Its About Time Someone Sorted Out Priorities.

Suranimala for LankaWeb

The crux of the matter really is continuing the Peace thus far accomplished and while commendations go out to the sources concerned they cannot be complimented if peace has been achieved at the risk of compromising Sovereign and Terrritorial Integrity which is what Mr. Nissanka has endorsed and emphasized in his crystal clear dialogue which is more than what the UNF cronies of the present administration have achieved thus far.

They need to bear in mind that the LTTE in a sense are now cornered and this is their last hurrah! hence the agitation about their future security which has probably reached zero level despite attempts to regroup.They are in no way logically and morally entitled to return to hostilities and in this sense Ranil Wickremasinghe has probably bungled onto the right track in coercing the LTTE through the Peace Process to accept world accords on Global Terrorism through a form of manouvering which is not only mind boggling albeit typical of the man but has also confused the LTTE to a degree who in their mis-interpretation of kindness for weakness appear prone to falter further and would be detrimental to them alone should their clarions of war re-echo as it would be the sounding of their own death-knell which perhaps would be their real destiny.

The higher authority which monitors some of the misgivings of the present administration despite some good accomplished keeps it in check and the recent military action by the Navy is a manifestation of this authority which can only be condoned as it has been globally with great intensity.It has also illustrated a curious double indemnity towards military responsibilities where the Defence Minister seems to have little relevance to the Defence Ministry other than in token fashion whereas the CEO of the Nation certainly does.

Proof positive of where the real clout exists?

Yet the most important question which needs to be asked is do the LTTE really represent the Tamil Community and are there people within their rank and file that would rather return to being normal citizens of the Nation as has been indicated by the large exodus of forcibly conscripted personnel who have defected at every available opportunity ? Can the Tamil Community not be represented by non LTTE persons whose dedications are not abnormally leaning towards terrorism and terrorist idealogies but towards love of Country, Culture Ethnicity and Peace within a United Nation .

Bearing in mind that the LTTE are literally caught between the devil and the deep blue sea despite their rumblings and threats they need to be confronted at every opportunity and reminded that they do not have an option to return to conflict and that their bargaining tools have been depleted regardless of their bragging about what they have to fall back on. Furthermore they would undoubtedly be put down and condemned globally should any attempt be made to tread the path of intimidation.They must denounce their objectives and lay down arms in their own interests and surrender any persons within their ranks guilty of crimes against humanity to the authorities seeking them if their intentions to contribute to a multicultural mosaic within Sri Lanka in the best intersts of their community as well as everyone else is genuine.

The outcry '' LTTE Go To Hell !'' may not sound sweet to the ears of the Pirapaharans,Thamilselvams and the Balasinghams but it is a necessary indication of the trend and the mood within Sri Lanka where the ordinary person is fed up of the pretentious attitudes of political leadership and about time someone sorted out priorities as otherwise there just might be an add on to it which may sound like "UNF Go To Hell!" too.



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