Was Thamilchelvam Saying "War And Peace" Or "War Without Peace" ?

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Recently banned from entering the United Kingdom by virtue of his terrorist image and leanings, S.P.Thamilchelvam has been bold and arrogant enough to maintain on behalf of the outlawed organization he represents, the LTTE, that they are " prepared and ready to face war" if the need arose. perhaps this is a clear example of the adverse fallout many analysts have predicted as a result of too many concessions of a tolerant nature extended to the LTTE where at most time they exceed their metes and bounds as well as rights if they were ever entitled to any!

That the LTTE bluff which it appears to be and somewhat contradictary towards a global trend towards dismantling any form of terrorism needs to be called, seems imperative to Sri Lanka at this crucial juncture of the peace within the land which cannot be used as a pawn or a tool, of political blackmail by the indiscriminate rationale of a group of insurgents with subversive and disruptive intentions towards their own objectives and no considerations for the human needs of a country which they have been greatly responsible for tearing apart.

The recent difficulties for the Peoples Alliance and the JVP to see eye to eye on the matter of National Defence, the worthlessness of the Norwegian Peace Monitors and the need to stand resolute against all LTTE threats does not augur well for Sri Lanka, the Sinhala Nation, its present Administration and Presidency as it permeates a cloud of instability in the area of national unity where concerted unity is needed in times of testing where regardless of which party governs, the Security of the Nation can never be compromised to an entity which in all probabilities speculates that it has the superiority in the event of a disastrous calamity such as a return to physical confrontation but must never be given even the slightest opportunity to believe in the concept and put at risk the masses of trusting citizens whether they have returned from a long sojourn overseas or belong to the displaced masses scattered around the Nation and now regrouping to resume their disrupted lives.
There seems to be a general air of resignation by the LTTE that an eventual toppling of the UNF Administration is forthcoming and their bravado about being prepared for war a natural response by a cornered bunch of illegal terrorists with nowhere to go! as they have apparently concluded prematurely that a change in Government is a call to arms and an idealogy which must be dispelled and refuted through National Unity to say the least! while being prepared to follow a path conducive towards the preservation of the Nation's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity while reaching out to the World Powers who have pledged their support and aid in the case of such an eventuality or worse. There can be no question of lifting bans against them in their present image as terrorists posing a threat to a Sovereign Nation contrary to their latest demands.

The thick headedness of the LTTE core is clearly visible in the manner they continue their rhetoric about demarcating boundaries to avoid ceasefire violations as though it was a line drawn on an Admiralty Chart and continue their demands to territory and recognition when they no right to any such demarcation or recognition and should be thankful that their manouvres have been thus far tolerated and will only continue until their leader in hiding and his nefarious aides are brough to justice by the sources in an incessant quest for their incarceration.
The forked tongued assurances that the LTTE are committed to a ' peaceful solution' while the return to war and the preparedness for it not inevitable suggest a shameless double standard and a compromising of principles for which they are well known and hence their eloquence needs to be evaluated against their weaknesses which expose them as unscrupulously determined to acheive their objectives with the cunning of a fox and the determination of a World War 2 Rommel but must never again be permitted to gain any leeway when a greater proportion of the World Order sees them as despots and harbingers of evil!

Surprisingly there are an apathetic few who continue to view the LTTE as sole representatives of the Tamil Community and herein lies the major problem towards resolving a lasting peace within Sri Lanka. This misconception has not only decieved a faction of the International Community but seemingly the present Administration itself which continue to stumble for the lack of a definiton in how it views the LTTE relative to the Tamil Community.

For as along as the LTTE are permitted to operate their quasi administrations in the North and North East of Sri Lanka where they have now become a front for almost every imaginable criminal activity and given the slightest opportunity to believe they could be accepted into mainstream society with no relentment for past crimes and the denouncing of idealogies, cadre recruitment and arms build up towards this suggested bravado emphasized lately by Thamilchelvam there could be no real peace within the land and a rather simple evaluation.

Comments by Thamilchelvam also that by the Defence Minister visiting Israel constitutes a preparation for war seems puerile as Sri Lanka has a Sovereign and Democratic right to send representations to any Nation with whom she maintains cordial relations and to speculate on the intention as being arms purchase has no bearing on the legality of such a move which is an unquestionable right of the Sri Lankan Government though coincidental Israel being a known supplier to Sri Lankan military needs!
Especially in the face of what the LTTE has presented to the Administration as acts of grave provocation which have continued despite a ceasefire and an M o U being in place.
Thamilchelvam must now decide whether he was imitating Tolstoys "War and Peace" or by his own definition he was talking "War Without Peace!"



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