Line Of Demarcation For The Sea Tigers Or A Cordon Of Security To Apprehend Them?

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"Sea Tigers should be on par with the Sri Lankan Navy ! " says who? Ranil Wickremasinge, Tilak Marapone or the latest bunch of LTTE sycophants who have emerged from Norway to support demands for a parallel Naval Operation as an added mockery to the scenario of unabated ludicrous mock administrations in the North and North east of Sri Lanka which has continued unabated thus far? If this be the case is it to be expected that the LTTE will be proclaiming 'Eelam Territorial Waters' next?

Hardly likely! as preparations are being made to fortify defences in the Naval Security Cordon around Sri Lanka with added firepower to contain any ambitions of the LTTE, initiated by the USA and India with solid global support towards the elimination of terrorism and securing the region.There is however a resurgence of what has now rather covertly become known as "Eelam At Any Cost" in the surreptitious LTTE drive towards their secret goals as rumors are rife that the Sea Tigers with "Uncle Norway" of SLMM fame carrying a banner for them, LTTE bucket carrying sychophants that they are, have been demanding a Line Of Demarcation between the Sea Tigers, an illegal terrorist entity and the legitimate Sri Lankan Navy. So to what extent will this rather remarkably suspicious sounding scenario be carried? ask the many analysts, some of them rather perturbed at the real implications of what may easily be grossly misinterpreted by the LTTE as another extension of concessions by the Government of Sri Lanka should it capitulate towards the requested LOD ? An Administration already on the chopping block for the lopsided concessions granted to the LTTE through its M o U and the Peace Process which appears to be in somewhat of a limbo in its directional perspective with hardly a restituion towards stability other than the uneasy calm prevailing!

Notwithstanding the imagined rights of the Terrorist Entity and their rhetoric about their conciliations towards 'Waruna Kirana' the Navy's Security Operation which is mere verbose LTTE jargon amounting to nothing , the Sea Tigers have overstepped their bounds in making this bold request where their rights are non existent in the new world order against terrorism and have no right to demand a line of demarcation between them and the Sri Lankana Navy who should endeavour to strengthen their resolve towards eliminating all activities of the Sea Tigers in Lankan territorial waters as much as the Government of Sri Lanka should act forcefully towards eliminating the mock administrations, quasi justice systems and financial institutions initiated and maintained by the LTTE in the North and North East as they continue to make a mockery of and violate what has now been termed a lame duck peace process by a lame duck administration!

It is also thought by some analysts researching the manouvering of the LTTE as of late that it could be a direct result of their realization of the renewed capacity of the Navy and the Armed Forces who have displayed an awesome capacity of fire power, mobility and weaponry in their combat manouvres on land, air and sea where the inspirations seem to come from the indomitable USA who have strengthened their resolve to combat global terrorism albeit the dialogue for peaceful negotiations, to aid and support Sri Lanka in case of a regional threat to its security and territorial integrity to which India and other Nations have also committed themselves.

Hard pressed towards their own survival the ever opportunistic head honchos of the LTTE now seem to have initiated an apparent dialogue towards a line of demarcation in order to allay their fears about the implications of a greater example of the Navy's Firepower which has been seen in action recently and should the undiscerning Administration succumb to the latest craftily devised proposal by the LTTE there could be far reaching regional ramifications which will not be viewed favourably by India and Sri Lanka's immediate neighbours and a Sine Qua Non towards acceptance.

Rather than granting a Line Of Demarcation for the Sea Tigers, the Sri Lankan Navy should set up a Cordon Of Security to apprehend them and bring them to justice!




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