Amparai Parliamentarian's Bold Rhetoric Amounts To Sedition and Incitement!

Suranimala - Jathyanthara Sinha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

Amparai Tamil Alliance Member whose last name Nehru bears similarity to a famous Indian Statesman and the similarity ends there as his namesake was a great visionary of peace where the present Nehru seems to be the exact opposite!! has been bold enough to publish in prime time web space the article captioned " LTTE Should Enhance Its Military Power " containing subject matter which is thought provoking about where the writer managed to muster up enough courage to say what he is implying without realising the treasonous nature of his sentiments and whether the motivation is ignorance, apathy or both! as he has encouraged the Tamil Community to join the ranks of the LTTE armed forces. Also falling into perspective is whether or not it is a Lame Duck Administration which tolerates such arrogance from such a minnow who ill represents the Tamil Community with his verbosity?

Ironically the misguided statement has been broadcast at a "Seminar On The Future Of The Peace Process" and food for thought for the UNF Administration regarding the many accusations directed at its policy of leniency on the LTTE by its many critics where this rhetoric and its source seems not only blatantly irresponsible but to a degree fomenting fires of an inciting nature, probably needs to be confronted and in the game manner of apprehending the criminally insane needs psychiatric evaluation as otherwise no sane individual would dare express himself in like manner in times such as these, especially when the Peace Process which has promoted calm and tranquility within the Nation for over a year seems to be in dire need of recussitation rather than being destroyed!

A message seems to have been sent out to the general public that the Sri Lankan Government and 'Sinhala Chauvunist Forces' as quoted" are in need of using the LTTE to get aid " and where the concept formulated in the mindset of the individual or individuals involved to the point of being ridiculous seems mind boggling, a rationale which also extends to how this individual became a member of Parliament in the first place to represent his community? It also seems to shed some light on a theory put forward buy some experts on international affairs that there may have been be a symbiotic dependance formulated between the LTTE and The Wickremasinghe Administration relative to the huge Aid Packages pledged by Foreign Agencies which due to differences of opinion on how it might be shared has now gone sour!

That the event where this statement was issued was organized by a Journalist's Association does not in any way detract from the gravity of statements of this nature under any pretence or aspirations that Freedom Of Speech permitted it and being a member of Parliament the individual should realise his liabilities towards any resulting disruption of the future of the Peace Process and be in readiness to answer many questions about what he was implying and face possible prosecution under the Constitution and Statutes of Sri Lanka that he was making a treasonous statement promoting sedition and incitement.

He also seems to be lacking in the education necessary to understand who or what caused the internal armed insurrection within Sovereign Sri Lanka in the first place and when he refers to "reconstruction and development of their homeland" it seems questionable that he has assumed the existence of an imagined homeland within a homeland which rightfully belongs to all Sri Lankans with great impetus on the Sinhala Nation which he terms chauvinistic and as far as berating the Tigers may it be mentioned that berating seems a very mild form of what the Tigers really deserve considering their infamy and reputation of being outlawed ruthless terrorists technically running from the law and operating clandestinely where they have been offered far too much by way of leniency by a Government much disassociated from the so called ' Sinhala Chauvinists' for its own good and putting at risk the Sovereign and Territorial Integrity of Democratic Sri Lanka!

If the inference of this parliamentarian's apathetic rhetoric is that because of the LTTE there are huge donor aid packages from international agencies ready for disposal he is inadvertently admitting to the fact that it is the LTTE who are responsible for the mayhem and destruction within Sri Lanka which lasted for over two decades and a point well taken but it does not necessarily mean that the LTTE have any direct entitlement to this aid which the donors should make very certain that by virtue of all the LTTE activities going on presently and their persistence towards survival, arms buildups, cadre recruitment and their goals, will never reach them for their perusal as one does not need to be a rocket scientist to be able to surmise what it will be utilised for! Nation building of an Eelam Nation !!

Furthermore Mr Nehru should desist from refering to his idealogy that the Sinhalese are afraid of the LTTE as implied and a return to war which although the Sinhala Nation has no interest as an alternative, being peace loving by nature are categorically aware of the fact that the issue is being constantly monitored especially now under the watchful guidance of the USA, India and other Nations who have realised the importance of peace in the region and have formulated an agenda towards its maintenance which the LTTE would hardly have the nerve to confront as they may have to weigh their chances of anihilation being internationally condemned terrorists and whether its eventuality would be sooner than later!

If by his definition the LTTE represent all of the Tamil Community Mr Nehru just might have a rather arduous task of proving it to the world as well as the Sinhala Nation and in this respect would be well advised to broadcast his ill defined rhetoric to cells limited to the miniscule vision he has displayed within carefully concealed parameters in favour of his personal credibility which presently seems quite deflated as it would seem unlikelty to have the desired effect publicly!

Sri Lanka which has been compassionate to its minorities since its inception will remain compassionate but undetered by the futile attempts of the real chauvinists to overcome its territory and Sovereignity and will never be subjugated by threats or otherwise regardless of the blinkered vision of some!



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