he addresses Balasingham as to what exactly he meant by 'a return to war' if the Leadership of the Sinhala Nation at administrative level changed. Is Balasingham confirming speculations that the LTTE have never given up their real intent to secession combined with their refusal to disarm and join the mainstream Sri Lankan State of existence disclaiming their LTTE objectives under a Democratic leadership regardless of consequences?



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