Explosive IPS News Report Arousing Suspicion About Norways alleged Pro LTTE Agenda Needs Closer Scrutiny Relative To Many Speculations About Norways Integrity Towards The Peace Process.

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The latest report from LankaWeb Senior Correspondent Walter Jayawardena indicating that Norway has been accused of training LTTE naval terrorists the Sea Tigers off a secluded coast of Thailand, needs further scrutiny to ascertain greater detail as it would further incriminate Norway's insincerities and bifurcate Norway's real intentions and confirm many allegations in the past that Norway in fact has an agenda as suspected, to collaborate with the LTTE.
It has been reported in an explosive news item by IPS though unconfirmed officially, that Norway has been training LTTE's Sea Tigers in the seas of Thailand in the Andaman Region which if proven accurate would cause great embarrassment to the Thai Government which has always maintained a non aligned stance with respect to Sri Lanka's Peace Process and synonymously expose Norway's skullduggery which many analysts believe to be true!

The IPS report which has surfaced in a Thai News item in Bankok, submitted by news analyst / writer Mr. Macan Markar, (co- incidentally a reputed Sri Lankan family name) indicates that former Norway Special Forces Members (retired or discharged) whose mercenary operations are known to the Norwegian Goverment as they also train the regular force, had initiated and continued training the LTTE's Sea Tigers in tactical attack manouvres against the Sri Lankan Navy and its vessels. The services which also included underwater demolition attacks could had been availed of for a fee and surely cause enough for the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry now controled by the President to request an all out investigation in collaboration with the Thai Government as a precursor towards dispensing appropriate action against the already suspicious activities of the Norwegian Peace Monitors in Sri Lanka towards whom the President's attitude has been notably hostile while exercising tolerance!
The News Item has specifically detailed that quote " the LTTE is known to have used Thailand's ( vast and mostly secluded ) Andaman coast 'to strengthen its capability' to attack Sri Lanka's Navy. That included the training that members of its Sea Tiger wing allegedly received from Norwegian ex-special forces to launch underwater demolition strikes." end quote leaving little to the imagination about the credibility of this information as there have been coincidental reports of arms shipments intended for the LTTE originating from this same region some of which were intercepted by the Sri Lankan Navy and destroyed and one in particular which got away after the SLMM had allegedly sounded the alarm to the LTTE! while raising suspicions from the President and Opposition parties about Norways real intent!

An opportunity seems to have presented itself to the President albeit at a crucial time in the Peace Process to further justify her berations directed at Norway's mismanagement of how they maintain their role in the Peace Process and perhaps discontinue Norways involvement on the basis that it is indeed an undesirable one where the impartiality of the Norwegians, as peace brokers has been heavily questioned on many occasions where the integrity of the Norwegians deemed questionable particularly in the rationale of President Mme.Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and the opposition parties in Parliament!



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