UNF Making All The Wrong Moves As Ranil's Hand Is Exposed!

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe's hand has been exposed and his dormant arrogance which for decades preceded him through the attitudes of his forebearers in the UNP seems to have come to light in the hours that saw UNP backed 'Goondas' contravene and disrupt a Presidential Decree where her decision was based on none other than the need to maintain the integrity of DLB finances which are a source of Presidential Funding which has been established as a statutory requirement.The President therefore in essence was in no way obliged to consult the Prime Minister nor account to him for her actions as he has indicated and has utilized the strength of the Police displaying UNP strong arm tactics led by Minister John Ameratunga which may have to be legally accounted for and could lead to the incarceration of those responsible.

The Presidents may have had a discretionary obligation to inform the Prime Minister which she has chosen to bypass and in so doing has committed no breach of the law of the land!

According to Article 44 of the Sri Lankan Constitution there are no legal obligations to consult or get approval from the Prime Minister towards the Gazette Notification for informing the Nation by the President of the matter involving the State Lotteries Board which she has clarified and is resolute in her stand sparking off panic in the UNF Camp and hence the fallout which is seen by many including the US Government as a Constitutional Crisis. One which could have ramifications of great intensity on the ongoing Peace Process now in a temporary state of deadlock and needs to be kick started in the eyes of many.

There seems to be a rather petty attitude taken by the Prime Minister's office about interpretations of where the Government Gazzette should be published as, athough logically the norm would point to the Government Press which is officially designated to publish the Gazette, due to the extraneous nature of the circumstances theres no hard and fast binding that a Gazette cannot be published elsewhere with signed Presidential authorization which will indeed be the case much to the consternation of the UNF and its misguided opponents of the President.

Interior Minister G.L Peiris has provided the usual entertainment for the gallery in his "Lets Wait And See" attitude and the statements released by his office which says that the Government wants to resolve the matter through dialogue and is awaiting a response from the President when the fact of the matter is as simple as following Presidential Accords or contravening it in order to face the statutory responses which would be a possible loss of face for a Prime Minister whose runaway train mentality now seems to have provided him together with the 'goons' he utilizes towards his own ends. A platform more than likely to collapse with its speculative foundation in the belief that the UNF have been mandated to carry out at will the many violations they have been indulging in lately to maintain their staus quo!

As the centrepiece of the controversies and irresponsibilities involved there stands out the sudden toughening of their stand by the LTTE who regardless of their disentitlements to any bargaining stances in the matter have decided to delay the continuity of the Peace Talks as though their decision would bring a decline in the fortunes of the UNF Agenda towards its political future.It would probably be an impediment to any agenda however between the LTTE and the UNF who may find themselves in a quandry over greater issues which may be to their disadvantage and perhaps a blessing in disguise for the nation!

The need to cohabit between the President and the Prime Minister now seems imperative though arduous as the nation watches anxiously the outcome of the tug of war which seems to favour the President and perhaps a conciliatory gesture from the Prime Minister and his caucases may be a move in the right direction where the attrocities of the Government Press incident may have to be resolved through investigation and an assent to the Gazette Order considered as regulatory in maintaining the Democratic process as it is not a high handed decision and merely and execution of the rights of the President!


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